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    I was a mechanic for a long time but now I am in the military and think that woodworking would be a great stress relief and hobby, I don't have anything yet and am looking for advice and bargains!

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  1. Okay, I have received the message pretty clearly, I am going to change my plan to include aprons. Thanks for the advice everyone!
  2. So, the only reason I was avoiding an apron is because I wasn't sure about attaching it to the top without any screws. Also, something I forgot to mention in my original post, I have a planer but no jointer. I am buying the wood from a local sawmill and was going to get rough cut, but now that it is getting down to it, I don't know if I can. Thanks for the input so far everyone.
  3. So, I am a couple weeks away from starting my first project. I plan on making a coffee table and so I have made some plans and even done a rough SketchUp model that I will post for you guys to critique and tell me what I should change. I am basically laying my plans on the judgement table! I have a pretty limited number of tools, but I feel like I can make this table. I will list the tools I will be using and let you guys tell me if I should get something else. The table will be 13" tall, 3' wide, and 5' long. I plan on using QSWO for the top and using a finish or stain that maintains th
  4. Ha! Cooper, I had some pretty limited access to internet as I was in a pretty strict training environment. Now I am back to semi-normal, living in a house with my family and what not.
  5. Hello everyone. I was getting to be a pretty active forum member for a while and then the Army, in all it's wisdom, moved me back to Texas for 85 days and now I am in Maryland for the next 10 months, but I am finally somewhere where I have time for the forum and more importantly, where I should have time to work on some wood! (as long as this hurricane doesn't blow us away). Anyway, I look forward to reading about the projects that you guys have been working on and hopefully I will be posting pictures of my project soon!
  6. That's a fine looking shop! One to be proud of for sure. One day I will have shop pictures, of my shop, first I need to get myself a shop!
  7. I am not really giving advice, but more asking a question. Would it have been possible, since the piece was not glued together yet, to mark the thickness of the shelf on all four of the legs and then used either a dado or a router to take out enough room to slide the shelf into all four legs, leaving room for movement but maintaining the appearance of a tight fit?
  8. Yup! I'm going to SFO to pick up my brother-in-law this weekend and taking him back a week later, I hope to make a stop at Jackel's on one of those trips!
  9. Thanks for the tips guys! I don't know if I will be able to get it yet, but I may try!
  10. I found this Delta Table Saw on CL and wanted to know if this is a good deal or not. Thanks for the input guys.
  11. Okay, maybe it's not that exciting, but I bought an HD77 from a guy on craigslist and it seems to be in pretty good shape and it should last me a good long time. No one around here cares so I had to tell someone. It's not a tablesaw but it's the best I can do right now. This is a slow build up but I'm getting more excited with every step! I'm going to make something out of wood sooner or later.
  12. So, it seems like the reason I didn't understand the purpose was because it was over complicated. Now I understand that I definitely will not buy one. Woodpecker products look really great and seem really well made, but are any of them groundbreaking or worth the money?
  13. I've read the description, but I still don't really understand. I almost bought one last night on my first trip to a WoodCraft store and I thought I should buy a Woodpecker product. I ended up just buying a normal 24" ruler/ straightedge for about $20 cheaper and I don't know if I will ever need a story stick or not.