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  1. I am soon going to purchase a jointer. I have been researching the proper way to use the tool to square up a board. It seems that you square up two sides, then take it to the planer and/or table saw. Questions: 1. Why can't you simply run all 4 sides over the jointer? 2. If you do not have a planer or a terribly reliable table saw fence, what would you recommend a for my next stop after the jointer? TIM
  2. My shop is in a one car garage, in a twin home, sharing one wall with my next door neighbor's garage, which are attached to the homes. What is a proper time window to use loud power tools? (I work wacky schedules, and sometimes I want to get in there a little early or a little late.)
  3. Great guys. That helps a lot. My PSI range is good. Follow up question: when you're finished, what should I do first: disconnect nailer from line or pull pressure relief valve? Tim
  4. Just purchased a brad nailer and air compression tank. I got a tank that is a bit bigger than what I needed, because I wanted to use the tank for other things in the future like painting and finishing. But the tank is the proper PSI for the tool. Having a little trouble with the CFM, however. Seems I don't need much, but my tank offers a lot. (4.0 @ 90 psi). Two questions: 1. Can the tank have too much CFM? (The PSI is in the proper range) 2. I tested the tool out for the first time today and I saw a spark when nailing a scrap board. Is this normal? (This is what got me thinking about CFM in the first place.). Thanks
  5. Well I'm trying weigh my options for nailers without an air compressor. So I supposed I'd be open to either. I just don't know how well they perform/what is the big advantage of have an air compressor.
  6. Are battery powered brad nailers just as good as air compressed nailers? If not, why? Thanks. Looking to get a nailer, but do not have a ton of room, so I'd like to avoid an air compressor.
  7. Any woodworkers from Philadelphia, Montco, Bucks, NJ out there? If so, where are some good places for some different wood options? Tired of Lowe's and Home Depot boards.
  8. Thanks guys. My instinct as well. Thanks for the confirmation.
  9. I am close to finishing up a vanity/makeup table. The main body, drawers, legs and mirror posts will be painted with chalk paint and sanded for a distressed look. The top, however, was simply going to be a light wood stain. My question.... Do you think it will look ok to have a glossy lacquer finish on the top with a distressed chalk paint look elsewhere? Your input is appreciated TIM
  10. Thanks guys. This helps a lot. I was also thinking of creating a box joint jig. This, I believe, can be incorporated into the dado sled.
  11. I am looking to build a sled for the table saw. I plan on doing cross cuts as well as dado cuts. Should I make two different sleds? Is the dado slot in the sled too wide if/when making cross cuts?