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  1. bob493

    Morons on eBay.

    Funny man over here....
  2. bob493

    Morons on eBay.

    ebay has also ruined pawn shops. Anytime i go to a pawn shop and try to haggle they simply show me an ebay auction and tell me "no thanks".
  3. Before you stain oak, take a damp cloth and raise the grain a bit. Do the stain, then sand back a bit when dry. Should eliminate any issues with blotching. edit: Thats actually pretty universal advice for most woods. Helps a lot to get a uniform color.
  4. Alcohol dyes can be sanded back pretty easily. I would take a medicine dropper or syringe and fill in the voids carefully. It really shouldn't bleed out too much. I do inlays with black dye on maple, never been an issue for me. Any bleed out is easily sanded back.
  5. I think I see where this is going. Gonna keep an eye on this bad boy! Looks great so far.
  6. Theres enough surface area here, straight glue will be fine if the surfaces mate properly. Since you have multiple pieces, you can just screw in the "middle" pieces to the longer piece. Tenons and dowels seem pretty overkill to be blunt.
  7. bob493

    Stain wont take

    its veneer. plywood is often heavier than solid wood.
  8. No i meant that website. The frames are cool!
  9. Is this for real? Sattire???? My sarcasm meter is fully broken on this one lol
  10. As a former sailor on a carrier... Im ok with this being called 'the aircraft carrier' hahaha
  11. That makes a lot of sense to me honestly. Steam it out, jig it up, let it dry and come to rest in a new position.
  12. I know its more simple than what most people are posting around here, but Im pretty pleased with my first foray into "proper" wood working. A mistake turned into a detail piece, and Im kinda glad it came out well. Finished with BLO and topped with beeswax blend i make. Sugar was a white german shepherd, ripe old age of 14. Just a really good dog all around.
  13. these would be excellent small speaker stands...
  14. Thanks. Thought about it a few different ways, but its gonna be hung like a picture frame, and the impression will go inside the box more like a small shadow box.