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  1. I actually got mine for $550 less than new, but had never been used. Guy bought it then his work sent him overseas for a couple years. he had set it up, but never ran a board through it. After owning it, I chock the extra cost to insurance etc and the like. Its probably the one part of the cost that my wife approved of.
  2. Well I do usually say "I will break you" before complicated glue ups.
  3. Another vote for the CRC 3-36. Doesn't leave any residue and keeps my tools rust free much longer than Camelia oil, which is what I tried first.
  4. You can get away with this for a long time. It's not convenient but it can work.
  5. I have a Jet JJP-12HH. If you make the choice for combo, do it for the space savings, not for money reasons. I chose the Jet over the Grizzly because of the number of cutters and the Byrd Shelix shearing pattern. What I really wanted was a Hammer A3 31, but I was already pushing it for being a hobbyist. I like the machine, but if I had the space, separate machines would be better. Wilbur Pan speaks highly of his 10" Rikon, FWIW.
  6. Oops... I missed it. Sorry about that Terry!
  7. +1 on the Woodslicer (I have the 555 saw)
  8. Just picked up an ETS 150 and CT, and was planning on Granat from what I had been hearing. Curious to hear if people are using Brilliant only for removing prior finishes? Or for higher grit in general.
  9. Oh man, I've been wanting to do this same thing. *Don't drive to Chicago for MDF* *Don't drive to Chicago for MDF* *Don't drive to Chicago for MDF* How many is a few?
  10. I love old tools, but I'm surprised no one mentioned Wood River planes by Woodcraft. I don't own any, but they seem nice and well reviewed. The M-WTCA has been a great resource for old tools for me. My local meet was just last weekend, and I picked up things like a Starrett 9" combination square for $9 and a Stanley 4 1/2 bench plane (in rusty shape) for $25. I'll have to give the plane some TLC, but it beats paying $325 + shipping and tax to Lie-Nielsen.
  11. I like that "16% of the cost of the Kapex".... Thanks for the review!
  12. Hmm. Well I guess I have to consider that ETS 150 sooner than I expected.
  13. I'm planning on attending Handworks, and seeing the Studley tool chest.
  14. I had been checking out the Craftsman 8" Dado stack, as it has great reviews, includes a case and metal shims and the price is right. Supposedly its the same as the well reviewed DeWalt DW7670. Craftsman CM 8IN STACKED DADO I found a $15 off $100 coupon here (top item of the list, will link out of the page to generate the coupon code). If you apply the coupon it will come up as invalid, because you are short by one cent. Add a screwdriver keychain for $.99 and you're good. The keychain must be ship to store, but even if you don't have one in your area, you can ship it anywhere and
  15. I've tried soaking a surface with it overnight, doesn't matter versus just spray and wipe with shop towels. Great stuff. Lubes better than wax!
  16. I used to have 6 of them in my yard, and my parents had them before that... always dropping those buds and "helicopters".... I don't miss them! They didn't even make decent firewood.
  17. Another great use for this light.... wiring in a new circuit in the basement. Stick it right to the side of the box.
  18. Bought mine off Craigslist... the older ones will have cast iron tool rests. A 1700rpm model is ideal.
  19. Well this is the same as my response there, but I find it hard to beat the Freud Premier Fusion… it has a .91 kerf, and the Freud LM75R010 Glue Line Rip does as well. Great all purpose combo, for the price of a single Forrest Woodworker II. For lower powered 110V saws, like the 1.75HP SawStop, they work great.
  20. A job site saw you can wheel in and out of the house/garage is better than a contractors saw that gets left outside.
  21. I have two Festool drills, two Milwaukee drills and a Ryobi. I like the Festool for the specialty chucks, but my Milwaukees are awesome too. One knock on the Festool is you have to get into their Centrotec system to really make the quick change chuck useable. If you are going to use a normal Jacobs chuck most of the time, why bother with Festool? The eccentric chuck and right-angle chuck are handy at times. I bought a Milwaukee impact over Black Friday... and its smaller and hugely powerful with two 18v Li-ion batteries. And it was $90.
  22. Strong magnet, use this on my drill press all the time.
  23. I did a wall of OSB panel that looked like T1-11 as a test, pre-finished gray. Liked it so I'll be picking up more (from Lowes).
  24. I might be remembering wrong, or it could be a special case. Here is a recent blog post of his. I don't want to lead you astray. I think what I remember was for pieces that don't get handled, the oil and wax finish is great, for something with more user interaction, its more maintenance than a film finish.
  25. Most of my faves are old tools... Witherby chisels, Stanley planes, Spear & Jackson saws.... so I had to reach deep to list something easily purchasable that wasn't Festool (drilling... try getting excited about sanding ) or a stationary power tool.