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  1. Looks great. My two favorite parts. The leg inclusion and dead man for sure!
  2. I run an old 5C and I love it. I scalloped cambered the blade heavily and use it for heavy removal. I don't have any other Craftsman planes but that works for what I use it for.
  3. Yeah they are. Do you have a higher demand for 9/4 or is this being cut for an order? 9/4 would be nice to resaw and book match but I find I'm normally working with 4/4 if figure is involved. Every time I happen across the Maloof Rocker in curly Maple, I think how amazing that would be, and difficult to source lumber for. Maybe not so hard..
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    You can read up on the science. Way too much for me but essentially microryza is a great living additive that helps early symbiosis of the bacteria in your growing medium.
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    Have youb tried a seedling heat mat? I clone and germinate in a dome at 90°. The initial humidity and warmth really kicks root development off early. Adding a mycorrhizal inoculant also helps Tons!
  6. Do they debark them or do you? That's a pretty clean log.
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    Having the right lights at different stages is important. I have 4 types of lamps for different stages. Although HPS and MH have been adopted for growing, LED's and specifically quantum boards are taking that world over. Easily adjustable spectrum, intensity, and are dimmable. Great investment for indoor gardeners.
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    In the summer when flowering, my girls need about 2x the normal light and with that, I have a we circulating error system that dumps hot air outside pulling cool air from the house into the garden. my wife had a busy day and forgot to open the bypass in the morning as it heated up and when I got home everybody was very sad. Coop, you ain't never grown already stewed tomatoes?
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    Ooh man. I put the kabosh on that about American Idol season 8. On an unrelated note, indoor gardens do not like 108* temps. It makes everything very sad. Including me
  10. It's bad when you go to respond, and you already did two months ago.
  11. I love tool boxes. Looks like that one will serve you well!
  12. Those rollers are already pretty temperamental. I don't think I would want to mess with getting 3 aligned on the track perfectly.
  13. Oh ok got you. We've got 5 or 6 chains and a file station set up on the bed of the truck. After two or three come off, my friend Paul will go touch them up. I've got a rotating supply of sharp blades and I don't even know how to sharpen them. It's great!
  14. So spanky, not sure if it's been touched in the last 100 freaking pages or not... Congratulations by the way, but have you any interest in giving a quote, for some of your lumber specifically picked for the Maloof Rocker in the Guild or say 2? The arms, and Crest rail if done proper, can make that damn chair.
  15. Did you consult your Financial Plan? This sounds like a retirement ending habit..
  16. Got a few nice 24" long x 12" sq pieces of really nice looking wood today. For some reason.. it looks like a maloof crest rail or 3.
  17. Yupyup. I don't think I installed the tail vise for a year.
  18. Tom, are you saying to make a longer chain?
  19. Good to know. Im gonna take extra notice
  20. Who would want the Roots? What're they good for? I've never worked them. One of the main Roots going down I cut was probably 12" across, with dark heart wood, just like the tree. I was very surprised.
  21. Im pretty excited to see it open also. There won't be a Lot of large slab like cuts. We don't have a band mill up and running right now and there's a lot missing from the inside. I started by power washing the whole thing. This gave me a better idea of what's where and what we want to concentrate on cutting. We marked out approximate lines to cut and just started at it. Currently we are tearing it down with a chain saw that only has a 20" bar. That's our limiting factor of what we can get.
  22. This is the stump/burl from a walnut I dropped a few years ago.3 main trees came from it. Finally got the machines in to help get it out. Took a lot of work to get it here, and will be a lot more work to process now. The very center was a bit rotted out so we are chain saw chunking as many big blocks as we can, specifically trying to incorporate what will be the best grain.
  23. Ooh man.. have fun with that hardware. I have it on some pocket doors... They are... Interesting