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  1. hi all i have finally got round to getting myself a bandsaw for the first time ... having got the hang of using a bandsaw and setting everything up as i should eg drift angle i was left with a nice smile on my face... you know the smile that says "i've just got a new tools" however i am a hobby woodworker who is a uni and sometimes i can be to busy to get into the shop and turn a big piece of wood into a small piece of wood ... i was told by a friend that’s it not a good idea to leave the blade tensioned up for long periods of time without using it. so i decide to use the quick de
  2. wow thanks for all the great advice guy much appreciated I think what I will do is make a large panel sled as suggested by a few people here as I must admit there do seem to be a number of advantages with a sled. I will stick with my mitre gauge for small work, right well I will get working on one as soon as Christmas is over and I have recovered from the Christmas dinner and the ice melt around my door to the workshop so I can get in Btw Does anyone know if marc is making a cross cut sled? He did mention it a few video ago
  3. hi all and marry Christmas... just looking for a bit of advice. here's my question: do I need to make a cross cut sled for my table saw if i have a good mitre gauge i know a few people who swear by them but i have the incra mitre gauge which suit me well. i have never used a sled system before but would not be against making one if the community here feel they are a good idea any tip and advice would be greatly appreciated
  4. the voice is a bit boring but it give you a good understanding of what to do. however nothing beats a good bit of fiddling around with scraps hope this help
  5. WWWOOOWWW the woodwhisper himself i am a little blown over please don't take my comment the wrong way..... far be it from me to stick my Nose into something I know little about, you have put my mind at rest in a big way. I hope I didn’t come across as being a wining idiot because I find people like that annoying. like i said previously i have the up most respect for you marc, you are a credit to the wood working community i find i am a bit to eager sometimes for my own good
  6. Now i don't want to sound like a grumpy old man because i'm am only 20 but it seems like a lot of the free content of the TWW is being reduced to basic video, not that these are of poor quality. the days of the end table project and the gadget station are long gone to anyone who is not a paid up guild member. i am in no way complaining about the guild service i think marc has the right to present a premier service to those who want it. however he started the show (off which i have been a loyal fan from the days of "a king and his castle")off with the intension of producing free"ish" wood
  7. it seem that it is 50-50 so far, there are good agruement for both option. In terms of the mitre saw, i would have throught a good mitre saw would be far more accurate than a table saw, i have a pretty good table saw that is set up well, i just don't use it for cross cut that much. i do almost all of my very fine and accurate cuts on the mitre saw, simply becuase i had a mitre saw long before i had a table saw so its force of habit. also i can have a 60t blade in the mitre saw for fine cut (cross cut) and a 40t blade for ripping in the table saw, it just saves blade changing time plus
  8. i should also just piont out that my current mitre saw works fine its just limited in capacity and accuracy (wear and tear etc)
  9. i have been working hard these last few weeks in order to save some moeny to buy a new tool.... i find this is the best motivation to get a job finished . i was woundering if you woodworker out there could help me with my inability to pick my next purchase ..... here goes idea 1: buy a top end sliding mitre (a good one) stuff like 12" blade, powerful and accurate, to replace my not so old but worked to death simple compound mitre saw (not a top of the range saw). simply because i have (or am getting to) the point where i have "grown out of it" as i improve as a woodworker. i am sure you
  10. i must say i am very interested in the domino HOWEVER i did a quick price up of everything i would need to run the tool e.g. all the diferent cutter sizes, price of domino packs and add on's like the spacing fence or what ever its called .... all this nearly doubled the price. the main point here is that even if u bought these seperate over time, at the end of the day you will still of spent that amount of money
  11. some good ideas here i have seen a few that could work well but like Mechanologist said since the shop is a new addition to the family is could be a simiple case of repetitive training becuase its not like there thick and trying to do the wrong thing (at least i think ) the immediate family is OK overall i am mainly focused on the people who show up, out of the blue once or twise a mounth that are not familiar with the routine. the info you guys have give so far is good i have come up with some good ideas thank you very much....... if all else fails i could always use a few blank shot
  12. i live in the UK and i don't know how u run things on 110 volt not that i am that good at understanding electrics .... tha standard plug here run 240 volt and 13 amps.... however if i called my electracal company i could have my shop set up with 410 volts power supply its just the machine that run of that are a bit to prices for me so instead i just stick with 240 25amp ring net which could run a couple of houses
  13. i don't know how many other people here have this problem but my family and friend keep walk in on me when i am right in the middle of process using some power tool mainly the table saw, jointer etc.. due to the size and layout of my shop, most proccesses will in some way involve wood in and aroung the enterance area (if you saw the layout you would know what i mean, can't be helped).... anyway dispite a large amount of noise being product during this time, family and firend walk in throught the door (which opens into the shop) to have a good nosey at what i am doing major problems: kn
  14. alot of you might think i am missing the point when u read the rest of this but hear me out i was in the same situation a few years ago (kind of). i was fed up with my drill battery going as flat as a fart when ever i was away from the shop, everytime i ask something demanding of it. granted it was by ne mean a top end drill but it did everything i asked of in in the shop, (small jobs) one day i decided 2 get a plug in drill . i also knew its usage would be minimal. i looked at ones like the porter-cable above and i remember thinking they where a bit of a waste of time instead i when f
  15. my no. 1 ruler for project that are for paying customers is, to never start another till the first one/origanl is complete and handed over, its not that i am unorganized (althought others may disagree ) its just that i like to be focus totally on what i am doing, every procces, every set up factor... when i have another project, just starting up, i find myself planning it all out and visuilizing in my head automatically.... which does one of two things 1. make the first project quailty suffer or 2. i lose interest in the first project