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  1. At least with twins they should be able to entertain each other fairly soon! Plus down the road he won't have to ask his teenage son to help move something, he gets to watch his twins move.
  2. 2 pieces of parchment paper, a counter top, a plate and body weight makes a fine tortilla press.
  3. That is really freaking cool! Very nicely done!
  4. Unfortunately I think you may have to sand the entire top, restrain and then top coat.
  5. I don't know if Marc should feel honored or concerned about this.
  6. Congrats Coop! Any woman that can put up with any man for 47 years, must be a saint!
  7. I'm getting around 19 mpg. I do a lot of short city drives. On my last long highway dominated drive, I believe it was around 25 mpg. I generally don't track closely, but I did for the first couple of months.
  8. Ross nice ride. I got a 2019 Ram and love it. I also thought the Chevy was over priced and the ford wasn't a good ride and was dated on the inside. I got the Rambox as well and they are great. I didn't really want the V8 so the dealer was able to locate the only V6 in the US equipped as I wanted. Gas mileage has been great, not far off from the Kia I had before.
  9. My son has been home for 2 days, and all he keeps saying is this sucks and he wishes he was at school. I'm happy in some respects, cause now these kids have to actually do the work, not just be present in the classroom. I doubt I would enjoy having to do school this way.
  10. Our schools decided to close for next week, then it becomes a wait and see approach. At this point, better safe than sorry, but I'm fairly certain a lot more people are affected than what has been reported.
  11. Not to late, just move the ice cream truck to Arizona and you immediately gain 6 extra revenue producing months.
  12. I get that a company like UPS or FedEx could easily spend that in a day, but his statement was "I spend $xx on fuel a day"
  13. What in the world are you fueling to spend $40K a day? Hope the discount is significant.
  14. I agree with the frames, once you find a good pen let it dry and then spray with lacquer or the ink will start to fade.
  15. You may be right, a lot of unanswered questions, is the OP able to do the wiring himself, new service, upgrade existing, or just running from the house to a sub panel. My quote was based on my experience with my electrician running from main house panel to new sub panel 100 feet.