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  1. Thanks for the advice Steve.. So you use a Grripper on the router table? Do you feel it is pretty much the safest way to move stock across the bit? If the stock was to get caught and pulled or kick back do you feel the Gripper would keep your hand from making contact with the bit? Thanks
  2. Hi, new member here... Just wanted to ask about router table safety with different cuts more then basics such as "no jewelry and baggy clothes"stuff.. I am getting back into woodworking and about to buy a small router table mainly for profiles, different joints such as rabbets and dado's and so forth.. I care about safety a ton with tools and have worked around them a lot... I was googling around the net to refresh myself on router table safety and see quite a few injuries where guys have had the router pull the work piece "right to left" and drag their fingers or hands into the c