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  1. I am building some chairs using mortise and tenon joints in the legs. Where the rails join the legs, the tenons interfere with each other. I can either miter the end of the tenons or notch them to account for the interference. My question is one better than the other strength wise. Construction wise either would be about the same to build. I appreciate any thoughts you may have. Thanks,
  2. I have the jessem paralign (very similar to the dowelmax) and domino 500. I first purchased the doweling jig and used if for several years before getting the domino. When I want extreme accuracy, I reach for the jessem jig. I may still have a learning curve on the domino but can't quite get the same accuracy with it. The jessem paralign doweling jig is a great tool, if I had limited funds and could only pick one, I would chose the doweling jig over the domino. The doweling jig is however much slower.