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  1. Just Bob

    Once more unto the DW735

    Yea I tried, and failed, which is why I went and bought a new one. I tried to convince myself it was time to upgrade to a 15 or 20" machine but I couldn't come up with enough reasons to spend the extra 2k.
  2. Just Bob

    How many hinges?

    Thanks for the info. Every place I found sold the required mounting plate separately, which added another couple of bucks. I used rockler, but I am almost 2 full years into the this project and I need to get it done. Saved your info for next time...
  3. Just Bob

    How many hinges?

    Where are you buying Blum hinges for $5.00 apiece? Cheapest I could find was $18.00 per pair.
  4. Just Bob

    How many hinges?

    Thanks Steve, I am glad I asked! I ordered the hinges last night.
  5. Just Bob

    How many hinges?

    No, but I am concerned about the door racking. I will start with 2 and see what happens. Thanks.
  6. Just Bob

    How many hinges?

    For a long skinny door. This door is for my wife's closet quilter's built in. It is 78"x8". I bought 2 hinges before I made the door, now that I see it I am wondering if I shouldn't add a 3rd. I am using Blum 110* soft close inset hinges on this project.
  7. I had this internal debate in 2013, when I did a complete tear-down/remodel of the house where we raised our kids. I finally realized that the domino was going to save me a great deal of time, and aggravation, so I bought the XL700. Ended up doing 2 separate remodels that year and was really glad I had it. For me it was money well spent. (It's for sale now ) if you decide to go that route.
  8. Just Bob

    Once more unto the DW735

    Only complaint is that now I had to spend $550. I agree.
  9. Just Bob

    Once more unto the DW735

    Until it breaks. Last week I was running a bunch of cherry through mine and the planer quit planing. I opened it up and discovered the drive belt had broken. Ok, I ordered a new belt installed it, ran 1 board through, and the new belt broke. Tore the machine apart again and discovered that the bearings on the cutter and motor were bad and I don't know what other problems might be there. I bought the planer in 2010, (Home Depot had a closeout sale paid $270.00) I have no idea how much wood I have put through it, but it was obvious that this one is done. Went to Lowes, bought another, guess I will wear this one out too.
  10. Just Bob

    50,000 pics now on wood ID site

    Alot! Thank you.
  11. Just Bob

    Shopnotes issue 121

    Welcome to the forum! You can find what you are looking for here. I don't remember how much it cost.
  12. Just Bob

    Sapele Sideboard

    Very nice!
  13. Just Bob

    Festool Domino XL DF 700 EQ

    I bought this in 2013 to help me with the remodel of two kitchens and building a large door for my shop. I used it a total of 4 times before I bought the 500. It includes the small mortise kit from Seneca tools: https://www.senecawoodworking.com/products/smal-mortise-set-for-festool-domino-xl-df700 the kit allows you to use all of the 500 bits (it is currently set up with the imperial depth gauge), and includes the 8mm and 12mm bits and 50+ 12mm x 100mm dominos. $1000.00 + shipping. I have set up a Pay-Pal account although I am not sure how to use that. If your in state I am willing to meet some where (as long as it is reasonable) to eliminate shipping. It has the systainer, but I figure nobody wanted to see a picture of that. PM me if you are interested.
  14. Just Bob

    Veritas Low Angle Block Plane

    Don't apologize, not only did I learn something, Lee Valley/Veritas gained a customer that used check them last because of price. Now I will go there first and know my money is well spent.
  15. Just Bob

    White wenge?

    Yea I saw that, my plan was an end grain chess board that is only 46yrs late. I may not use the white, I am going to think about it, there is apparently no rush....