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  1. Well that's good news. I feel the same way, I saved a ton of money but now I'll probably end up buying more from Grizzly than I intended.
  2. Just got off with customer service. They said they screwed up and are going to honor the price, but it was a mistake. So I guess I got really lucky. I don't know if anyone else ordered one when I did cause they knew who I was just from telling them the saw I ordered so I might be the only one. Plus I got the 10% military discount too.
  3. they preauthorized it for 1600ish, yesterday there was a pending transaction from them in my bank account for 1300 and just looking at my bank account now I don't see the charge anymore. I'll get back to you when I figure it out.
  4. Update: I'll let you know a little later, but after I get my new saw and assembly table set up im going to give jones sawmill a call and see what they have. They're at least 30-45 minutes closer to me than any other places. thanks for the help so far.
  5. ok. so I just ordered the 690 on the 22nd expecting to pay 1495, but when they actually charged my account the next day the price they charged me for the saw was $1150. 1 G0690 10" CABINET SAW W/RIVING KNIFE(MULTIBOX) $1,150.00 Shipped no explaination and I haven't tried to call yet either to see why. Not sure if I should either lol.
  6. Thanks a lot everyone, I'll start checking these guys out.
  7. Pretty straightforward, I'm trying to find somewhere to find lumber suppliers in Pittsburgh or as close as possible to me. I've checked on woodfinder and searched the forum here for info but didn't really turn up anything that close to me. I don't really travel well so I have been trying to keep the trips fairly short. Anyone know what I can't find out? Thanks for the help.