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  1. Welcome to the forum! I wish my first attempt had looked that good! Yes epoxy will those cracks. To darken and thicken the epoxy for a close match I would try used coffee grounds. Make sure the grounds are dry!. Do a couple of tests until you come close to matching your stain.
  2. I have one of these lights on my lathe and bandsaw. They work well, my only minor complaint is the cord is a little short. I have to be careful when I move my bandsaw.
  3. My wife and I are in the "high risk" category and we are finally scheduled for our first shots, sometime in February. Here in Washington state the system is truly FUBAR'd. First you have to go on line to get "approved" then my wife spent well over 8 hours on the phone trying to get scheduled. There are only 3 places in the county administering the shots. I swear 2 three year old children on a chocolate high would be better organized.
  4. There is a lot of spring tension there, I would probably start by removing the springs first just incase removing the base releases the tubes 44 and 61.
  5. I used this coupling, it fits inside the SDD and 5" hose.
  6. I have used them on my table saw for about 2yrs now. They work well, but there are some limitations. If you place them as the instructions call for, just before and after the blade, it is impossible to use a bush block on stock about 2" or less. I space them further apart in that case, or don't use them at all. But overall I really like the way they pull the stock into the fence and prevent kick-back. Just last week I installed them on my router table fence.
  7. Welcome to the forum! I think you would be happy with any of your choices. I would lean towards the Grizzly models over the Rigid simply because the Grizzly fence is cast iron. I have an 8" Grizzly and it has served me well. I prefer the helical head, both my jointer and planer have one, simple to set up, better cut quality, and quieter to run are my reasons for switching.
  8. I use a Super dust deputy and vent outside. I can not see any airborne dust outside, regardless of the tool. The only downside, for your neighbors, is that you are also venting a large amount of noise. I don't have close neighbors, but I was curious and found that I could hear my DC from about a 1/4 mile away.
  9. I tested the startup vs running amps when I changed the impeller. Before: Startup amps, 14.27 Running 10.17 After: Startup 18.7, Running 12.7 I have mine on a 20a circuit, a 15a might trip every now and then.
  10. I don't know about static pressure, but it did double my cfm's (at the tool). I drill holes in my zero clearance inserts which seems to help with saw dust accumulation at the table saw. (above the blade) But table saws are so leaky I still get quite a bit of saw dust in the cabinet. I don't use the dc for small port machines, I just stick with a vacuum.
  11. We need to know a few things. What tools do you have? Do you have the space/shop area to build a fairly large piece? If my memory serves, which is debatable, a 5'x5' square will seat 8 comfortably. There are a number of options, gluing up lumber to size, veneered plywood, etc.. Another would be to purchase a butcher block like this top and then make the pedestal base. At one point Grizzly offered a 5x5, I don't know if the they still do. But two butcher block pieces could be joined fairly easily. Building a stable pedestal base for something that large would be a challenge.
  12. Can I ask why you needed to rotate the cutters? I have had my spiral cutter installed for close to 6yrs now and it still cuts like new. But as @wtnhighlander said the cutter has to be spotless for the cutters to seat correctly.
  13. I used that hardware a couple of times. For longer track lengths you can butt join the tracks in the groove.
  14. My bench is 7'x30" and I wanted a way to cut ply without trying to balance the cutoff. So I made detachable wings for the bench. The wings are made to be sacrificial, but usually use insulation board. Just depends on if I am being lazy that day.
  15. When I am grinding knives I hang a bucket of water underneath that catches most of the dust and sparks. I have never had the space to separate metal and wood, so I try to be very careful. For several years I was running a forge in my shop, that got a little dicey...
  16. How do you adjust the tracking?
  17. I took a class on these and then made several as gifts, a few years ago. I did not sand the interior, or if I did I don't remember sanding. I also don't remember there being an issue with the interior of the box. I gave all of them away so I don't have one to look at. But you could sand prior to glue up if you stay away from the mating surfaces. I attached the pdf from the article, it is a little more detailed than the video. bandsawbox.pdf
  18. Have you considered a panel saw? It would require some organization, but once in place it would not take up that much space, and 2k will buy a nice one or you could build it yourself. Seems to me to be a much simpler solution to the problem.
  19. Just Bob

    Lysol damage

    I looked up Lysol and the active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide in alcohol. Don't know what peroxide will do to shellac, but alcohol is the solvent in shellac and will certainly mess up a shellac based finish.
  20. I don't know if it will work but Milliput, is what I would use. It is easy to form and bonds to just about anything. Once cured it is very hard and stable.
  21. I have the Grizzly slider on my saw. Except for the fence, it is identical to the SS. I use it for panels and ply and really like it. As @Mick S said it does not have positive stops, but they are not necessary and in my opinion would not work any way. The majority of time the fence is removed from the saw and the fence has to be squared to the blade every time it is attached. I made a 25"x25" square that I use when I install the fence. It takes about 1 minute to square the fence to the table saw fence and it is ready to cut. The unit is not saw specific, I had to drill the to attach th
  22. I have been using 60 cc syringes for applying PolyX. Allows me to really control the amount and return the unused portion to the can. They are cheap enough that I just toss the syringe after use. Yes the 3M pads are the same.
  23. You might get some information about your router here Router forum. It is a router specific forum, with some very knowledgeable and friendly people.
  24. I use this teflon lub Dupont, it doesn't attrack dust and is wood safe. (No silicone).