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  1. Here are some more. The last one best describes many of us. Norm-Ite, (safety) Gear head, gift giver, plane addicted, Grizzly buyer,, Jet owner , Bernie sander, spindleizer, bass carver, (duck) Decoy-er, crotch fancier (beastmode), Ash hole-r, groover, gouger, wire edger, Poor,.
  2. I am here and near where I-90 intersects with I-405 in Bellevue. Have lots of tools, and lots to learn. Primarily built gift type items and any sales goes int my tool and wood fund. Saving $$ to upgrade my Delta 14 in bandsaw into a Grizzly 17 incher.
  3. Wood butcher, sawdust producer, sycamore surgeon, tool junkie, obsessive sharpener, board hoarder, chisel wizard , hand-plane pilot, jointer jockey, band sawyer, router router. Any others to add?
  4. I used 2 coats of wipe on Poly, followed by a liquid wax. There is no stain here, all natural colors.
  5. Yes, but it is only a 1.5 inch brad nail. The compound angles do not lend themselves to easy clamping, so I use the brad to hold while the glue sets. These have a 60/30 degree splay angle and I cut a angled dado to match the splay. If all works out well the ply panel helps hold the walnut as I glue and assemble. I cover them with plywood and place some weight on the ply so they stay flat while the glue dries. Don't be intimidated. Practice on scrap pine or something. It is more mental than anything else.
  6. After making a batch of 10 around Christmas, a coworker asked for a pair of these. You can't make the economically in onsie twosies so I did six. They go quickly at $50 each.
  7. I don't have a riser kit. Is that why you needed a new spring? I'm going to look at a Laguna or Jet or Grizzly upgrade and may consider selling mine before I make a decision. Being able to re saw 12 inches is tempting. My cuz just got a bandsaw mill (wood mizer) so I may get some deals on wood.
  8. My thrust bearings are shot. I have been using ceramic guide blocks. Should I go with OEM bearing or is the Carter conversion kit at $179 worth the $$$? I lust after a larger saw, but spending $200 to upgrade this vs $1400 for new seems reasonable. What do folks think of all ball bearing guides (back and sides)?
  9. No worries here about sharpness, I just got a carbide tipped turning set. My HSS Sorby set may need some attention, but I will pay attention to supporting the bevel as I re-enter this hobby. Sounds like nothing special needed to turn zebra wood. I will be sure to check in here for questions and advice.
  10. I am not a turner, but bought a jet mini lathe to make knobs and pulls for projects Long ago. I have made a couple boxes and a dozen or so bowls. Today I found a 2 inch square piece of Zebra wood a couple feet long, I want to make ring boxes from it. Any special tips on turning this stuff? I have a Nova chuck mounted.
  11. For lining boxes, I used velvet, leather or felt that I attached to thin cardboard like on the back of a tablet. I rough cut over by one half inch, then cut the corners off at a 45 degree angle. Then glued or taped the 1/2 inch left over to the bottom of the card stock. Just press it in and if ever soiled, you can easily replace it.
  12. I found a box in the closet that had a very flexible, high quality hose that was for a vacuum cleaner we no longer have. Thinking I could use it in the shop, I found out it fit my DeWalt sander perfectly! The fittings on both ends also fit into the larger shop vac hose. The dust bag still spews out dust, but with the hose instead, there was no dust. You can see I just used a bungie to suspend the hose out if the way. It works excellent.
  13. My office had a Yankee gift exchange today. I brought this tray and it got stolen like 100 times. I think everyone had it multiple times. It was a big hit so I said I have a few others in production if someone wants one. Well I got 8 orders at $50 each. That will pay for some sandpaper and glue and maybe a couple of more clamps.
  14. I acquired a bunch of walnut strips and a pallet of veneered plywood panels at an auction long ago? What do you do with it all? How about serving trays? In the mall home stores, cheap, fake wood trays start at $40 each. These are compound mitered with an angled dado to capture the field. Whisky and wine not included!
  15. I found this in my bench and do not recall its origin. I would like to date it and understand its use. It it just used for carving , like braid or rope detail? Would you insert vertical, thee pry out chips.