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  1. Thanks for all of that! I will do some tests with both of the above. Maybe with the acetone and some joinery on larger surfaces, the yellow will suffice, but epoxy sounds best. As a newby to this site, I really appreciate the help!
  2. I have used Tightbond "yellow glu" for all of my prjects except for cutting boards and outdoor furniture, for which i use so called "Ultimate wood glue", also by Tightbond. I recently bought a small stock of very old Cocobolo and am having trouble getting a bond with the above glues, due, I believe to the density and natural oils in Cocobolo. Even with a bisqueted joint, a cutting board glued with " ultimate woodglue is seperating and an experimental joint with freshly sanded Cocobolo with a large long grain glued surface with " yellow glue" popped apart with just one tap, as if there waqs