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  1. ended up shooting another coat yesterday afternoon while it was raining out, figure there would be no dust blowing around and no bugs flying in the rain, well low and behold after a minute or so I looked back at the table and the was a mosquito standing up in the wet finish and I also must have shed a arm hair in it too. A friend from church owns a quality body shop here in town and told me yesterday that I could come over Friday night after they are through for the day and shoot it in their booth and leave it for the night in there. I'm going to do that
  2. if pm bearings are only 20.00 I would be shocked, Delta bearings for my DJ-15 were 59.95, so I bought good name brand Japanese bearing for less than 20 shipped on Ebay. OEM means nothing unless you can't find anywhere else, there's alway a more reasonable way with just as good of quality
  3. now that looks cool, any fish populating in there?
  4. I have made a communion table for the church I attend and am so close to delivering it except for my final topcoat. I'm spraying the poly in my garage and because it's so slow drying I keep getting some dust particles on the top of the table. I used to spray lacquer and that was so easy compared to this, on hot days it would be dry in a few minutes, oh well. I have sprayed two coats of sealer, and now I must have 5 coats of the poly on, even used some vm&p naphtha 50/50 with the poly so it would dry faster which it did but, still some small particles lying there. I just sanded the top with
  5. I've had my own cabinet shop for years, worked at cabinet shops and custom wood stair shops and ALL removed guards once the insurance companies left, might not be good safety practice but it was done, guards get in the way much of the time.
  6. Coastyboy

    Bad bearings

    If you like, look up a Delta DJ-15 on youtube someone is selling (if its still there), he starts up the jointer and immediately you can hear the bearings whine, not the sound of the cutter head spinning, I really doubt its the motor bearings that are bad although the sound could be resonating through the base. You dont have to pull the bearings out to tell if they are bad always in my experience.
  7. Coastyboy

    Bad bearings

    good bearings should make no noise when rotating the blade at all, worn bearings will be whining and can change pitch while running
  8. ok, you're right, I'm wrong. Happy now?
  9. not really, I have used them all in shops
  10. this place sells them too,
  11. Its kind of strange but, I wouldn't use a high speed router bit ever again. Yes a high speed steel or tool steel blade might have a somewhat better edge, but carbide is still sharp and will stay sharp many times longer. Now if you hit a nail with carbide, you might just have to say goodbye to the tool, as it will most likely be damaged beyond repair. I would use carbide when ever possible, remember, all your inserts are carbide not steel
  12. here is something to read about phase converters,
  13. Zoro has a 2-6 hp range rotary one for 612.00, thats a lot to add to the price of a used saw