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  1. Does anybody know where I can get some plans for making high-back, swivel, bar stools?
  2. Thanks everyone. I think I'll try Mikes remedy. I had the boards jointed for me at a woodworking shop and I assumed the edges were square. They were a little much for me to handle. I'll triple check next time.
  3. Has any one out there flattened a glued up panel with steam? I read where a guy did this with wet towels and an iron, then added weights. I glued up a 54x54 oak panel for a table top, did everything in my power to keep it flat while drying, but after I took the clamps off the outside edges were 1/4 higher than the center. If I use a router sled I would end up taking off more wood than I would like. Right now it's 1 1/4 thick. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. The boards I used were from 6" to 8" and I flipped the boards according tho the growth rings (alternating).