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  1. I thikn you and I have the same wife xD God this is ridiculous, I have guitars worth more than these tools lol. this one right? wait, is there a particular reason i shouldn't get the g0771? Is the g0715 150$ "better"?
  2. Haha, lemme rephrase. Why is finding a decent table saw under 750$ so difficult... xD And there is the crux of the issue
  3. Another stunning example of a desk I truly want.
  4. I think I might have this exact model. Do me a favor and quote me tomorrow (So i see the notification) and I'll run a caliper over it and get you an exact size
  5. People make money off views and ad revenue. They are spamming advertising. Not much worse than handing pamphlets out at the mall if you ask me. Granted, all should be done within the confines of the rules of the forums they are utilizing. Peoples forms of entertainment is subjective. There are kids 15-18 years old making more in a year doing youtube videos than some of us will see in a lifetime of working. You may not enjoy it, but to look down on it is kind of silly as well. If you dont like it, dont endorse it. They found an avenue they were successful at, hard to sha
  6. Why is finding a table saw so difficult haha
  7. Im done playing with the 'vintage' table saw. Any reason to not get this? I get 10% off too. Im a fan of bisemeyer fencing personally, and I want STRAIGHT cuts. I don't want/need anything else. Just a straight cut. Jigs make up the rest.
  8. If they are indentations in the wood, go over with a VERY wet paper towel and a soldering iron to steam out the nicks. Works better than you'd think.
  9. I actually think the cheap stuff looks fantastic. I would LOVE to get my hands on some of it, but i haven't been able to find any :-/
  10. bob493

    more wood

    The second one is 100% bubinga. That first one, how hard is it? Unfortunately that 3rd/4th wood could be many many different things. From top to bottom -> ipe (aka adamantium) jatoba (aka adamantium's little brother) bubinga (butter compared to the other two)
  11. This is the best one so far xD My list is pretty large as well. The list of things NOT to buy at HF will be quite large xD. I went to HF to get some superglue the other day, and figured maybe people don't know you can even get some of this stuff there. Seriously, i pay 3$ for 50-60$ worth of superglue at walmart. Thats not an exaggeration either lol.
  12. My pleasure Fair enough, the stanley was just a bad taste in my mouth. Im not entirely sure why they would let a non square plane out of QC tbh. More or less implies they don't do any QC at all :-/
  13. bob493

    need help!

    Whats under that veneer? Its not overly good looking to begin with.
  14. If you have sufficient depth of product, you can use a wax to introduce a more even sheen.
  15. ah my favorite youtuber! Do you think I was just unlucky with the stanley plane or really lucky with the grizzly? Seems to be an unsung hero by my accounts, but i'd hate for someone to buy it and be like " what the hell man"
  16. Lets avoid power tools and clamps. Too touchy, so lets go over other things. I'd love to hear of some good buys from HF, and maybe theres stuff you havent thought about on here. Things i personally love - super glue. Cyanoacrylate is Cyanoacrylate . The super glue is fine, and compared to literally anywhere else is an absolute BARGAIN - scratch awl. dirt cheap, very useful. - bottles of all types. Glue bottles, alcohol bottles, generally anything. Cheap and easily replaceable. Works great - they sell meguiars compounds at HF... use that 20% coupon to get an actually gr
  17. I bought two guns. One was gravity, one was siphon. The gravity feed leaked into the trigger assembly. Absolutely nothing i could do about that. The siphon feed leaked out through the nozzle. No amount of teflon tape fixed it. I use PPG Deltron clear coat. You can imagine the sheer "joy" watching most of it wind up on the floor... -.- Both models could be torn down completely. I can take you some pics if you want, they are still floating around (before I throw them in the trash).
  18. I use king wet stones. very high quality, perfect size for plane blades. Use larson sharpening jig as well. Wrap everything with a leather strop and some polishing compound. It will be far cheaper than using sandpaper in the long run. You do need something to flatten the stones. I use a starrett flat stone with 220 grit sandpaper, works just fine.
  19. I bought one of these a couple months ago as well. I am 90% satisfied with it. I care more about dimensions and flatness more than aesthetics and things i can fix. I use starrett squares and dial indicators for my stuff. This thing is dimensionally near perfect. Good enough. Some low spots in the middle of the plane (probably something to do with the slot machining), but nothing that affects operation. Frog is very solid and easy to adjust. The lever cap and blade iron are "meh", but functional My biggest complaint... the blade is crap. Its fairly soft. Maybe it was just mine,
  20. haha this was fun to watch. Your excitement is contagious. Congrats, you have some seriously cool tools goin on!
  21. 30 gallons is PLENTY. Stay away from the kobalt guns, mine fell apart after 2 paint jobs. Very leaky... very pissed off watching expensive paint drip through the gun. I use teflon for everything, gun set up perfectly. Expensive paperweights, and you are probably better off modding a harbor frieght gun, given their cost. wound up getting a used devilbiss spray gun for 50$ off craigslist. Deals are out there. I've found hvlp to be the most useful of guns. edit: Oh yeah, you REALLY want a stand. Friend turned me on to these. http://www.a
  22. Mine actually has steel pulleys already (they are quite heavy, definitely not aluminum). Good to know. I think its just the motor goin bad, but to be fair its from the 70s lol. I'll grab a new belt and see if i can squeeze a bit more life while I look around for motors, i'll check those linkbelts out drzaius. Thanks guys!
  23. Wow! nice score! I'd buy that for 599 in a HEARTBEAT!