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  1. Bar Keepers Friend is a cleaner, this tannin spot remover is one of the products I found after a search. I have never used this product so no idea how effective it is. The few times I have done this I used a hydrogen peroxide soaked rag on the spot. I had mixed results with that, and would probably go with a store bought product in the future.
  2. That looks like a tannin stain, caused by the wood being in contact with a metal pipe or strapping. I would try a tannin spot remover before trying to plane or sand. There are "home brew" methods of removing tannin stains if you don't want to buy an off the shelf product. That split will definitely need to reinforced before the epoxy fill. A number of butterflies/dutchman would help.
  3. Don't know if this will help, and you probably have one, but ereplacements has an exploded parts diagram that might be of use.
  4. Shelix included written instructions for my Dewalt. They may do the same for you. If not contact them and see if they have info or ideas for you.
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    Got a little warm today. This is on the East side of my shop, right after it stopped getting filtered sun. We are 10 miles from the Puget Sound and 60 miles South of Canada. I can't imagine being further inland.
  6. It's a great idea. Do you have any weight in the rear to counter the weight of the water? My rear tires are liquid filled and I have a ballast box when using my forks for heavy stuff.
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    Ooo! Ooo!

    Pretty sure it is related to this commercial. progressive.
  8. I know, I have wanted one for several years and finally had a true need. Wife wants some sculpted chairs, so it will get used.
  9. 5 months since I ordered it and 2 months after I finished the project I ordered it for.... still it's very pretty!
  10. When I built my shop I planned on coating the concrete. I chose not to, primarily because of cost. But I did do a lot of research. I found this forum had the most information.
  11. No, I ended up having to put a large tray underneath the grinder to contain the water spills. It may depend on what you sharpen but any blade that extends past the edge of the water tray dripped and made a mess.
  12. I have had mine for 8yrs, and really like it, but..I hate dealing with the water. I replaced my grinding wheel with this CBN wheel and eliminated the water mess.
  13. But their saving the planet. Just watch their commercials, so it has to be true!
  14. Yes, years ago when I first started having trouble.