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  1. Looks like woodcraft has 50% off of 24" 31" and 40" jet clamps on Black Friday!!
  2. I figured. I have a bunch of their next gen quick clamps and I kinda like stuff to match, but not if they don't stand up. Thanks for the feedback, Vinny.
  3. Does anyone have any experience with the irwin parallel clamps? They seem to be priced well, but only come in 24" and 48".
  4. I already ruled out open shelving. Cleanong saw dust off of a tool I'm about to make sawdust with seems counterintuitive. I'm thinking drawer with purpose built inserts for specific items and cabinets for the rest. Thank you all for the insight!
  5. So, I am planning out some shop storage and I wanted to see what you guys thought about drawers vs shelves. I assume that I will end up with a combination, but what do you prefer to store in cabinets vs drawers. I am trying to over think this so that I don't build a whole bunch of stuff and then immediately regret my decisions. Thanks, Kyle