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  1. As a rule, stick to genus to id woods in a particular fashion. English walnut, peruvian walnut, american walnut, all different species but all called "walnut". Don't be fooled by monikers "black walnut" "bastogne walnut" "claro walnut" "crotch walnut" blah blah. It could all be from the same tree, it depends on the figuring, not the species (not necessarily... ). To my knowledge, "black cherry" and "Cherry" are the same genus, and the same thing. The closest comparison I can think of is "swamp ash" and "northern ash". They are the same damn tree, but due to the location where they gr
  2. Looking for a MODEST quality forstner bit set. Doesn't seem to be too much on them. I don't require anything larger than 1" ever, and I dont need the "Best of the best" tool either. Something "decent" (think the narex chisel set quality here). I cant seem to find a middle ground quality tool here. Hope someone can help!
  3. Nah, just saw something on pinterest and loosely copied it lol. Thought it was a neat idea, and will definitely be useful for some things I'll be doing. Thanks
  4. Maple and bubinga handle. Turned the aluminum rod on my drill press and cut it on table saw. Initially was trying to use a pencil, but it just had too much slop, so i put in a dowel and centered a carbide cutter from a cricut machine. Very pleased with the result, gives a nice, clean line. Also.. whats the "real" name of this tool?
  5. The march keeps marching on. Sweet box to store sandpaper discs. The box has my ultra fine (800-3000 grit) sanding discs, wrapped in plastic to keep dust out. I didn't care for the drawer at first, but now i freaking love it. Going to keep pencils, lead, and extra screw bits in the drawer. Jointer plane mounted with neodymium magnets with the wood lip on the bottom to hold it in place.
  6. I'm a fan of power tools, but investing in a number 7 plane has saved me a LOT of headaches recently . I'd recommend you snag one.
  7. I've never seen a joint where I've wanted a biscuit,but I've been doing SMALL projects. For large panel glue ups, what do you think about em?
  8. Been on the fence about getting a biscuit jointer. Is it simply a bandaid for less than perfect face joinery, or does it provide stability for things i haven't had to deal with yet? please note ,this is NOT bashing those that use them. I am sincerely curious.
  9. Safety goggles. I'll set them down and *poof* they disappear by the mysterious garage gnomes into a minuscule black hole. After hours of searching, my goggles turn into William Wallace and demand freedom from the oppressive captors, summoning a 5th dimensional worm hole to escape back to their home dimension.
  10. Do not use a drying oil on rosewood! The driers in the oil severely oxidize the wood and really darken it, getting rid of almost all the distinguishing grain patterns. Pure oils work fantastic, but rosewood is so oily naturally , you can simply buff it with a microfiber cloth. The paste wax is iffy, as the grain can trap the wax and be a nightmare to clean out . I would ultimately recommend a "pure" oil, but those can be pricey and they take quite a long time to dry properly.
  11. It's philippian mahogany and horrendously overpriced. You can get stock online cheaper
  12. My goal right now is I want everything to have a space for its intended purpose. Room is 24' x 16'. Plenty to do what i want, but not enough to make huge tables for every little thing unfortunately. In my old house, I made a modular system for a small bandsaw, belt sander, bench grinder, and benchtop jointer that worked pretty well. I have more space now, but organization is key!
  13. Wow, i really really like this table. That type of design really speaks to me (as corny as that sounds lol). Wow, i really really like this table. That type of design really speaks to me (as corny as that sounds lol).
  14. Hate hate hate fold down wings. You might get it right and accurate the first go around, but over time they always move... I thought about doing that already. I'll sleep on it. Maybe do something cool later. edit: just had a cool idea, build the saw into the wall, and add removable wings. I have some angle iron that would work well for that and wont warp over time. Think floating shelf style. edit 2: even in that small picture, you can see the wings "Drooping" at the ends. No bueno for me
  15. I would personally love something like this, but i frankly dont have the room for it
  16. My makita is pretty small, not sure I want a "cart" more than a moveable table or something. I have my HF chop saw on a permanent pedestal stand, so that just gets tucked away in a corner. The more I talk about it, the less sure I am of what i actually want. Just kind of sticking stuff to the wall at this time lol
  17. Im actually gonna build one of these. Got any pics I can steal ideas from? Soon as I Get 1200 for a chop saw haha (makita and HF ones work fine for now tho l:) )
  18. Not much today. Had to pick up a new water heater (yay... -.-) Made a quasi miter box thing for my RO sander, a french cleat for my table saw fence, and a jaw for my miter gauge. Sander storage is absolutely overkill lol. It uses curly maple for the main assembly, attached to an 8/4 walnut scrap with some bubinga scrap lap jointed into the walnut to hold the cord. Did get some other things for storing my planes, you guys might enjoy it. edit: I am trying some stuff out to give myself practice on things that don't need to be aesthetically perfect. Lap joints, miters, etc.
  19. Naturally while working on a design to hold my drill, it craps the bed lol. The power just cut out completely and it has no torque now lol. Oh well, time for that 20v dewalt
  20. Oh that's good rich. Been wracking my brain how to mount the dozuki.
  21. I use ppg deltron for my clear coats. I've also used ppg omni with pretty awesome results though. Doesn't lay on as nicely, but wet sanding and polishing cures all spray ailments. Target coatings get Kinda "plastic" looking instead of glass. What woods are you using? Bit more to the process than spraying a clear coat unfortunately. Edit: each finish has its own schedule. This can vary based on which catalyst , temp and humidity , etc. I found target to be a bit softer and easier to burn through.
  22. Wow, didn't expect any interest in this at all lol. Actually the sideways chisel thing was just a mental test. See if I could figure a way to get the chisel sideways but also secure. You cant see it, but they are pinned in and are impossible to remove unless you twist at a 45 degree angle. This is much easier and "fluid" than it sounds, however. The pins are drilled at a 10 degree up angle to let them "rest" in the back. Input on ideas always welcome . not into the pvc pipe aesthetic, as useful as it may be.
  23. Gonna add more as I go. Stupid small things I've wanted to do for a while. To start, 24 screwdriver holder, and 4pc chisel holder. My narex's have a case I just leave them in, these get used more *shrug*. Literally had no place, and I have a bajillion screwdrivers but can "never find one" lol. This should help alleviate them. Both pieces made from some maple scraps, dowels to hold the chisels To do -> - rack to hold dimension tools (calipers, dial indicators, engineer squares) - rack for my small japanese saws - sanding disc storage
  24. I think it would take a 100,000$ matsuko 5 axis cnc to do what most of you guys want to do here. For decorative work, elaborate trim pieces, inlay work, templates, etc, theres no way the x-carve would have an issue with that. The top one is hand done, the bottom is cnc. The reason for the cnc is that piece of ebony that has to be precision fit "just right" into the cavity.