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  1. Yep, knotscott you were RIGHT about the blade shift issue.
  2. I just stumbled across this. It looks like it could be a slick setup with the router table top installed in the Ridgid table saw extended area:
  3. Wow. Good to know. I'll measure it immediately when it's assembled. Not even my cheap lousy skil table saw had that kind of issue.
  4. The listing on the home depot site is saying cast iron, so I'm feeling good about that.
  5. I have decided as of last night, to go the road you suggest and go with a stationary saw. Thanks for the model numbers and the link!
  6. That Ridgid saw is probably the one I'm going to go with. Call it my journeyman saw I suppose. Eventually I may get to the point where saws in the two to five thousand dollar range are right for me. As someone who is not new to table saws, but pretty new to finer woodworking, this saw looks like a good fit between 5 and 6 hundred. The spacious cast iron top has me salivating. It's practically torture knowing I won't be able to get it until near the end of the month. (Waiting on a bonus i was awarded at work to come in)
  7. I've got a relatively new freud diablo all purpose for that. That blade was the only thing my old saw had going for it.
  8. How hard is it to move around a cabinet style saw? I like the firm stability they provide. Would it be possible to set it on top of some kind of mobile base so I could at least slide it around?
  9. Sounds like you and T Cancelleri are on the same vibe. What can I do to make sure I'm not getting scammed with a used saw that has problems? What things should I look for? I can think of many things, but I'm not confident I would know every critical checkpoint to inspect.
  10. Thank you for sharing this! The designs that have been shared in this topic all look wonderful and give me great ideas.
  11. I appreciate you sharing your expertise. Every day that passes and every reply to my various question topics gets me one step closer to the final design of my own new table. All the suggestions from all the experts here, rolled into one tasty new table. I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. Now if I could just get over my own nasty cold...
  12. I'm kinda conducting a straw poll here. I want to see what everyone is using and why. I'm upgrading my table saw and I'd like to get a good one. I know you folks aren't playing around when you choose your tools, so who better to ask than you? What saw do you use now, and what saw would you buy today if your budget was 500 to 600 dollars? (sorry that's all I gotz) Without any input, my choice would probably be the Bosch 4100DG-09 10" Worksite Table Saw with Stand. Either that or a Rigid model with similar features. This is because I think 10 inches is a good size blade, and 120 volts is best for me because I can't very easily go to 220. The ability to collapse and roll away the stand+saw for storage off to the side is also a big bonus.
  13. Why 38 inches instead of the more common 36?