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  1. Well its that time again, I don't mind making urns but I really don't like it when it is a close family member. My sister passed away last year and I thought I would share the build pics. My sister loved Elephants so I designed a banner/inlay to go around the base with elephants. I use my trusty ol 45° sled to ensure perfect miters. Here are a few of the build pics and the finished urn beautifully finished with clear rubbed lacquer.
  2. started off with one of those same set ups but realized my little basement shop was't so little
  3. so over time I have accidentally cut/punctured/poked a hole in the clear bag far to many times, sometimes just by grazing it and not knowing it. So I decided to find a barrel and replace it once and for all. I came across a 15 gallon white barrel, it was big enough coupled with the separator I have inline that it will not fill all that quickly. I figure this barrel will need emptying once for every 6 or 8 times the separator needs emptying. In my small one man shop that translates to probably 5 or 6 times a year....I just made the bottom from 3/4" plywood I had and made a tight fit in the bottom of the dust collector housing, I then offset a hole again tight fit for the barrel. I positioned the opening just inches after the deflector inside the housing so anything coming in will have the most opening coming off the ramp and will drop instead of centering it. I made the bottom plywood sealed and screwed to housing but barrel is only tight fit with foil tape. I'd rather replace the 4 feet of foil tape a few times a year then buy bags. by the way I tested the tight fit of the barrel and foil tape by filling it with water to see how much it would hold before it let go.....and surprisingly it was a little over half So in saying that when it gets half full of fine saw dust it won't be anywhere near the weight of water. (did the water test before assembly) I put a light in behind the white barrel so I could see it's level.all sealed up and it works more bags no more holes... here is a short video ....
  4. I thought the same thing but you don't ....what you see in the video is a straight up non stop....sure I didn't do the whole image but no it doesn't once you start.....
  5. ok ok so a CNC router will do much better than this, however if you don't have one yet and want to do fine detail routing such as images and such I come up with this method to make everything larger and far more easier to see. With the enlarged view, fine detail can be achieved. I am running this as a first time test to see how easy or hard it would be to follow. It is broadcasted to my 32" computer monitor ..let me know what you think......
  6. picked up about 80 feet (in 4 foot sections) of this heavy duty rail and peg system the pegs can hold almost 60LBS I cut them down to about 1 foot long for this... they are usually are around 22" long along with 20 some pieces of the rail I also got about 180 pegs as I can have all my sanding/grinding discs in one place and easy to get to....
  7. seeings I have a router table for other things, and 3 routers, I figured may as well slap a router in the wing. I wasn't going to but this way I can leave a short 3/4" straight bit in there if I need a dado real quick. I won't need a fence with dust collection as it will be collected from underneath. I'm working on a lift that will have a lever or dial on the end of the wing, it will have a rod with a cam at below table height, 1/4" 1/2" 3/4" it will be assisted from the plunge springs of the plunge router itself and rest on the different heights of the cam. so no cam below table, turn it once the cam will be set for 1/4" then turn it again 1/2" and one more time 3/4" if you turned it one more time it would go back to below table height again.
  8. comp56

    Static charges

    I was getting the occasional extremely mild zap now and again whenever I touched any of the piping PVC or flex hose, so I ran foil tape right from blower housing along all pipes to the end of each pipe about 1" thick. Didn't bother with the very little flex hose I have around 4.5ft and no more little zaps.....nothing nadda zilcho..... is it grounded properly? probably not to most standards but I got no more little zaps so good enough for me....
  9. before I got the 55 gallon plastic drum, very study and solid for all accounts I purchased what I thought was a tough enough garbage can. a very rigid plastic can I connected everything up and sealed everything around the can...good to go.......I thought! I turn on dust collector and bingo flattened the can is seconds....useless.....I even put wood strips on the outside of the can to help it but still no go..... my blower happens to have reverse fin is that uncommon for dust collectors?
  10. might as well go 4" and 5" muffler pipe and get them to bend it the way you need it....
  11. well while everything else is going on in the shop, moving stuff around setting everything up for new dust collection, I was given an over sized board room table, this table was solid close to 1" high grade plywood so I figured re-purpose it and make a bigger out feed table here it is finished....Don't mind the mess tools everywhere and all over where they are not suppose to never ends....
  12. now down to only 4 feet or less of flex hose for the entire set up all smooth pipe ...sliding manifold is done including naming the ports so I don't
  13. well the change over has begun, based on the advice from Ronn W I am switching out as much flex hose as possible not finished yet but getting there..... cheers......
  14. the Ridgid oscillating sander seems to be a pretty common, I've had mine for about 3 years and the biggest gripe i have is the stock dust collection. I figured it was time to try something with it, don't get me wrong it has paid for itself 3 times over so i'm not worried about the warranty on it. Here is a video of what I did, I'm happy with the results it sucks way better than before.........