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  1. Ftfy. Fixed that for you He changed share to gloat Awesome build Eric
  2. well, at least everything survived, sounds like something I would do…
  3. I had an uncle that went to work for IBM right out of the Air force in the early 60's, he worked for them till the mid 90's. I was exposed to the commodore 64 and beyond, if I was a smart kid I would have followed his path. when I first started my own business in the late 80's he hooked me up with a PC that had Menu Maker, quicken and 16 bit color, man o man was I cutting edge for a 4 man operation. LOL
  4. I have been in a construction trade union for 28 years, I am 4 generation craftsman, that I know of, I know 2 people that have lost fingers to saws. One was a masonry saw with a faulty guard, the other was my middle school wood shop teacher, he was cutting 1/4 plexi glass on a cabinet saw. it's not that hard to keep your fingers, don't stick them where they don't belong, never stand or push in the path of the blade and stay 4" away at all times. As a Mason I have nearly lost a finger a time or two, but it is usually due to miscommunication between you and the crane operator that you canno
  5. Beyond the blade retracting it is not even the same animal, let alone a copy, I dont see this stopping Bosch. The sawstop may be small shop /hobby shop appealing but the contractors I deal with would be much more likely to buy into the Bosch set up and blade retract system.
  6. Do you have windows? I have a basement shop, and what I have done is this, I have a few Lowes bucket vacs (25 each for vac and bucket) dedicated for my bandsaw, router table and hand tools. I have also made a home made air scrubber with 3 furnace filters in it, it does pretty well at getting the fines out of the air. I also have a large shop vac if i am cleaning or going to make a big mess, I have a lot of hose for it and will some times put a house on the exhaust and vent it out a window. I have some spiral duct and have considered a more permanent set up, it just has not
  7. I would consider fiberglass matting and resin, once the mold is made it is pretty simple, but a bit messy.
  8. I dont remember the exact numbers, but it seems I had 5K sqft at 11" thick and 2K sqft at 3 1/2" thick at a cost of $15,000 and I didn't have to lift a finger. The original quote did not include the exterior garage wall, I didn't know if it would be ready. We got it ready in time and I ask them if they could go ahead and spray it, they would not, It took 2 units to do the house (4-55 gallon barrels, 2 part a and 2 part b )they would not order or open another unit to do that one wall so it ended up being fiberglass.
  9. The group therapy sounds fun but I'm not messing with other woodworkers tool
  10. The spray foam in my house has a fiber reinforcement and it is fire retardant, I dont think spray foam is at any more risk of bug damage than any other properly installed insulation. This is the contractor that installed it, they done a fantastic job and hit the estimate. http://customcomfortsprayfoam.comNice web site with lots of info,
  11. I think a guy would have to know exactly what he wanted before he would even know if he was compromising. For me, woodworking is a compromise, I usually can't buy exactly what I want, so I build it, not that it ever comes out EXACTLY what I wanted, damn, there is another compromise…
  12. What size track will those clamps work in? I have a couple sticks of track laying around...
  13. Spray foam is awesome and once a contractor is picked it is fast and painless for the owner/builder, till you have to pay them.
  14. Hey Matt, welcome out of the closet.
  15. Just get another one, I bet the fishing trip cost as much as that unit, it would me anyway, I get zero paid time off and when I am not working out side I'm in some foundry some where so Im thinking if I had to choose I would rather sleep well. I think it is very cool the wife took the initiative to do it, not in my house…