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  1. My mom is a very talented, poverty taught seamstresses. I learned growing up out of childhood curiosity, then to help, then I started enjoying it. My mom just upgraded her machine to some fancy German unit, so I got here old Husqvarna. It's s great skill to have. Just the other night, I busted a seam on a cornhole bag with no extras of the same color. Went inside and was back with it before a commercial break would have ended. And I didn't spill my beer.
  2. In the spirit of woodworking, we're still on building stuff. I'll bet this very ask from a wife gets asked of members often and it's a big undertaking. If you wanna talk about sewing though... I did just upgraded my machine...
  3. Yupyup. You doing a slide it bobbin/spool type that slides out but presents them vertically?
  4. Yes.. I think ill end up with a Lot of 3" deep drawers. They take just as long but need twice as many!
  5. Yes. Great timing. A U shaped 3 machine, room sized sewing area is in my near future
  6. I wonder if a thin backer board in front would help.
  7. I've routed ipe without much irritation. Just cleaned the bit before and after. Plug cutters usually have some beef behind it that helps w cooling. I think you'll be good
  8. Good info here so far. Like others, i clamp slowly, from the inside out, and have at least two cauls on hand. I don't clamp the cauls in though, I push down from the top (clamp bar on the other side) and Pat the ends as well. A dead blow hammer is good for any fine adjustment under a little pressure
  9. Love the inclusion. I've also got one on my rear left leg where bark streams down about half the keg. I also wish I had featured it rather than tried to hide it.
  10. Agreed on the ipe as well as SS screws.
  11. This thing is already too cool.
  12. Man this thing is cool. Super jealous you can print at that scale. They cool really comfortable.
  13. Ooh man that's going to make some beautiful lumber.
  14. I don't move as much, but still have gotten so tight that I had to wax the head to get it through. Not so fun.
  15. Since you ain't got the base locked in yet, clamp in 2" spacer blocks between your slabs and fiddle with getting your clamp heads through.. Mine were way too tight.
  16. Yeah, I used to use any other surface, but they're all covered in other crap now
  17. Holy Crap. Howdy Dave. Been a minute. OP, I bought a handful of them at Rockler a while back. I think they go with their Dust Rite system.
  18. I have those exact legs on my outside walnut table. 20" is way too much overhang in my opinion. I've got 13" outside of mine and wouldn't want to go more for stability and proportion. My legs are quite sturdy. They have two rows of slotted holes offset by about 3". I tapped the wood and used stainless bolts. I have snugged the bolts up one time after the season change and not again.
  19. I live in a city.. it's a bit further drive and I guarantee the company's not as good but the scenery ain't too bad. Ol @K Cooper can attest I do think. * )
  20. Ooooo those should give you some beautiful wide boards. You've got a great eye for logs and sawing it does seem. No wonder all the old farts who hang out here like you.
  21. I found a few pieces on the rack with normal qs walnut. 10-12" wide. I sat on them until the right project appeared. Used one for the doors here.
  22. I limped along for 3 years on a harbor freight bench and piece of mdf on the table saw. A proper bench being the Roubo or many others is a game changer for sure
  23. Wow, I am really loving the look of the oak beams. Luckily with those beams, the base should come together quite fast.
  24. Seriously? Because it is the working surface, you should have a surface, not a bunch of holes and knots. You ever try to draw on a park bench? Your on a critical line and oops, your paper is stabbed instead of drawn on. You don't want voids that will gather chips, sawdust, hardware and generally have no purpose on the work surface, on you worth surface. And epoxy filled normal voids add difficulty how? That sounds crazy. I've done it a bunch of times to by machine or hand. How are you doing it?
  25. Not sure if it's been said yet, but I really wish my bench was wide enough to clamp something 24" . 24 is a common width for casework and mid sized projects. Being able to clamp 24 " would be nice.