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  1. Mel both have blue paint, a match made in heaven in your garage.
  2. This picture helps a lot. You mentioned the bottom is 7/8" thick, I would think a threaded insert in each corner 1/2-5/8" deep, would be fine. This would allow you to not see the fastener. Drill a hole in the top of each leg, epoxy in threaded rod and then thread into the inserts.
  3. David that's cool! So do you need to go in with a scalpel or something to clean out debris? How long did this take to cut?
  4. Nice work! Now if someone isn't social distancing instead of telling them you can cane them.
  5. Never been on a private jet, this puppy puts me too shame. I also don't think Tom charged enough for the puppy!
  6. I'm about 99% sure they should fit, I'm not sure what the E stands for.
  7. Great work David! Now a few questions: 1) due to the darker colors, such as the stars and the medical symbol inlayed? 2) are the stripes darker simply because of the depth of cut
  8. @freedhardwoods. My condolences for your loss.
  9. Every time I see this picture I have to laugh and give it 2 thumbs up
  10. I get Darth Vader, but the rest is beyond me. After the original 3 movies I lost interest. Anyways great job as usual!
  11. Great Job Mark! It is only fitting that those pieces belong in the magazine, I know my jaw dropped each time you showed them to us!
  12. The problem is they will be using a phone so they will just use cellular data, making killing wifi useless.
  13. Get the compact tractor, or fence in the 4 to 5 acres and get goats. They will keep that area tidy. When I was growing up a large landowner/developer I knew would bring in goats to clear grass land before development. Wasn't a fast process, and obviously they won't help with the woods.
  14. At least with twins they should be able to entertain each other fairly soon! Plus down the road he won't have to ask his teenage son to help move something, he gets to watch his twins move.