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    I am a fine furniture hobbyist. Also, as I am finding out half my working time is spent making my shop just the way I want (well that I can afford and fit). I am still trying to find my "style", but maybe I won't. Maybe I will be a journeyman in style.

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  1. Hey y'all. I have a couple final items for sale from my shop. I have attached links for the CL posts. I am in the Boston area but can ship if you pay. - PC Fixed/Plunge Router: - Jet Hollow Chisel Mortiser: - I also have two of the Guild Build wood packages in hard maple for the shaker table: Let me know if you are interested at all. Thanks, Jeff
  2. No sir, I understand that there is a depreciation on it the second I unpack it. Realistically, I am looking for $1500
  3. Hey all. I am selling my Powermatic PM1000, barely touched. Between grad school, a toddler, a more than full time job among other things, I have lost time for the craft...unfortunately. I got this saw in June 2015 and used it maybe three times. I am in Westwood, MA and would prefer to sell it locally, since it is a nightmare to ship. I don't have a truck. Shoot me an offer and I will provide pics of the unit too.- 115v 1.75 HP motor- 30" with extension- Accu-fence systemHere is Powermatic's Link for more details. is a phenomenal option for the woodworker looking to step up their table saw but don't have the power for a 220v cabinet saw. I bought this last summer and barely used it, I lost the time to work on the hobby, unfortunately. All in, I paid $2000 for this unit and assembled it. So all you would have to do is pick it up, throw it in your shop, and make any final calibrations and you are ready to roll.
  4. Lee, unfortunately, we rent our house. I don't want to make any upgrades until we buy it.
  5. As an option, is this a decent deal? Worth it to buy? Or stick with the original plan?
  6. Yea I saw that one, but the fence is not nearly as nice.
  7. Chet, I was looking at that one as well. But I do not know if I can justify spending $2900 (after tax and freight) on a 1.75 HP saw for a hobbyist. I would be going $1000 out of pocket on that. The reason I narrowed it down to the contractor saw is because I would barely have to go out of pocket on it. Is the difference between the SawStop contractor and the the one you have REALLY worth $1000? I can see upgrading to the cabinet saw on the PM for a couple hundred dollars, but not a grand.
  8. A few weeks ago, I went into my shop and found a steady stream of water from a leaking pipe taking liberties on my table saw. I had custom built the cabinet for my Delta contractor saw and an attached custom router table cabinet. All are toast, including the outfeed/assembly table I built. Well thanks to the kind folks at the insurance company, I got a VERY generous replacement value and corresponding check (in which they will reimburse the depreciation on the saw when I submit a receipt for a new one). I am down to two choices and I am limited to a 110/115 volt output, so I can't go to a fully powered cabinet saw. What do you peeps think between these two choices: - Powermatic PM1000 30" - SawStop Contractor Saw 36" The SawStop is in stock at my local Woodcraft (and obviously the safety feature is big). But I asked Marc and he suggested the PM1000, unless the safety feature is THAT important to me. Any thoughts?
  9. Just busting your chops...but seriously, good job putting scraps to a use besides collecting dust (depending on your DC system).
  10. Maybe ask the guy who made it? It looks like he has contact info on that site. If he is nice, he'll help you out.
  11. Buy a VW van...use it for the floors in that. Otherwise, sell it and keep enough for repairs.
  12. Not so man. I live in a densely populated suburb of Boston. The scumbags still try to fish. I have a friend who lives virtually in the city and won't deal with Craigslist. He would rather give his stuff away then deal with selling on CL. I have had a lot of luck buying, but selling, not so much. Those Facebook yard sale sites are an OK spot to dump stuff too, but they don't generally have the market for large power tools.