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  1. Rockler sells one Works well, I use mine for dovetail splines on miters But love my dowelmax!
  2. Tough call. Not really sure from these pics. I am used to seeing aged reclaimed western locally but don't have a lot of experience looking at aged Claro. My above comment was my best guess and only a guess based on my experience. I wouldn't be shocked if it was even a different species. I'd guess the top pic is western...
  3. No way to tell for sure,but I spend a fair bit of time browsing at Gobi walnut here in Portland which specializes in western and this looks pretty similar. Definitely could be something totally different.
  4. Thanks! There have been a few occasions when I needed a longer assembly table so I figured I'd go big!
  5. Had to measure final dimensions. Seven feet with vise closed. Eight when open!
  6. Thanks! I'm happy with how it turned out. Will suit my work flow. The repair just adds a design feature which I'm sure will be followed by numerous other dings. Appreciate the help along the way!
  7. And to bring this full circle
  8. Ok, getting back on track. Plugged with dowel and inlayed. I'll post a pic when done Not perfect but I can live with it Thanks for all the help!
  9. Yeah, it was a bit stressful. A buddy lent me his festool 1400 router with a spiral 3/4 inch bit. He also lent me a track but my bench was to long to clamp easily. I'd never used the system before so maybe I just didn't know how to adapt it. I wound up using the edge guide and puckering a bit. Cut like butter through the hard maple. The bit cut about 3 inches deep. I'm going to use a drill to finish it since the hole will act as a guide I'm going to plug it with a 3/4 inch dowel and inlay the top year out with my white side inlay kit I'm going to inlay a circle to make it a no brainer plug. The squaring would take a bit more work and I'm not sure I see the advantage other the style? Thanks for all the help!
  10. I just found a piece to inlay from the same stock. Thanks!
  11. Was thinking about putting a planning stop somewhere... Great suggestion!
  12. Great idea! Put in a 3/4 inch dowel with epoxy filling in the champher and re drill if I'm understanding. That could work!
  13. I'm nearing the end of this project and was just marveling at how few mishaps I've had! I was routing the dog holes when the router jerked. Not sure why but certainly could have been me. I added a big champher to the hole but still stands out and isn't smooth Anyway, looking for opinions... It's a work bench that's going to get beat up eventually, so I could just leave it be I could try and drill it out and plug it with an 1.5 plug. I could add more of a champher and make a unique dog for it Other ideas?
  14. Rockler has a jig as well to set on miters for splines. I use it all the time to do this joint
  15. Thank's for the help. 90% done
  16. Great Journal! Decided on the twin screw. Thanks for the inspiration.
  17. Great looking bench! Yeah I could do some major surgery, but too complicated when other options are available. Are you pretty happy with the twin screw? How thick is your top. My top is 3.5 inches. The skirt is 5.25. I was a bit concrned about racking of the twin screw in the vertical dimension mounting so low, but would prob be fine
  18. If I hadn't already glued the skirt this might be the ticket.
  19. That looks awesome but at 240 US it's almost 2.5 time the cost of the veritas. I guess it's reflected in the quality. Decisions......
  20. Did you also consider the veritas inset vise? Any advantage of this over the veritas that you're aware of? Did you also consider the veritas inset vise? Any advantage of this over the veritas that you're aware of?
  21. I actually sent Mr Klein an email yesterday to see if anyone had picked up his vise idea for production, but haven't heard back. That looks awesome!
  22. I should have said end vise. Still getting my vise terminology correct. The main need for me seems to be for reasons you would want a tail vise....clamping panels. The end vise seems like it serves the tail vise function plus also a face vise function. I'm still on the fence on spending the money for the twin screw, the veritas inset vise, or just drilling a few rows of dog holes and using the infinity armor clamps I may wait on the vise but hate that it may influence my dog hole placement later on Thanks for all the great advise!
  23. I wish the the yard waste pick up took it here. I usually spread a few bags in the garden and save some for when I take a load of off cuts to wood waste management. I'm always a bit unsure which exotics, if any, are harmful to the garden or yard. Does anyone have any info as to which species should not be used as mulch?
  24. Making progress on my bench and having some second thoughts about the tail vise. My original plan was to use a veritas twin screw. My main use for a tail vise is for clamping large panels for sanding and planing. I don't presently do many hand cut dovetails but may in the future. I also considered the veritas inset vise, but then came across the infinity tool armor clamps for dog holes. Kind of like wonder pups but they seem more versatile. I had a chance to play with some at rockler and like the fit and finish. I like the planing stop in the product line as well. Is there any other need that I'm missing for a tail vise. I can alway make a moxon in the future if I get into dovetailing wide panels. Here's my current progress on the bench. I posted a couple of months ago about getting the base and how it came to be. Still need to do the drawers, vise(possibly), finish work and dog holes. Thanks!