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  1. Still am lol. Still collecting wood for legs and stretchers. Secured hardware for tail vise and leg vise. I have to finish some other stuff and get out the door. Would love to have the funds lol. None of the projects are paid for, these are to make and sell for fun.
  2. I was given two pieces of spalted red oak live edge for free. Turning it into a coffee table with left over black walnut and reg. walnut from another job. M&T joints, and will use floaters to hold top down for movement. Still have a bunch to do to top. Used wood hardner on top as some spot were punky. Going to edit pics.....as limit on size to upload....?
  3. Yeah that was what I was thinking, pull the aprins more forward (not flush) to give leg better strength rather than inside coner having little to no support. I was thinking center but may drop them in more. Going to play with it tomorrow in sketch up. The reason I ask about a sliding dovetail is that it was widely used in a lot of federal furniture in this manor. Thus I thought it would be fine. And seeing how I always use M&T this way I wanted to do something new.
  4. True, was thicking 1/3 rule. But could throw that out the window and do like you say. That would work.
  5. Yeah tracking that lol. The main thing is the skirts are only 7/8", so not a thick tenon.
  6. Good idea, offset the M&T. Knew that, but forgot lol.
  7. I am buildinga coffee table. Top spalted red oak @ 1 1/8" thick. Legs black walnut @ 1 3/4 x 2" thick. Skirts black walnut @ 7/8" thick. My question is what would be better for attaching the skirts. Mortise and tenons, or sliding dovtails? The top will be attached with floating wood L brackets screwed into top, but semi lose into the inside of the skirt. What is stronger, short M&T or sliding docetails? Side note: Going to four side tapper the legs, put bowties in the top center, and cut live edge off of top. Top looks yellowish because I soaked it in wo
  8. First one ever, will make a nice one that is better for display.
  9. I wikk. Debated buying a vacuum chamber and using cactus juice and stabilizing it. But don't have that so will see how it works for now. May make another by doing a through mortise.
  10. Made this yesterday and today. Been needing one for awhile. Wallut, and hard maple.
  11. Just build a large vacuum camber and use cactus juice, then take it to local powder coater and bake in large oven. That will fix any worry lol.