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  1. Marc said "I believe this to be an issue only with older posts.  The links are there but the hyperlink is busted so it defaults to the page link. The original poster or a mod can go in and copy/paste the link into place to fix it."

    Even when I click on your "The Wood Whisperer Guild" link in your signature line of your response to me, it takes me to the top of this page.  I make no claim as to understanding how all of this internet voodoo stuff works, so I believe you that the links are there.  I'll just give it some time and maybe it will all get sorted out.

    Thanks for the response.

  2. I agree ponderingturtle, nginearing in english has its issues (especailly the pound) :) I had to deal with both imperial and metric in school.  My problem, like so many have expressed, is that I was raised with imperial, so I can't very easily visualize metric.  I can convert to get imperial so i have an idea of size, but it doesn't come readily to mind without that. And, like others, I remember when the US was going to convert to metric as well.  Guess I just dated myself a little there. :lol:

  3. Must be nice for a lot of you guys.  I can honestly say I have never been into either a Woodcraft or a Rockler.  Where I am the closest Woodcraft is 8 hours 42 minutes away and Rockler is 8 hours and 2 minutes away (according to google maps). 


    Someone mentioned Harbor Freight (4 minutes away).  I know the quality on some stuff there is good and some bad.  There are a couple possibilities that are 10 minutes or less from my house where I can get wood and a few other things. 


    In cases like this, the internet is your friend.