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  1. Woodenskye

    A Roubo from beams?

    Great job Frank!
  2. Woodenskye

    Fusion 360 tutorials

    Mark search for a guy on YT named Lars Christiansen. I believe he works for the developer of fusion360.
  3. Woodenskye

    Help needed!

    @SteverinoThis is going to be your biggest issue. I provided a quote for someone several years ago for wine boxes. They wanted high quality but didn't want to pay for that quality. A lot will depend on the type of joinery and any extras.
  4. Woodenskye

    Can I cut at 600 ipm? Video added!

    So your saying you reached CNC light speed and lived to tell about it!
  5. Woodenskye

    Hammer A3-31(planer) feed problem

    I would guess that it is a problem with the feed rollers, I'm sure there is a way to adjust.
  6. Woodenskye

    Knife presentation box

    David, well done as usual!
  7. Woodenskye

    Ah, honeycombs...

    I wouldn't try to do this over the phone or via email. Take the board back to them so the can really see the condition, cause person you are talking to may not know what is normal and just passing on the company line about returns.
  8. Woodenskye


    Wow! Mark that is really nicely done!
  9. Woodenskye

    Hall Tree

    Nice work Coop!
  10. Woodenskye

    New Shop Build in NE Ohio

    Looking at your recent sketches, I now have to change my opinion and agree that having the gable end facing the street looks good. I had another thought, depending on the age, construction methods, etc. of the current garage, it may be more cost efficient to tear down the existing garage, build a 24 X 48 post frame or prefab garage closer to the house. I looked into doing a garage addition (24x28) with living space above (16x24) and the best estimate we got was close to $80k, granted I'm in the NY metro area. I could have bought a 2 story prefab garage for around $36k, add in $6-8k for a slab, still cheaper.
  11. Woodenskye

    New Shop Build in NE Ohio

    First thing when you go meet with the building department bring donuts and coffee. Personally the addition to the front part looks funky in the sketch. I would find a way to build a complete second floor over the garage, make it an office, bonus room or something. That should allow you to create a similar roof line as the house, then for the shop addition you could do a sloped roof. All that said, you and the CEO need to decide what looks best.
  12. Woodenskye

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    When Spanky shows up at the mill in a new Mercedes we will know Coop finally visited the mill and bought his lumber.
  13. Woodenskye

    So this happened today... New SawStop.

    I would agree that having the extension tables perfectly co planer isn't probably a big deal because as you mention there is a good portion on the cast iron table. However you need it as close as possible and if you have a difference of 1/1000" it is fine. It's a table saw wing not the space shuttle.
  14. Woodenskye

    First bowl of 2019

    Yes a lot of people stabilize blanks. If small parts are pinky you can flood with CA glue as well.
  15. Woodenskye

    My crappy little shop

    Frank things are coming along nicely! However that's a palace through the eyes of 10x18.