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  1. Titebond 3 for furniture titebond 1 for jigs and 2 for some flexible lams
  2. They use irion lumbers walnut. It's all matched unsteamed wide board stuff. Their website (irion lumber ) is pure wood porn.
  3. They are literally the only channel I have my phone alert me to new videos .I loved the curly cherry entertainment center and tea table. This was one of their best !
  4. I didn't know jorgensen was dead those are my favorite . Was wondering why bessey was showing up at home depot.
  5. Love it but this is an old one isn't it ? I never miss their stuff it's all top notch. Their website has some prices too . Given the skill necessary it seems to be a bargain.
  6. Thank you guys so much ! I wish I had the time to do project journals but that would cut into my woodworking time besides it would be a lot of me trying to decipher from pictures and a short fww article how to build it .
  7. Fine woodworking has some fantastic chimney cupboard plans . I have some really nice curly cherry I plan to make one with some day.
  8. To be honest I didn't really have room for it either I had to make room sort of. But I really really wanted to make it. I had some really nice 4/4 walnut for it. I apologize for the terrible photography.
  9. Great job ! I like it a lot. Cutting boards are fun. Sometimes now and again if I get frustrated in a long term complicated project I like to stop and make a gift cutting board it's a lot of fun.
  10. THANKS GUYS ! Eric your version is what inspired me to do this one. And I agree Timothy Rousseau is my favorite as well. Sorry for the confusion about the coats. After working with arm r seal especially arm r seal satin for a while the application that works best for me is to apply really really thin coats but more of them. Another thing is this was before I rubbed the finish out on the top. I'd bet the actual thickness of the finish now is similar to a normal 3 or maybe 4 wipe on coats. What's the ars? Sorry lol
  11. Sorry more pics to come . I'm not sure why they didn't post in my first shot there.
  12. This is a hall table I finished a month or so ago. I really like the design when I saw it in fww. The wood is black walnut The finish is arm r seal satin wipe on 9 coats on top and 5 coats on the base
  13. He said the finish was a hand rubbed lacquer. I have appreciation for anyone that designs and has local builders make their home unique.