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  1. Just Bob

    Minwax Wood Hardener

    I have used Minwax wood hardener to stabilize knife scales and pistol grips, but that was using a vacuum system. For that it works really well, but it is extremely expensive and I have moved on to other less costly methods for stabilizing my scales. But I can't think of one method that is not cost prohibitive for large pieces. I have a little MInwax hanging out in the shop, and I just dribbled some on a 2x4 and it didn't seem to change the pine, it is still soft. If you want to experiment on a piece, I use Abaton's "liquid wood" to stabilize punky wood that I am turning. It is a 2 part epoxy that absorbs really well, but the last time I bought some it was over $70.00 for the quart containers.
  2. I have done a couple of butcher block kitchens. I used this jig to cut a "mason's" miter. https://www.amazon.com/Trend-COMBI66-Kitchen-Countertop-Jig/dp/B001UQ5PBW The jig also helps you line up and cut the recesses for joint fasteners like this https://www.rockler.com/tite-joint-fastener?sid=V9146?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=&utm_content=pla&utm_campaign=PL&gclid=Cj0KCQjw6MHdBRCtARIsAEigMxHKrIyiPUV74m64MLHsKvrCgHkM9Q13e5Ww1kq3qJwS3pv-6zsI0icaAqh4EALw_wcB. Use no glue or epoxy! The counter top blanks I put in were from grizzly and are 1 3/4 thick. If you end up using a miter, still use the fasteners and no glue. Wood movement is an issue, the fasteners allow you to make adjustments over time if needed. If you are really worried about water in the joint use a non-drying silicone calk in the joint. The jig seems a little pricey but it sure made my life easier and the router bit and bushing are included. Both kitchen counters are holding up nicely, and trust me since my daughter lives in one and my wife in the other, I would hear about any problems! The picture is from my daughters kitchen.
  3. Just Bob

    Opinion poll 3hp v. 5hp for home shop

    I have a 3hp Grizzly with a Leeson motor. I have had it for about 10yrs now and not once have I said "wish I had a bigger motor". A 5hp would be nice I guess, but certainly not a necessity.
  4. Just Bob

    Sled Rack

    Another great video and idea! Do you like that gray mobile table thing as a shop fixture? I like the idea just not sure I could fit into my shop.
  5. Just Bob

    Houston shop tour

    Thanks for the tour, I really enjoy seeing how other people set things up. Looks like a great place to work.
  6. Just Bob

    Woodtec mortice machine

    I had a Shop Fox 3/4hp unit that I used a lot. Buy a decent set of chisels, and sharpener. I bought mine through Lee Valley. Once I got the machine dialed in I liked it, until I bought a domino. Then I gave it away.
  7. Just Bob

    Coffee Bar

    Right now my sprayer is set up for shellac/lacquer would I need to change the sprayer jet size for WB?
  8. Just Bob

    Eastern Washington area

    Welcome to the forum!. I live on the left side of WA. There are several of us over here and I can think of at least 1 in central Wa. Give us a shop tour, and I am a fan of G&G would like to see some of your projects! WTO has a lot of great people with a ton of knowledge to share, glad you decided to join! Bob
  9. Just Bob

    Woodworking without woodturning

    When I was 8 or so I turned a spindle under the watchful eye of my grandfather. While I still have that spindle I didn't think much about turning for years. Then an article came out in Shopnotes, I think, about how to turn pens on your drill press. I turned about 50 pen/pencil sets for Christmas that year but we didn't have the money or space for a lathe. So I quit thinking about turning again. Then I retired, built my shop and had some space for a lathe. Found a nice used one and set it up. Now I use it as a "break" when I have a need to do "something" just not regular woodworking. For me that is a perfect spot for the lathe. I am not very good a turning, but then I am not very good at woodworking either so it all works out.
  10. Just Bob

    Once more unto the DW735

    Yea I tried, and failed, which is why I went and bought a new one. I tried to convince myself it was time to upgrade to a 15 or 20" machine but I couldn't come up with enough reasons to spend the extra 2k.
  11. Just Bob

    How many hinges?

    Thanks for the info. Every place I found sold the required mounting plate separately, which added another couple of bucks. I used rockler, but I am almost 2 full years into the this project and I need to get it done. Saved your info for next time...
  12. Just Bob

    How many hinges?

    Where are you buying Blum hinges for $5.00 apiece? Cheapest I could find was $18.00 per pair.
  13. Just Bob

    How many hinges?

    Thanks Steve, I am glad I asked! I ordered the hinges last night.
  14. Just Bob

    How many hinges?

    No, but I am concerned about the door racking. I will start with 2 and see what happens. Thanks.
  15. Just Bob

    How many hinges?

    For a long skinny door. This door is for my wife's closet quilter's built in. It is 78"x8". I bought 2 hinges before I made the door, now that I see it I am wondering if I shouldn't add a 3rd. I am using Blum 110* soft close inset hinges on this project.