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  1. Only thing I was able to come up with was the dust collection shrouds would just block and reflect the light
  2. I have their beefiest tracksaw and it's badass. The level of dust collection is unmatched, and that's important to me. The quality of cut is better than my cabinet saw (also important). You get zero tear out on a cross cut on thin veneer hardwood ply. The better question is, why do some people feel just because the tool carries a higher price tag it's not deserving of it? If you want to use a 2x6 and a skil saw to make your cuts go ahead and do it, but don't ask about ways to make it cut as good as a tracksaw. I find people like to cobble together these asinine solutions and in the end wind up spending more time and money than they would just buying the tool they're trying to duplicate.
  3. I threw 18 or so of files in some evaporust yesterday. They were actually rusty and needed to be cleaned up and have new handles made for them.
  4. Always good when those bastards are sharp. I'm gonna have to give it a try after I hit my files with the file card to clean em.
  5. Here Mel. Some flavor for your life. [emoji90] Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  6. I use my tail vise as my primary vise. It holds work for sanding, routing, chiseling, planing, chamfering, and pretty much every possible operation I do. My leg vise is used the least. I use the leg vise mostly when shaping.
  7. You can't. The blade is fixed, you adjust the whole table (this is a huge pain in the ass) to be parallel to the slot, you set the blade parallel to the slot Slot parallel to blade Fence parallel to slot
  8. I have a pourover apparatus I bring to work with me, along with filters and my own grounds. People look at me weird and or criticize my choice to not use the kuerig machines while I brew my "fancy ass coffee"
  9. It's the CNC of the coffee making world. The results suck however. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  10. Vienna hardwoods is a mess though you could find a few gems in there. There's a new place in Manassas called hardwoods in the rough that is decent that also sells tools. There is local woods which is in berryville, which has stuff that is only local to this area, and a whole lot of slabs. Lastly, my favorite place, but it's 80 miles away, which is CP Johnson lumber. They've got amazing curly maple and a killer discount bin with stuff they deem not figured enough. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  11. I've had this drill press for 2 years now. I would strongly advise against using any drill press for spindle sanding as adding lateral pressure will cause a significant amount of runout over time. The tool is not meant to do that, get a spindle sander and use the right tool for the job. Here's my review of this drill press from 2 years ago.
  12. Just about every suburb has a backyard hobbyist lumber yard. There are plenty of "Matt Cremona's" with backyard lumber mills out there with lots of acreage and trees they cut down and dry in their "solar kilns." Around here I can get backyard lumber mill soft maple steadily for $2 a board foot, and I live in the wealthiest county in America. I would imagine in some areas in the northeast and northwest where hard maple is more abundant you could acquire for roughly the same price if not cheaper. At that price, alder, cedar, hemlock, BORG lumber, etc shouldn't even be considered.
  13. My options for my Roubo were lignum vitae or balsa. It was either 800 tons based on some quick common core math if I used the balsa or 18pounds 4 ounces with the lignum vitae. So I went with soft maple.
  14. I've got a bunch of routers. PC 690 in a fixed base, PC 450 PK that I use for inlay work with the whiteside inlay kit which doesn't get much use anymore. PC 7518 in my router table, the big swinging d*$% of the router table world, a Dewalt 611 in my CNC, Bosch 1617 in a fixed base that gets very little use, Festool OF 1400, which is my go to router for most small to medium plunging operations, and Festool OF 2200, which can't be compared to any other router out there. There are a bunch of people that truly fear using a plunge router, I used to be one because when you get a catch, you better be holding on. The OF 2200 is ergonomic, heavy duty, solid, comfortable and truly the most impressive portable tool I've ever held in my hands. Yes I'd say the OF 2200 is choice if you're doing big operations. Comes with a hefty price tag however.
  15. I like my milwaukee 16 more than my fatmax 16 tape measure.
  16. If I may weigh in on the subject. I own about 20 tape measures. Currently I know where 7 of them are located. I bring a tape measure to a room to do something like hang a picture, measure for a piece of furniture or something, and then that tape measure is offered as tribute to the room until it is rescued at a later point in time.
  17. I had the Rikon 10-325. It was a good saw when setup really well, but the guides are pretty crappy and they seized numerous times I had to keep soaking them in bearing cleaner and then lube them every couple of months. Don't go bigger than a 1/2" blade. That said, the laguna 14|12 has way better fit and finish, along with better blade guides.
  18. Take some pictures and post them here. Sometimes you can polish a turd. Other times it's best to just get something new. Squaring machinery, cleaning off rust, and tune ups are a part of woodworking.
  19. For resawing you're gonna want to step it up to a 3+ HP machine. I did a bit of resawing and ripping 10" x 10' 10/4 maple when I built my Roubo. I used my Laguna 14|12 to do this with a couple of different blades. Working with pieces that big on a 14" saw is a surefire way to make your table/trunion flex under the weight of a large board like that. I stepped up to a MiniMax mm20 5hp machine with a 1.3 TPI carbide blade and it's an absolute monster. There's a night and day difference in performance.
  20. I've had great luck with the one from harbor freight.
  21. It does colors, but then it wouldn't be Colinb inspired.
  22. I picked up a canon T6, 2 lens kit with Pixma Pro 100 photo printer. Was a crazy deal there was also a $200 instant rebate to go along with the $350 mail in rebate. For $349 after all is said and done for that bundle, I couldn't pass it up, considering I've wanted to mess around with photography for a while.
  23. I properly fit my panels and use spaceballs. As Marc likes to say "I'm someone who likes a belt and suspenders." The strips you're talking about are Panalign strips made by CMT.