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  1. has so great stuff.I have ordered some coat hooks from them really nice stuff.
  2. Ok Thanks guys going to adjust to 10" deep. I think the drawers will be on the sides. It is for a granddaughter so dont have to buy the jewelry to fill it. Oh and what a bunch of dirty minded old men here. Lol. Hey Cliff good luck on yours. Janello Hope your wife gives them back soon. Eric it is big enough I never have to buy Jewelry.
  3. Do you think 24wx20dx16 high is to big for a jewelry box
  4. roadmutt

    Old lumber Pic

    I wonder how much a board foot it was.
  5. roadmutt

    CNC router

    Does anyone in the northeast ohio have one that would do a little work for me? Willing to pay.
  6. I built this trailer for a friend. Used Flat sawn white oak stained it golden oak. He is painting the up rights . When he clear coats the paint will he be able to use an automotive clear coat the wood also?
  7. Squirt them with lighter fluid when done will stay polished longer.
  8. I like mine it is comfy.
  9. I bought 15 ozs, but used 3 heaping tbsps. That was more than enough. I fthat helps. Like you I did not know it was my first time.
  10. It's just such a nice green . You don't see it very often. Would really like to buy it but am to
  11. Every time I go to Kiem lumber I think I should buy this. But I just can't bring myself to pay that much.The piece is 9" by 32" and 6/4. It is really a nice shade of green. Seems really heavy for all the bigger it is. Anybody ever worked any? oh it is Lignam Vitae Green and $399.99