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  1. I know this is an old thread, but I'm about to embark on building this box and wanted to ask a couple of questions. I caught most of the errors in the plans, but this thread helped me confirm that I was right. How is the box holding up?, I am concerned that there is a lot of end grain to end grain glue ups and was thinking of putting 1/8" Baltic birch plywood splines in to strengthen the glue ups. Anything you wouldn't do or would do when building? Thanks, great documentation of your build.
  2. Will try this next week just in case
  3. Definitely the VOC's, Mineral spirits also disappeared. I'm just looking for alternatives to mix my shellac, not interested in debating why DA is no bueno, can't do anything about that.
  4. Thank you all for the answers. A few points: 1. I didnt post this for the California haters to jump in. I love California and understand it does things differently. 2. Everclear really isn't available in California, nothing stronger than 80 proof. 3. Northern California might as well be a different state than So Cal. It may have been more accurate to state that So Cal has banned Denatured Alchohol, my apologies. I've got a line on a gallon of DA that should tide me over for a while until I source an alternative. thanks guys!
  5. So I find out that California has banned the sale of Denatured Alcohol. What else can I use to mix up a batch of shellac? Before you suggest grain alcohol, we haven't had that since 1969
  6. Its a lightweight poor copy of the HTC table that has been around for years.
  7. I have some bottles of"stick fast" and "kwik bond" ca glue that i purchased from a hobby store over 5 years ago. I keep them in the fridge and they are both going strong. One is a medium and the other is a thin.
  8. I once sat in a Maloof rocker, its comfort is enough to convince you to try and build one!
  9. I sold mine, didn't like it at all, just felt unsafe to me.
  10. I have built a box with some nice figured wood and have applied Danish oil to bring out the curl. I want to give it a coat or two of lacquer for protection. How long do you think between the Danish oil and applying the lacquer.?
  11. Checkout Costco. They have a shop stool that has padding and is height adjustable, also it's pretty cheap
  12. Check out the book "400 wood boxes" plenty of inspiration in there!
  13. I use the lid from a Tupperware bowl. Great for spraying the blade with a blade cleaner and cleaning with a brass brush.
  14. At the time I did this delta sold a version of the beismeyer fence for contractor saws, so it was a direct replacement. I don't think it's available any more. However I don't think it would be difficult to fit one to a 34-444. Good luck, they are a good saw.