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  1. Agreed, that's why I'm offering 10% off of the face value of the cards, so when Woodcraft has a sale, you'd effectively be getting 20% off the final purchase! I'll PM you
  2. I have a few physical gift cards and an email gift card to woodcraft totaling $634.93 im selling them all together for 25% off, which is $476
  3. What, you don't speak German initials??
  4. Yep router table, with sliding table and an outfeed extension, as seen in Marc's Video here.
  5. For sale is a CMS GE setup with sliding and extension table, with router insert, fence, etc. I am willing to drive as far as Atlanta to meet up for this sale. Merry Christmas all!- Full CMS GE Set - $1400: Amazon Description - Shipping is likely cost prohibitive on this one, but I am open to it. Comes with everything that comes with that set on Amazon.
  6. Looks great, can't see a thing!
  7. Lol, I did just that and it took me a few head scratches to figure it out!
  8. @Ronn W, That is interesting and indeed frustrating about the Domino. My only other suggestion is to work through the Domino DF500 Supplemental Manual, I found it enormously helpful in getting started with the domino in different applications. I can't attach the PDF, but if you google it or PM me your email address I'll send it your way. Goodluck!
  9. Pug i think I'm gonna go for a non knock down as well. I figure if I have to store it, I will just give it to a relative!
  10. I'm really looking to finishing this one already. So i got my lumber from bell forest and i came on average just shy of 7/8". Only two boards have noticeable twist, so i think I'm destined to have finished stock less than 3/4 unfortunately, but i guess it won't really matter to anyone but me, right?
  11. Started milling tonight, lots of interesting stock in this pile! Tried to pick my favorite ray fleck pieces for the curved top rails. I don't have a jointer right now, so my No. 4 and a planer sled are my tools for taking out twist.
  12. I'm sticking with this design, I convinced her. I'll design the furniture with her in the process in the future, but with pre set plans its a different story