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  1. Try putting a bit of a taper on the two inside faces of each leg (like the legs on the gaming table, if you're a Wood Whisperer Guild member). They look . . . "stumpy," for lack of a better descriptor.
  2. With WoodCraft's anniversary sale impending, I am also looking for a bandsaw. I was fortunate to get a great deal on Craig's List for a lathe last year, but used bandsaws seem very tough to come by around here. So, I'm looking at getting a new 14" Jet (probably model 710116K), unless someone has a good reason to avoid Jet. My next choice would be the Grizzly G0555 series. With the discount at WoodCraft, either would be about what I want to pay for my first bandsaw. One important factor: I will use the saw for resawing. Pwk5017, turning is a lot of fun. The lathe I ended up with w
  3. Thanks for taking us on this journey; I am all the more inspired to try a segmented turning. And thanks for showing that it can be done on a "cheapie" lathe.
  4. Simple and functional. Great project
  5. Thanks to all of you for the kind words. Here's a closer shot of the maple, since it decided to show some extra color when I oiled it. And TIODS, this isn't my first project, just my first cutting board. I do appreciate the compliment, though!
  6. I am a long time "fan" of wood working (I grew up watching Norm Abram). After finding The Wood Whisperer, I have finally had enough inspiration and support to start making things. This is my first attempt at an end-grain cutting board. I was pleased with it before oil - once the first dose started soaking in, I was thrilled! This is walnut, maple and cherry.