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  1. Wouldnt the music, vibrate the glue joints to the point of Fracture. Why not glue box joints with screws , almost seems like too much to ask for from 5/8 soft wood material for the abuse you said its going to take. If its gonna get pushed around and abused the shock at the joints is going to pop the glue line (the box joints would help) and with a jig easily repeatable right from a production point of view, what type of glue will you be using as some handle shock better than others. Maybe prototype one and see how it handles the abuse if time permits, then adjust your build as needed.
  2. I use compressed air for the bigger things and its fast, then go back with a cloth in a 5 min or so. If conditions dont permit take a horse hair or synthetic shop brush and a shop vac to suck up the airborne crap as needed, wipe down with a semi damp cloth with appropriate liquid that wont affect your finish. Ive never been tempted to use a tack cloth, and Ive been doing pretty good without it. The reason i dont use a brush attachment is that the ones i see for my ridgid shop vac dont have very much bristle length that ends with plastic. Im paranoid Id nick my finish and have a fit, cry baby
  3. Oh for some reason I thought it was new unit, dif a overeaction, I have to install more coffee! I thought it was grizzly not Powermatic.. time for more coffee.
  4. I think you should just contact Griz regarding the issues, tell them to make it right, send parts if you can do it yourself, or send you a new unit. Send them the youtube link and forum link for impact, its their reputation and money. The noise and Arc is a problem, my thoughts are, if these things are wrong what else is wrong. Just could be some crappy assembly and component issues, the bigger picture is that when you flip that switch and the sharp pointies are spinning I would want full "fu**ing" confidence in my machine. If I was them I'd make it right in a hurry im sure alot of peopl
  5. So true I used it on the cancer toy chest build back in what NOV? It's held up to the abuse of my 3 1\2 year old just fine, 4-5 coats of shellac. She stacks things on it she lays down on it (hahah her world, i just giggle) its always in use every day. Looks fine to me sides, if it does get scuffed... easy fix. The coats were diltued as well, so food for thought trz.
  6. goolge wood tags seems to work try "custom wood tags" "Custom brass tags" Might want to be careful about any pieces you make for customers, they may not want them on the piece. What you may see as art or pride, another might see gaudy and unsightly. https://www.google.com/search?biw=1257&bih=835&noj=1&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=custom+wood+tags&oq=custom+wood+tags&gs_l=img.3..0i24.11356.11676.0.12155.
  7. Online business models are diffrent than local brick and morter stores and the company would track its those metrics seperately, if you like the guys there at the store and are willing to forego any online specials, id say purchase from the store and do em a solid, let em know what you did, I think it will foster a better local relationship and could be beneficial for both parties. Also if im not mistakes woodcrafts are franchines, yep they are (further proof to support your local econ) indeed. http://www.woodcraftfranchise.com/
  8. Yes its possible to get tighter cuts with a bandsaw I am a recent owner of one (grizzly GO555LANV) comes with a 3\8 blade, it was suitable for most curves I wanted to preform and had little if any need to preform relief cuts to accomodate the blade. The blade will start singing to you if to curve is too tight, basically the tighter the curve the smaller the bandsaw blade you'll want. I did purchase a 1\8 blade but have yet to use it, I am happy with the current blade on my rig, 1\2 and i wouldnt attemp to cut tighter cuves with that. They give a general rule of the thumb for curves http:/
  9. I think there are a couple ways you can approach this a) Recalibrate your table saw That box store pine usualy will not be square, but hardwood stores sometimes carry 4\4 pine 8\4 pine as well in larger demensions, these are better pieces as far as what I've see and depending on what the store offers you can get them S2 or S3 and that might save you some headaches and work arounds. c) Of coarse carefully select your wood at your box store and try to avoid piths and wet lumber, possible to find some gems in the pile. d) While your at the big box store and assuming you have a hand held circ
  10. I think you'll like your freud blades i have two of them for rips and cross cuts, they work lovely. One other thing as you noticed the blade performace start to decrease or burn, just clean the pitch and resin off the blade, work fine, its been a year and i havent needed a resharpening and I only recently cleaned off the pitch and resin.
  11. Seems like alot of fuss over something that is ment to be replaced, in truth whenever im done finishing a project, something like a blo/var mix.. I just use the excess on the HB top as i go along, seems to work so far and before then I fig it would get dinged up hammered and stab on occasion with chisels, spilled stain or finish.. I wouldnt worry about it too much. I personaly like a blo mix, maybe sand it with 80 grit before you apply something to avoid being a slick surface. I believe the Schwarz said something like that about his workbench tops as he didnt want to create something that
  12. Whats a good resource to learn the process of burnishing and hook angle. I did see William Ng via the WW Vid, but as you all know watching and doing can be diffrent. Is it just trial and error?
  13. Those mats look exactly like the ones I picked up from walmart, price was pretty decent at the time 18 or 19 dollars. To bad I only bought 1 pack, should got 3 or so but was just starting out trying to figure out why I was so darn sore at the end of the day after wood working. If I had more the budget I think i go for something more w\ more cushion like the ones that feel like they have gel
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrFInjrInSA at time stamp 1112, not sure if this is intentional. but from the lady's reaction I don't think it was planned.