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  1. Thank you all for your opinions. I greatly appreciate it and I will take it all into consideration. I think getting a (possibly used) jointer first might indeed be the best idea. My problem is that I can get some stuff from amazon, but shipping/import duties are almost the same as the price of the unit (be it a joiner, a planer or a combo), so that (* bleep *). Getting something from the local eBay variant will be an option, I think. I did see a jointer once at Sears (yes, we do have that here), but I haven't seen it recently. Although I'm not a big Craftsman fan (My table saw works great thou
  2. Very cool. The problem I have with this is that it's not (that) quick and repeatable. It needs some setup, plane the board, take it off, glue the next board, etc. Basically what I'm looking for is a quick method of cleaning up the surfaces (especially the faces) so I can get to work with them. Since they are 'rustic', perfection is not a goal. There is even the possibility that what I'm trying to do is not a task for either one of these tools...
  3. Thank you all. My budget would be a couple of hundred bucks (400-500) max. While we do have Craigslist here, it is VERY limited, so I don't think that's an option here (unfortunately). I have tried the table saw jig method and while that works, it is a bit clunky to work with, as the length of my boards is quite a bit larger than my little (Craftsman) table saw (I guess it's a contractor's table saw). And that only squares up the sides, but not the faces. I can do that with the belt sander, but that's a lot of work. And I've run them over the table saw standing on end, but that's a
  4. Hi all, I am making benches, tables, dog beds, etc. from pallet wood to raise funds for our local Humane Society (in La Paz, Mexico). It is really starting to take off and I find I loose a lot of time in preparing the wood (squaring up the wood, sanding, etc.) and especially squaring up the wood is a tricky and slightly dangerous operation (using my table saw). I am thinking about getting a jointer or a planer or possibly a combo to help me with this, but my budget is limited. I have found some jointers and planers and even combos that would fit my budget, but I am unsure what would be