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    Right now it would be getting shop fixtures, jigs, and furniture made. Things for the house: end tables, built-ins. I am really interested in box making and hope to get started with those soon.
  1. I wouldn't say I'm an expert on radiant tube heaters but I did install one in my shop. I have a 30 X50 (12 side walls) metal building with spray foam insulation. I kind of made a "stupid" when I ordered my radiant tube heater. I must not have been thinking clearly when I ordered the 40' heater. As I was installing it I realized that part of it was going to be above my 16X10 overhead door when open. I got away with it by installing a limit switch in the thermostat circuit (low voltage), so that when I opened the overhead door it would shut the heater off. This prevents the heater from scorching the door if opened while it is running. There is not enough residual heat to damage the door in any way. I am 100% satisfied with my heater. I keep it at 450 when not in there and bump it up to about 60-650 when I go in to do any work. Sometimes I wish that I had air conditioning and may install that someday. One good thing about the heater is that there is only a small fan on it that pushes the combustion gases/heat through the tube. That cuts down on noise and I don't have filters to worry about changing. I don't have any dust collection yet so this helps. It has such a nice even heat without all the air movement. It actually warms all of the objects radiantly and those in turn help to heat the air in the shop. Hope this helps a little.