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  1. Maybe I'll have to get up there and hike around soon.
  2. Having a jointer/planer to square up lumber is a game changer. And it will save you money on lumber. I don’t find myself doing much resawing but it depends on what you want to build and what you have available. You will want to read those books a couple of times. Great stuff!
  3. I love the punches. I use them all the time. Perfect for make square holes or squaring up a slot cut with a router.
  4. Do you see many red fox up there? I’ve been thinking about hiking out in the snow at the refuge to try to find some to photograph.
  5. Sounds like some great purchases. I'd like to upgrade to a sawstop but I haven't done it yet. I'd kind of like to wait until I can afford to keep my current Powermatic AND buy a Sawstop. I have an 8" PM jointer and I love it. They are a pain to move. I use an engine hoist. I'm really not a great woodworker, I'm just persistent I'm pretty close and methodical. A lot of guys would have knocked that out much faster and probably better than I did. I've been woodworking on and off since I was a teenager but I didn't get really serious until about 10 years ago. I would start your research with Peart's two books if you haven't bought them already. There are a few youtube videos that are helpful also. If you want to PM my your email address I can send you some more info.
  6. I've been tempted to buy some guild projects but nothing has really caught my eye yet. I have some William NG, Dale Barnard and Peart stuff that is good. Dale is very thorough which I like. I don't know what your experience level is but I would start with something small to learn the techniques on. Maybe even make some sample plugs and breadboard ends and splines. Jigs are critical and the Lee Valley square holes punch that Peart come up with are also critical tools. $5k and tools! That sounds fun. What are you looking at?
  7. I’ll travel a ways for certain birds but not every bird to fill a list. I love owls so I spend quite a bit of time on the road for them. But I wouldn’t travel down the block to see a rare gull. i would shorten the height of the desk by a little and I would thicken the legs slightly. The weight of the legs seems a little light after seeing it together. I would do some things different with the construction too but nothing that would be too noticeable. I built the blanket chest using the FWW article from a couple of years ago. It was fairly complete. Only had to fill in a couple of gaps in information. I would be happy to help if you needed any tips. I’m sure the video would be great and I’m sure you would learn a ton from it but it’s doable without the video. I would like to watch it even though I’ve already built one. The G&G style is by far my favorite. They are tough to build but worth it in the end. I would be happy to share some of the knowledge sources that I’ve found along the way if you are interested.
  8. I'm not a hardcore birder but I enjoy seeing and photographing certain birds. I know guys that drive all over the state or country to see rare birds. I like what I like and I spend time trying to get pictures of those birds. I'm not trying to fill out a checklist. I've built a couple pieces. I started with a clock that turned out ok but that was before I had researched G&G much. I learned a lot doing that and then I was hooked. I started reading what ever I could find and watching any G&G videos I could get my hands on. Then I built the desk which is by far my favorite even though it isn't perfect. I would change a couple of things next time. Then I built a version of Peart's blanket chest. Basically a shorter version. That was a great project that turned out really well. it was a bit tedious but a lot of fun and not too difficult. I haven't done anything interesting since because I've been focusing on photography and fishing.
  9. Moose are amazing. They are one of my favorite subjects. They have become a rare sighting in MN unfortunately. Any experience with wildlife is special, I really enjoy it. Glad to hear you are getting your daughter involved with wildlife. I love to see kids that actually appreciate them. There is an "app for that" which has sounds. She might like that. I use iBird. I think it would be awesome to hike and teach and learn about wildlife with your daughter. Maybe even take up photography together. Ashleigh Scully is a young photographer that is incredible. I think she's 14. You can look her up on IG @ascullyphoto. One of the best around. I suppose you could also teach her about working You didn't hijack my thread. I'm going to try going for the longest running active thread and see how many times it changes topics!
  10. Wow, that's a beast. Were you riding in it? Post-production is a requirement with digital images now. I used to hate it but I'm growing to enjoy it more.
  11. Most of my stuff is from public land. The only thing that is private is the wood ducks that were taken on my property. I'll send you an instagram message regarding owls.
  12. SoCal is a great place for wildlife especially birds. We moved from San Diego to MN recently. Unfortunately I wasn't serious about photography until my last year or so there. There used to be a lot of Moose in MN but the numbers are dwindling unfortunately. Photography does take a lot of time. I was doing a lot of woodworking when I lived in CA. Now I'm doing a lot of photography and not much woodworking. I don't have any kids but I still find it hard to balance hobbies. You really don't have to spend a ton of time doing. You can go for walks in the park with the kids and take bird pictures and teach them about all of the different kinds. Of course a longer lens is really needed for birds. You can pick up some pretty nice zoom lens for a reasonable price.
  13. Nice John. Zoos are a good place to practice. I used to use them all the time. It just isn't the same as seeing wild animals though. Not to mention the scenery is better more interesting. The Virginia coast has a lot of photo opportunities. Wild horses in NC, a ton of shorebirds and waterfowl, black bears in the swamp and a good selection of deer even if they are small. I still haven't seen a MN moose but I haven't been looking that hard.
  14. Cool image! All photographers have secret places but in general I'd be willing to share most locations. Wildlife takes a ton of time. It isn't like shooting landscapes where you go out and take a couple pictures and call it a day. I generally take hundreds or thousands of pictures on an outing hoping to get THE shot. Sounds like you have some good gear with time and practice you could be getting some great shots. D500 is a great body and the 300 f/2.8 is really nice. I'd like to have one of those. What is your instagram? I'd be happy to share locations if you are interested. The rut season is coming to a close and the owl season is picking up so I'll be chasing those most of the winter.
  15. That sounds great! It's a really nice place. I didn't think it was as good this year as last year so I didn't go as often but its a really nice refuge.