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  1. I wanted to make some handles to have for shop cabinet drawers. I made some free hand at the band saw and oscillating spindle sander, but this was not accurate or quick enough for me. I decided to utilize the Bessey Toggle clamps in a template routing jig. These toggle clamps are much better than the toggle clamp I have used in the past. The auto-adjust feature is the best new feature. No more adjusting the pressure pad up and down for varying stock thicknesses (or building riser blocks). The knurled knobs are also very nice. The toggle clamps worked perfectly to hold the wo
  2. I was wondering when the Disston Ranger hand saws were made (era) ? Is 10 TPI too low for x-cut?
  3. Here is my sketchup file for the template I plan on making: dodecahedron template.skp
  4. I know how to get the model into sketchup. What I am looking to do is make the side 3/4" thick and then calculate the angle of which the sides meet.
  5. Your jig suggestion is exactly what I was thinking of. I wanted the sketch up model to make a template for the holes for the jig. I also wanted to figure out what the angle for the blade should be.
  6. Thanks for your help. I was looking for the 3D figure.
  7. I am trying figure out the angles to build a dodecahedron (12 sided) speaker cabinet. How would I go about creating this in Sketchup as a whole and then just one side? Also, how might I cut the sides at the table saw?