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  1. Others have spoke about the glue, but my question is your clamping strategy. You mention parallel clamps every 6 inches, but are you just putting clamps under the panel or alternating bottom and top? Also if your really clamping really tight it could be an issue as well.
  2. Great story so far. I like both of the options you presented. The center of the first option really caught my eye, but may be better suited as wall art than a table.
  3. Some of the decisions he made was because he was space constrained, but agree they were poor choices. As he is setting up his new shop, it appears he is going to a Clearvue.
  4. They used to be offered from festool in sipo and beech. Not sure if sipo is still available.
  5. I looked and most of the alternative browsers require higher versions than what I’m able to upgrade to. Since this isn’t an app, find it hard to believe that the only thing you aren’t able to do is write anything.
  6. So I am having an issue being able to reply to topics from an iPad after this new update. I do most of my forum visits off an iPad running IOS 9.3.4, and since it is almost 13 years old they stopped doing updates for it. I wonder if after the update there are restrictions on what operating systems can be used. I find it weird that the only thing I can't do is write a reply, if it was a minimum OS requirement I would think that it wouldn't load or would look completely different. From my laptop, where I am typing this it is working fine, it also has the same look as my iPad. I have attached
  7. Chet, both boxes look fantastic, I really like the sapele lids.
  8. Bmac at this rate it will be sea worthy by tomorrow night! Really cool project and nice work so far.
  9. I like the overall look of the first chair. As for the back angle maybe a prototype out of 2x material, that way the Boss can tell you what's most comfortable.
  10. Nice work! Every time I hear the Ten Commandments I immediately think of the scene in History of the World by Mel Brooks.
  11. Nice work! What woods did you use in both of these?
  12. https://www.bellforestproducts.com/american-holly/lumber/ You could also use aspen as a contrast instead of holly.