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  1. Tom Cancelleri

    Where do you get your veneer?

    That place is in NY. I've been there, it's insane!
  2. Tom Cancelleri

    good canvas framing guide?

    It was 4 different prints already.
  3. Tom Cancelleri

    good canvas framing guide?

    These pictures I did in January. My fiance bought some multi picture canvasses. I made the frames and stretched em.
  4. Tom Cancelleri

    good canvas framing guide?

    You build a square frame with lap joints, and you wrap it around the frame, and staple to the back of the frame. I've stretched a number of canvasses, and anytime you buy a canvas, that's how they're done. You can mark the center of the frame on each side, and lightly mark the center of the canvas (on the back) and you use that to line up the picture on the frame.
  5. Tom Cancelleri

    CV1800 w/outside venting question

    I run a CV1800 in my 2 car garage. I have a 6" input on a blast gate that I can open to let air in, and that input is also a fan for exhaust if I want to exhaust fumes. Since it's a garage, there's .a enough air leakage at the door seams as well for input versus output. I haven't had any negative pressure build up in the shop. Exhausting outside is great to be honest. No cleaning of filters, no restrictions and higher suction because of that. Make sure that your exhaust port has a spring loaded flap with a rubber seal, otherwise you'll have issues if you cool the shop and in the summer. You'll get condensation in your ducting and in the cyclone itself.
  6. Tom Cancelleri

    Quality Brand Big Power Tools and recommendations

    I've always recommended Jet as an option. The problem is people are usually stuck in a state of mind that grizzly is low end stationary tools and powermatic is high end stationary tools. I've got a mix of tools in my shop from my 8" spiral head Grizzly jointer, a slew of Jet tools (tablesaw, lathe, drill press), Powermatic 15hh planer, Laguna 1412 bandsaw, and a Minimax MM20 bandsaw. I can say with great confidence that my Jet stuff runs great and there's no shortage of quality, however when compared to the Minimax in terms of quality and overall beefiness, none of them compare. I'm planning to sell off my jointer and planer and upgrade to a combo unit from either SCM or Felder, I've definitely outgrown my jointer twice over.
  7. Tom Cancelleri

    Preparing for a Roubo Build

    Definitely make sure you've got those lower stretchers. When doing operations such as planing, you don't want those legs racking. While the top will probably have some kind of lag screw/giant spax screw holding the top down onto the tenons, when you start planing things are gonna start wobbling. You can always use the knockdown bench hardware from Benchcrafted to make your base "collapsible".
  8. Tom Cancelleri

    Black Friday cometh

    More than likely it will be 10% off Jet and Powermatic. In addition, Jet clamps will probably be 20% off. RIP 50% off Jet clamps. There might be a 10% off Laguna sale, haven't seen one from them in a while. If there is a Laguna sale, chances are Supermax sanders will be part of it since Laguna acquired them.
  9. Tom Cancelleri

    woodpecker saw blades

    I also have a Ridge Carbide TS2000. It's a fantastic blade. It's beefy, leaves a really clean cut on everything I've cut so far. Crosscut plywood, no issues, ripped cherry, walnut, hard maple. No burning, and no strain on my cabinet saw. The teeth have a good amount of carbide. I believe it's good for about 20 sharpenings if I remember correctly.
  10. Tom Cancelleri

    Project and weekend work

    The laser wattage is the difference hence the price.
  11. Are these just square pieces? You can cut it on a table saw with a cross cut blade 60-80 tooth.
  12. Tom Cancelleri

    Routing handles in a cutting board

    I usually put the handle at the bottom with a cove bit. Another way to do it would be to use a rabbet or slot cutting bit if you wanted to do it with the board horizontal
  13. Tom Cancelleri

    Project and weekend work

    I have a feeling it's the one from Gearbest.
  14. Tom Cancelleri

    Buying an x-carve

    The bit size has a fair bit to do with the ability to remove that much material. If that were a 1/8" bit it would have broken before the first pass. However given what I was making, the bit size was appropriate for the holes. Also, I don't think that qualifies as a dust shoe Again, depending on what you're doing with a CNC depends on how much machine one person needs. My needs in my shop where 99% of my building is done via hand and power tools. The random inlays or maybe cutting small parts for making a hand full of jewelry boxes while I work on other things, the XCarve is sufficient. The majority of people using them and assembling them don't know their ass from their elbows. If you want to go one step further, forget the Shapeoko and look at the CNC Shark. Again, for what Duck was looking to do, etching images into vinyl records, even the cheap Chinese CNCs on ebay would be sufficient for cutting that.
  15. Tom Cancelleri

    Buying an x-carve

    I decided on the remaining 5 to have the machine drill the holes instead of just dimpling and then drilling on the drill press. They were cleaner when I used the CNC to cut them.