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  1. Whether you can salvage the wood is a different issue, tell your Landlord to fix the issues or tell him you will withhold rent and you will pay to fix.
  2. Since your first mistake was not getting the wood used in writing, hopefully you have received something in writing that this guy will guarantee his work.
  3. You think? I tend to just drink more until my shots appear straighter and longer!
  4. I saw this this morning, first thing I did was check the calendar, wasn't April 1, so just shook my head.
  5. Mark search for a guy on YT named Lars Christiansen. I believe he works for the developer of fusion360.
  6. @SteverinoThis is going to be your biggest issue. I provided a quote for someone several years ago for wine boxes. They wanted high quality but didn't want to pay for that quality. A lot will depend on the type of joinery and any extras.
  7. So your saying you reached CNC light speed and lived to tell about it!
  8. I would guess that it is a problem with the feed rollers, I'm sure there is a way to adjust.
  9. I wouldn't try to do this over the phone or via email. Take the board back to them so the can really see the condition, cause person you are talking to may not know what is normal and just passing on the company line about returns.
  10. Wow! Mark that is really nicely done!