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  1. I think the point of the all thread is to hold the top, column and bottom together without glue. This would allow for weight to be added or removed as needed. Chris.
  2. Thanks for all of the help. I've noticed a lot of people fill their speaker stands with sand, but I am not sure that I am going to go that far. I'll look into the spikes. Chris.
  3. The speaker stands will be in the house with the swamp cooler. I like the idea of rabbets and will probably go with those. Chris.
  4. Albuquerque is pretty dry, but I use a swamp cooler in the summer. So I can go from 20%RH in the winter to over 60%RH in the summer. Chris.
  5. I am interested in building some simple speaker stands. I am curious what I should use for the center post. The center post is about 30 inches tall. I was thinking four solid wood walls (hollow in the center). However, I am concerned about wood movement and how to connect post wood to the top and bottom. Instead, would this be a good time to use plywood? Thanks, Chris. I had planned on solid wood for the top and bottom.
  6. Thanks everyone for the info. I will still probably buy instead of build, but now I have some good information to look for when determining the quality. Chris.
  7. The shed is for non-woodworking stuff. It will most likely store my lawnmower, bikes, gardening supples (dirt, shovels, etc) and maybe a little wood. Chris.
  8. My big woodworking purchase this year is a shed. My workshop is currently a single bay of a three bay garage and in addition to my woodworking equipment it also stores yardwork equipment and my kids outdoor toys. Looking around the internet, there seems to be a wide range to choose from. In my area, I have choices from the big home stores, costco, and tuff shed. I am currently looking for a 8 x 10 shed. Does anyone have any recommendations? I realize that I could get plans and build it myself, but I just don't have the time. Thanks, Chris.
  9. Thanks for the advice. What paint/primer would you recommend?
  10. My wife and I are putting up some simple shelving in our pantry that uses metal brackets with wood shelves. We were considering buying the shelving (particle board covered in melamine), but I happen to have some pine that might work instead. How should I finish the pine? I am hoping for both paint and stain suggestions so I can give my wife a choice. Chris.
  11. I am currently working on a cribbage board project that was in a recent issue of WOOD magazine. In the article they used maple and cherry and finished it with spray-on lacquer. It was my understanding that cherry should be conditioned to prevent blotching. Is that still true when using spray-on lacquer? I decided to go with rosewood and cherry. What would you guys recommend for a finish? I have sealcoat + Armour Seal or is spray-on lacquer a better idea. Also, does rosewood need to be wiped with a solvent prior to finishing to remove the natural oil? Thanks, Chris.
  12. What did you decide to use for sharpening? Chris.
  13. What made you decide on the turbo 2 over the turbo 1? Chris.
  14. Let us know what you get. I am considering a vacuum as well. It looks like the one feature that Festool offers that many don't is variable suction. Since I don't currently have a vacuum, I am unsure how important that feature is. Chris.
  15. Well, I decided on the G1023RL. I received it the week before last and I have just started using it (ripping 4x4s for a workbench). So far, I am really enjoy it. I also went with the mobile base (my shop is a one car garage and I suspect my tools will need to rearranged a few times before I get my workflow figured out). Thanks for all of the advice and for humoring another "help me pick a table saw" thread. My next step is dust collection. I have started reading Bill Pentz's website (as suggested by this forum).