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  1. Jon Banquer San Diego, CA
  2. This give you any ideas? The logic of why a torsion box works: Jon Banquer San Diego, CA
  3. If you are disappointed what's your risk? You have 30 days to return it. After 30 days you can always sell it and with the demand take what... a $50 dollar or less loss? If the demand is high and it turns out the supply is low you come close to getting all your money back or if supply is really low making a profit from someone who doesn't want to wait. Jon Banquer San Diego, CA
  4. It's the first router I intend to get. I already purchased the accessory kit for it. I think you need the HP. I've watched videos of the less powerful Festool routers and I often can hear them bog down. Jon Banquer San Diego, CA
  5. I haven't started yet. 1. I didn't know the approach I would take until now. 2. I didn't have the confidence I needed until watching this video. 3. I still haven't quite decided on the planes I will use or how I'm going to sharpen the blades. I'm leaning toward Lie Nielson planes at the moment. I reserve the right to change my mind at any time. I will start with one long angle jack plane and if I'm happy with my results I'll get another plane if I need it to finish the job. As far as sharpening the blades I'm thinking of getting the over priced Tormec or the Veritas MK II fixtu
  6. Wood can be properly dried and sealed and hold tolerance. Here is the link you requested: "Hand Tool Techniques Part 2: Hand Planing This video explores David's hand planing techniques for precise, efficient preparation of furniture-size components. You will be astonished by the precision that is possible with a well-tuned, sharp hand plane. This second video explores David's techniques for hand planing."
  7. My hair measures .003. Wood will hold that tolerance if it's dried and sealed correctly. The David Charlesworth video I like so much is called "Hand Plaining" and in this video he clearly shows me that he knows his "s" cold. Jon Banquer San Diego, CA
  8. It's a huge mistake to think that wood can't hold those types of tolerance. It can. Many people think that metal doesn't move. It does. So does plastic especially nylon. As a machinist you learn to work material that moves to get it flat and square using double sided tape, etc. Pattern makers work with wood and some of their stuff has to be dead nuts on... especially parting lines. I'm on my third David Charlesworth video. I've skipped around trying to stay awake. The first two videos of his I watched pretty much put me to sleep. This one I'm watching now is beyond freaking awesome and
  9. I've always wanted to learn how to scrape metal because it's a lost art and a very valuable skill to have because it can produce much better results than a surface grinder when it comes to fitting two pieces together. If you want to restore old equipment or make Chinese crap really accurate it's often your only option. The foundations of mechanical accuracy are laid out and documented in a classic book of the same name written by Wayne Moore of Moore Special Tool Company.
  10. If you need the tech support and are starting from ground zero with planes perhaps the Lie-Neilsen planes really are a bargain? After spending well over an hour on the phone with them today and having them answer a ton of my questions, as well as finding out that they do seminars all over the country for free, I'm beginning to think they actually are very reasonably priced. Jon Banquer San Diego,CA
  11. Very nice of you to help me out by posting this link! Hope I can someday return the favor. I have already printed out and read the entire article. I'm sure I'll read it again a few more times. His writing style really appeals to me and holds my interest. His article answered a lot of my questions and gave me much needed direction. Jon Banquer San Diego, CA
  12. NYHump, I'm rereading my response to you and I think I could have done a much better job. I'll try again with a specific example of what I mean. This idea never caught on but I think it's a very good idea that suffers from two major problems: The dial indicators get in the way / what happens if you accidentally hit them? Now what if you took this idea and had a quick way to calibrate this fixture off the machine and a quick way to place the fixture on the machine when you wanted to check tram? I like that concept a lot better! Hope
  13. For sure I succumbed to temptation. I'm a very easy mark for someone who's observant. I'll now be spending a ton of time reading your blog for everything MFT related and asking questions. Perhaps you shouldn't have mentioned it. ;>) You can always ignore my questions and I promise I won't hold it against you! Jon Banquer San Diego, CA
  14. With a solid foundation, even if the real world doesn't allow use(or frequent use)of many of the elements in that foundation. Right now the foundation seems to me to be sharpening, planes, chisels, scrapers, materials and probably things I'm still not aware of and have no clue about so I reserve the right to modify this list. With super limited space and a lot of research so far I've only purchased the bigger Festool track saw and their multi-function table and that's all I have purchased. I think a Festool router and vacuum is on the horizon. I went with Festool because I can see and fee
  15. I named him because I watched Marc's video interview with him and I like his delivery and background. Very hard to quantify what kind of video appeals to me most. I think teaching is an art form and honestly most videos and most books don't appeal to me or work for me. Marc's videos do appeal to me and do work for me. I'm through 37 of his videos. There does't seem to be much on planing or pairing. I found one video Marc did on pairing and it's very brief but it did get my interest in wanting to know more. Don't think I've seen one on using a plane from Marc. I think what I'm after is