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  1. I have 5 extra. I figured someone would scoop them up. If you need more I can have more made. mftc= qwas=
  2. I've had some 4'x8' sheets of mdf ultralite cnc'd with 20mm holes every 96mm on center. perfect fit to the qwas dogs and parf dogs. I had these made for some work tables for my installs and for the tops of a mftc. ive got a few extra for sale. $140 per sheet. pick up only northwest burbs of Chicago.
  3. I have it. Its great for rough quick marks.for fine ultra accurate transfering of measurements the hultafors talmeter is amazing.
  4. What Ace said. its just an eigth.could have been alot worse.
  5. If your in the midwest beaver industrial supply will have it next day fed ex. I love tool nut and order from them a lot but if im in a hurry i go to Beaver.
  6. Great first project. My first real project ended up in the dumpster. It was a 7' tall cabinet that slipped into a drywall opening. I drew it, made cutlist, then assembled the sides and top in the wrong orientation. So it was an inch too wide. Glue the crap out of it screwed and stapled the back on with 2 times the amount of necessary staples. No recovery. I learned soooo much on that one, that on the rebuild that wouldn't happen again.. so i recut all new parts and rebuild, this time its perfect. Not. I only measured the front of the opening not the back. The opening was so racked that 1
  7. Thats cool. I wouldnt even know where to start and what to do after that.
  8. Tom,clever idea. But it was for tear out on the sled side. I worked in a production installation setting installing finished materials. The sled could have been used with 3 or 4 other skilsaws. With agressive low tooth blades. For example our jobs were huge projects with hundreds even thousands of doors on them. If there wasnt a sled already made then i would make one but even if i made one someone else would use it with a different saw and now its zero clearance. first i would score it, then id cut and leave the score line, then finish with power planer, then seal it. Thats anything i w
  9. I was going to add that the fessy gives a much cleaner cut than a skil saw because i didnt see anyone mention that but it was addressed by tom. But he went the other way with of it. My experience is theres no comparison in cut quality, But it doesn't matter if cut quality isnt a factor in the task your performing. Also its faster for me because when i used homemade sleds i would have to take the extra step to score the material so I wouldnt get tear out.again its no benefit to somepeople where tear out is not an issue.
  10. Thats how its done. Thats exactly how i scribe base.i free hand it either right on or within a 1/16 and finish with a hand plane. If you dont think its safe then dont do it. I have not had one unusual experience doing this, but with any power tool i use i grip it like my life depends on it or in this case hold the work like my life depends on it. Most importantly keep the fence way away when your doing this, that would be dangerous. Im on jobs with dedicated safety guys too. Hard hats, safety glasses, gloves, no radios. The deal is you take off the safety guard and when your done put it b
  11. E----->Since I'm apparently "sometard," I'll go ahead and address your insult. I have the OF1400 and I am quite aware of its capabilities...which, like I said, is nothing that almost any other plunge router can't do. What Festool does that sets it apart is it makes those advanced techniques CONVENIENT for you by manufacturing all the gadgets and accessories...ALL of which you can build in your shop for a fraction of the cost...IF you have the skill and knowledge to do it. HW---->You should have said that because thats a good representation of festool and the of1400. But you didnt. Y
  12. Thanks James your right. Not cool. I should have left that out. My bad! my apologies to OP.
  13. I try to spread my money around to the brick and mortars as much as possible. i try to support berlands house of tools and the woodcraft here. It costs me the extra time and tax money but i definitely would hate to not have those options to shop. I stopped going to rockler all together unless im a desperate fool at the end of my pitiful rope.