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  1. If you are the one building the back leg, could you make a through tenon on the top and a matching hole in the center portion in the back? Similar to what is shown on this stool
  2. Another way would be to start with a square piece of wood, hold it in place, then mark the angle directly onto the wood. Simple matter then of cutting it out. Or, make it purposely oversize, put in place, and use a flush cut bit in a router to make it flush. Like C Shaffer, not paying for a sub to see the pic. Sorry.
  3. Maybe one of these will help. and Design and then there's a few search engines for old books
  4. If you would like more of an antique look... or maybe... possibly...
  5. Maybe something like this? Pretty much everything else I can find has an extra step somewhere.
  6. Doomwolf, I believe what woodbutcher74 is referring to is called a quaker lock. They look like they are pretty easy to make (I say that only because I haven't tried). Google images will give you many ideas as to how they work. HTH.
  7. Marc said "I believe this to be an issue only with older posts. The links are there but the hyperlink is busted so it defaults to the page link. The original poster or a mod can go in and copy/paste the link into place to fix it." Even when I click on your "The Wood Whisperer Guild" link in your signature line of your response to me, it takes me to the top of this page. I make no claim as to understanding how all of this internet voodoo stuff works, so I believe you that the links are there. I'll just give it some time and maybe it will all get sorted out. Thanks for the response.
  8. As long as the gardening wife, the cooking wife, and the bedroom wife don't meet, all will be well!
  9. I'm having a similar issue, only that it takes me back to the top of the page I am on. Windows 7 Professional and Firefox here.
  10. Unfortunately, there are laws preventing me from answering this
  11. Just got a pre-made shed that is being multi used for feed storage, gardening (wife) and lawn stuff (shovels, rakes, mower, etc). The shop right now is the garage and it still needs a bit of organizing to really function well. Maybe one day.....
  12. from Virginia Tech They have a link on there for plans for a solar kiln.
  13. I don't know about the percentages, but I beleive the real question becomes this. At $995, 60% is $597. Is $597 going to cover your costs and give you a fair price for your labor? If not, maybe this is not the route to go.
  14. A few possibilites: These may not be exactly what was pictured, but they may work.