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  1. I use a marking knife for many things but there are times whenI just use a pencil or use one to darken the knife lines. Finding a good pencil sharpener has been a task and I found one some time ago before Bob Land released his design. http://www.popularwoodworking.com/woodworking-blogs/editors-blog/hand-tool-woodworking-project This is my favorite one now. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003G560JQ/ref=oh_details_o06_s00_i01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It is a Kum Two Hole Automatic Long Point Pencil sharpener. You start in hole 1 for shaping the point then hole 2 sharpens it to a perfect
  2. I may break down and buy a metric tape that is a good idea.
  3. Highland Woodworker posted an interesting article today about converting to metric. http://www.woodnewsonline.com/DTEW/1303mar/downtoearthwoodworker1.html I am not sure I could do it as inches are so ingrained in my mind but with my Festool tracksaw I have to think in metric terms sometimes. Has anyone converted to metric? If you started in metric it dosen;t count unless you converted to imperial.
  4. These are not mine but I wanted to share incase there are any carvers in the area. Several pages back in this auction there are tons of carving tools. I don't know if they are any good or not. There are also some other power and hand tools but nothing I got excited about. Estate Auction Title says Red Rainey Custom tools
  5. TablesawTom sales lots of planes on woodnet.net. Little over a year ago I found a Keen Kutter K8 and posted my find on Woodnet. I found out TablesawTom was putting together a full Keen Kutter collection and he needed a K8. I exchanged my K8 for a K5 and block plane that he had restored and ground. This is an amazing plane and he did a good job. Go to woodnet.net and you can see many of his posts.
  6. TRBaker I have more that 2 My youngest daughter wants one now and my oldest wants a desk. Not to mention my wife's wish list. I need to make sure I don't buy crappy plywood again.
  7. My Daughter (7 years old) wanted a bench for her room. We started making it a few weeks back. The top is a bamboo stair tread that I picked up from HD earlier this year. It took longer than expected because the plywood was crap. I bought it earlier this from my local lumber supplier as Russian Birch. The veneer chipped and delaminated like crazy. Even cutting with good blades and using masking tape didn't help much but it turned out pretty good with a little repair work. She loved it and that is all that matters. It's her "reading bench" she stores her books on the shelves
  8. For most of my tools I use the hose from my old ridgid shop vac. It will work if your tools have 2.5" ports or adapters.
  9. I am in SF for meeting no world series game for me the tickets were $$$$. I think we need a woodtalk conference at this hotel everyone show up with handtools and you have 24 hours to make something from the block of wood in your room.
  10. At the W in SF and when I got to my room i saw this. It is solid and they are using it for a step stool to the window seat. Why didn't I pack hand tools?
  11. Very nice. I need to look into the process for building one of these. We have a small one but I need a bigger one.
  12. Don't buy veneer softener. You don't need it often unless the veneer is very stiff and cracks. I make my own you can google for the formula I can send you the one I use when I get home. As for Glue I like the cold press glue from tightbond it works well but you can use almost anything. I bought a vacuum pump off ebay and some 10mil vinyl from a local boat restorer (they use the clear stuff for windows in covers) and made a vacuum press. It works great and cost like $150 total including the pump. You can make a cheaper one with a smaller bag as my bag is 4x6. Here is a great resource
  13. Haha the company dose cover business expenses. If I stick USB cables on a few planes maybe I can call them input devices
  14. Took a new job a few months back and I travel to Toronto on a pretty regular basis. Well this trip I booked my hotel and what do I see? Lee Valley a few blocks away. Might have to check my bags on the way back Do they have any closeouts or store discounts? Maybe I should have brought an extra bag.
  15. Thanks Don I was wondering about that I saw a one page instruction sheet in the manual that was for a converyer belt upgrade maybe he already did it. Knokers thanks for the video that is perfect. I have the 1hp motor so I don't think the speed controller would work.