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  1. Just Bob

    Tormek shipping question

    The shaft is 12mm at the grinding wheel.
  2. Just Bob

    domino joiner

    Check youtube for Half Inch Shy he has some great videos on using the domino. He used to be a member here but I haven't seen any posts from him in quite awhile.
  3. Just Bob

    My crappy little shop

    I really like how you set up your shop, it makes sense. I separated the motor from the impellor housing it made hanging it from wall much easier. Then I just put it back together.
  4. Just Bob

    good miter gauges that aren't Incra?

    Another vote for the Osbourne EB3. I replaced my Incra and never regretted the decision.
  5. Just Bob

    New project with crazy angles

    Here is a previous discussion.
  6. Just Bob

    Miter Bench for the New Shop

    Man I really wish you would stop this...makes me feel inadequate! Another great video, and I really need to redo my festool organization.
  7. Just Bob

    Marking Knife Suggestions

    I made my own, using @derekcoheninstructions: https://www.inthewoodshop.com/ShopMadeTools/A Knife for Marking Dovetails.html easy and fun to make.
  8. Just Bob

    jet drum sander---- sandpaper

    I have seen repairs done to sanding belts where the joint has failed but not repairing the belt itself. Personally I would cut it up and save it for hand sanding. I buy rolls of paper, and cut my own primarily because I changed my drum sander to a hook and loop system which means I can not use precut belts.
  9. Just Bob

    Controlling epoxy while it cures

    Very Cool. What engine? Looking at the exhaust its not original! You can try a product made by Abatron https://www.abatron.com/product-category/wood-restoration-maintenance/ Their Wood Epox and Liquid Wood mix very well, to any consistency you want. It is a great product for restoring and repairing old wood. I like the orange wheels!
  10. Just Bob

    Jessem Mast-R-Lift 2?

    I have had the Triton in my table for about 4yrs, I started with the smaller router and after 6 months "donated" that one to my son and picked up the 001 for my table. It has been a joy to use. The DC is outstanding, I have never bogged it down, and the above table bit changes are great on my poor knees. There are complaints about the router not maintaining its set bit height, but I am convinced those users don't lock the router in place before they use it. Some people also complain about having to lock the power switch before raising the bit, to me this is just makes the router safe, and eliminates the possibility of an accidental start when changing the bit. I have a cast iron table from Grizzly, and putting a lift in was not an option, (I took it to a machinist to see if they could cut in space for a plate, the answer was no.) I get a little envious of the fancy lifts out there, but then I look at the money saved and feel better. Here is how I have mine mounted. Lower DC
  11. Just Bob

    Un Safest Tool In a Woodworking Shop

    Hard lesson to learn. One Christmas Eve many years ago, I came home from a long days work and had to finish a jewelry box for my 12yr old daughter. I was cutting a piece of spalted maple on my underpowered Ryobi table saw. I pushed to hard, wood slipped, ripped cut my left thumb. Spent all of the 24th and most of the 25th in the ER (it is always a busy time of year for those folks). Daughter didn't get her jewelry box, I missed Christmas dinner, wife was extremely pissed. This could have easily cost me my real job, need two good hands for police work, but I did heal up. Left the blood on the ceiling as a reminder of "stupid is as stupid does" To answer Coop's question, table saw.
  12. Just Bob

    Opinions on the Nova Saturn DVR Lathe with Stand?

    I have the Nova DVR XP, I bought it used about 3yrs ago. I really like it, the controls took a little getting used to (they are all touch pads) so changing speeds in the middle of a project and be a little distracting. I don't turn long spindles, my rails are 24", but the lathe has handled everything I have wanted to do. Since it is direct drive there are no belts to deal with, and it is extremely quiet. Like @Mark J I would buy it again.
  13. Just Bob

    A box I could use some help with! Complete newbie

    You can "cook" purpleheart in an oven, if I remember correctly I used a 300 degree oven for about 20 min or until the purple came back. @phinds had a very extensive article on the process on his web page (HobbitHouseinc) I think. Use a torch, bring the marshmallows, cause all your going to do is have an expensive fire.
  14. Just Bob

    Drum Sander Conveyor Belt Tensioning

    I have a Grizzly drum sander and last Saturday I decided it was maintenance day. Put new casters on the base, cut a 4" hole in the drum cover for more and better DC, cleaned it, greased everything that is supposed to be greased, and then futzed with the tracking for the better part of 3 hours. I feel your pain.
  15. Just Bob

    Stuck Chuck

    I have a Grizzly chuck for my lathe, no issues. But what is wrong with yours?