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  1. Since the tables are cast iron my only suggestion would be to ask the manufacturer to pay to have the tables ground flat and true. Obviously you have had 2 machines with the same issue, which may be within there specs, so a third machine will be no different.
  2. Are the tables cast iron or stamped steel? Have you actually used to joint a board? What were the results? The lengths of the table could be a bit of an issue with 10' boards if no infeed or outfeed support.
  3. If you are cutting all the case parts on the CNC, which you should be doing for speed and accuracy, then you really only need a TS for face frames, drawer and door parts. A 3 HP saw will be more than adequate.
  4. I think once it is cured most epoxy is food safe, but you generally won't find mention of that on the label. Since this is a cutting board I will say it again skip the bow ties, it's just another place where food juices and other bacteria can get trapped if not absolutely perfect in terms of fit. Also in your original post you mentioned poly, which I highly doubt is food safe.
  5. Filling the crack with colored epoxy sort of highlights the fact the wood has a flaw, why would you want to draw even more attention to that area by adding bow ties? Leave it alone and finish as you want.
  6. Nice work. I made a Mr. Potato head looking 1 in middle school shop class, wish I kept it.
  7. I would put the miter saw station on the right starting from the double doors and going back. You could do 8' on each side of the saw. In the cabinets below you could have storage and the place for your 3D printer. At the end of the station you could fit you DC. Then you could arrange the main power tools in the middle. On the left you could put bench and other tools like bandsaw. Keep planer on mobile base. If the utility closet is big enough you could put the DC in there.
  8. That was the original prototype for saw stop, Santa's got connections
  9. This sounds like it would take a lot of your time or money in equipment. To me it is pretty simple 1) If you provided a sample, and/or very detailed explanation of what you wanted it to look like, and they didn't follow make them redo at their cost, if they won't don't pay them or find a new supplier. 2) if you didn't provide a sample or weren't specific, then pay them to do. You may need to redo the deal for future orders.
  10. Whether you can salvage the wood is a different issue, tell your Landlord to fix the issues or tell him you will withhold rent and you will pay to fix.
  11. Since your first mistake was not getting the wood used in writing, hopefully you have received something in writing that this guy will guarantee his work.
  12. You think? I tend to just drink more until my shots appear straighter and longer!