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  1. Robert Morse

    I'm building a shop!

    I installed insulation for 2 hours last night, and then got up early and started again before it got too hot. I got the ceiling to 98% done at around 4pm (other than the 2 starter rows, which are narrower than full size). I'll finish those while I work on the walls tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow is the last day of school, so a special donut date with the kids before school, and then I have to go to the office for a few hours. My dad is coming in for a couple of days on Friday, and I have a buddy from work coming to help with ceiling panels Friday afternoon. It will be nice to get this wrapped up soon. Oh, and the clearvue cyclone showed up today (well 7/8 of it, FedEx has misplaced a box with some accessories).
  2. Robert Morse

    I'm building a shop!

    As promised, Pictures! Its been a busy few days around here: I finished framing of the top part of the interior walls - with the angled cuts on each one, and having to fit them around the rafters on the end, it was a pain. The scissor lift is a HUGE help right now. I still have some blocking and bracing left which should use up a lot of the scrap, and I need to install framing so we can secure the bottom of the ceiling panels (today's goal is to finish that). I finished rough in of the last 5 feet on the electrical, cleaned up the inside of the panel - and most importantly: we passed the cover inspection today. Time to move on to insulation and wall coverings. Good lord, the shop is a mess and I haven't even moved in yet. There's sawdust everywhere, and several piles of romex sheathing mixed with framing cut offs, Gatorade lids, broken nails, stripped screws, lumber tags, and god-knows-what-else. Sweeping doesn't seem to help - it just comes back. I've moved the shop-vac and the dust deputy out there. They're going to get a work out tonight. Putting tools away has been fun - its like closure on a build phase. Hammer drill for concrete anchors: DONE and boxed up. Cold chisel (chipping concrete): DONE. The miter saw and stand can get put away later today, along with the circular saw. The pictures aren't exciting, but they represent a LOT of work, and I can almost see the end. Oh, and I bought a ClearVue 5HP cyclone dust collector... That will be here this week, so I have extra motivation to get finished (not that I needed it!).
  3. Robert Morse

    I'm building a shop!

    I'll look into that at some point in the future - or I may build a frank howarth style gantry... Unfortunately, that strong point for a hoist is not going to be the priority for next week.
  4. Robert Morse

    I'm building a shop!

    quick update - I've been buried at work, and with the kids end of year activities, there hasn't been much time the past couple of months. Good news though: I'm taking the week of 18 June off work, with the goal of insulating, and buttoning up the ceiling. This week, I've managed to finish framing the interior walls, and today I completed the rough-in for the wiring (all but 5 feet of 12/2, because I ran out of romex). I'll be ready for my electrical inspection shortly, which means I can get insulation in the walls, and get things closed up. Also, I've rented a 15' drivable man-lift to facilitate working on the tall side of the shop, as I wasn't feeling safe at the top of my ladder. Pictures later this week.
  5. Robert Morse

    Apothecary chest

    Beautiful pictures, and very nice work. I really enjoyed this post, and I'm looking forward to the next.
  6. Robert Morse

    Part 1: First look at the lens display case

    I've not seen lenses displayed this way before, but I really like it. Well done.
  7. Robert Morse

    Building a small shop this summer

    Chad, welcome to the forum. If you can swing increasing the interior height to at least 8', or 8'6", you'd be able to flip lumber end for end: I broke the fluorescent lights in my last garage more than once... Another thing to check would be drainage around the building, if you're taking some of the high side out, make sure water can drain around the shop properly. If I had the option, I think I'd be inclined to stick with a wood floor if I could, so much more comfortable to stand on. One last thing: we're in Seattle (so wet like Oregon), and my shop isn't done yet, but humidity in winter is a HUGE issue for us: I'd make sure you have a plan to control it, either with active ventilation of some kind, and/or heat, at least enough to keep the inside above the dew point. Best of luck, and post pictures once you start.
  8. Robert Morse

    I'm building a shop!

    Yep, along with the extension tables and mobility kit.
  9. Robert Morse

    I'm building a shop!

    I'm less worried about getting it off the pallet - the Hammer instructions/manual cover how to do this with a pallet jack. I've got a growing list of things I would have done differently. A paved sidewalk from the house to the shop is one of them - for no other reason than wheeling tools and supplies. I wish I have thought thru the driveway a bit more: its easy to get our cars into the area in front of the shop, but between the slope, the way it curves near the house, and the gravel, it's nearly impossible to get a trailer to the shop. Also on the list of "should haves": raise the finished grade of the building site by about another foot to enhance landscaping in the back yard, a sliding door instead of overhead garage door, one or more of the roof beams engineered to carry a load so I could install a hoist.
  10. Robert Morse

    I'm building a shop!

    Progress, and as a result, pictures have been a bit slow the past couple of months... between work, family and school events, there hasn't been any free time. But, slow progress is still progress: the first long wall has the bottom 8' framed and wired along it's length. I've started insulating that wall as well. The picture below is an in-progress picture. Oh, and I also finished wiring 2 of the 3 floor boxes (table saw, and 120v receptacles). The 30amp 240v floor receptacle is ready to be connected as well, I just need to decide on a floor box cover for it. For those of you who wanted to see tools in the shop: I need to start picking up the pace, because I ordered a new toy back in November, and it showed up yesterday... here's a hint: Any guesses? OK, I'll tell you: Its a Hammer A3-41 jointer-planer, shown below with Irish Terrier for scale. Delivery was an adventure... The UPS freight driver started by almost losing control of the pallet jack, and he very nearly let the whole 900lb pallet run off the back of the truck. Its a good thing he was wearing his brown pants... it was a scary moment for sure. Then he absolutely DESTROYED the pallet it was on while moving it up the driveway (he ripped one laminated plywood skid clean off, and broke most of the 2x4 framing around the machine), and finally the driver said "Well, that's as far as I'm going to take it, it's yours now." The machine was about 15 feet from the garage and supported by one plywood skid and some 2x4 scraps when he took off. So I had to make an emergency run to harbor freight for furniture dollies and a floor jack. Once I removed the 2x4 frame, I was able to jack up each end and slide furniture dollies under the shipping platform, and move the machine into the garage. Crisis averted... At some point, I'll cut the other skid off, so I can get a pallet jack under the middle of the machine, rather than trying to lift it from the ends. The table saw, jointer, band saw, lathe, dust collector and 16-32 sander will all get moved down to the shop once the floors are sealed, and the walls are complete. And then, just maybe, my wife can park in the garage for the first time.
  11. Robert Morse

    I'm building a shop!

    Soon. I'm buried with finishing up the inside: Framing exterior walls, running wire, insulating, closing them up... Compounding my slowness is the kids' sports and activities (I'm looking at you, School Play), and a crazy work schedule. Hoping to be MOSLTY done by mid-late April, and I'll post some more pictures then.
  12. Robert Morse

    Shop security and cameras

    Ha! We have a generously proportioned boxer, but he's too busy trying to be everyone's buddy instead of a guard dog. And our other pup is an ABSOLUTELY FRIGHTENING Irish Terrier - all 28 lbs of her.
  13. Robert Morse

    Shop security and cameras

    I've had similar concerns around shop security, and I need to do some more research... Thanks for starting the topic Mike, this is a good reminder. Ring, Alexa, Nest, and the all-in-one security bundles - there are a ton of choices.
  14. Robert Morse

    I'm building a shop!

    Sorry for a few weeks of radio silence... My day job has been incredibly busy, and we took a short family trip to California. The builder took care of our punch list with no issues. However, immediately prior to the final inspection, we hit some snags related to our original site prep and drainage. The short version is: we had to re-grade the perimeter of the building and also re-grade the driveway. Even though the site county had approved it, our initial site prep didn't provide enough slope around the building for effective drainage, as evidenced by the recent rains. The building itself was fine, but there was a moat all around the back half of the building which needed to be addressed. It was an expensive lesson for sure... we had tried to keep as low of an impact as possible on the site, but we should have been more aggressive to better manage the water. We also had to remove the chain link fence to allow for the excavator: replacing that fence will be a project for later this summer. That work is done as of last Sunday, we spread bark as ground cover, new crushed gravel all around the building, and all we have left to do is seed the disturbed area in the backyard (not part of the build, but it was disturbed by the excavator doing the additional work), and cover it with straw. We even had the invisible fence re-buried, so the dogs can come back to the front yard. Having said all that, the site now looks FABULOUS. We'll do some planting once the weather warms up a little - probably a big rhododendron up front by the stump to the left of the building, along with some more ferns, and some periwinkle as ground cover near the driveway. I'm looking forward to the final inspection completed next week and getting started on setting up the inside.
  15. Robert Morse

    I'm building a shop!

    We're in Woodinville - thanks for the tip on Garage Journal. Reading up on it now.