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  1. treeslayer

    Closet Remodel.

    Great work Drew, i can't say anything beyond what others have said, i only have one question, when do you SLEEP? on my best day 30 years ago i couldn't keep up with you in the wood shop.
  2. treeslayer

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Just set those aside somewhere safe from Coop and someday i'll be down to get them and help you saw some more
  3. treeslayer

    Stringing, Fluting, Beading and such

    That looks great @Chip Sawdust and opens up a whole lot of possibilities, thanks for posting your work, I have got to try that this summer
  4. Glad you’re ok, but look at it this way, good clean cut with minimal tear out maybe one of those straps to hold them on your head/neck is in order for the next pair.
  5. treeslayer

    Another Roubo... (now finished!)

    Very, very nice. I like that you went the extra mile to make it your own. Well done sir!
  6. treeslayer

    Non toxic glue

    Use Titebond 3, (waterproof) just don’t drink it or eat it when it’s dry seriously most glue is non toxic when dry. Why do you want it to be non toxic? Oh, and welcome to the forum Valerie, lots of good info and be sure to post some pictures of your work
  7. treeslayer

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    That guy must be making a lot of drawers glad business is good Spanky
  8. treeslayer

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Beautiful work @K Cooper, you do great work and make Spanky happy, that's a good thing. care to tell us a little about the construction and what's the finish?
  9. treeslayer

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    yeah, i think there's a hook in that worm no pickle for me Spanky, but i may have to move farther away maybe a tent in Chet's yard to avoid temptation, that walnut and butternut and cherry along with a lot of others would keep me poor.
  10. treeslayer

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Every time I open my billfold the presidents shade their eyes
  11. treeslayer

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    I’m almost glad I don’t live closer to you Spanky, I would be broke but happy all the time
  12. treeslayer

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    That’s some great wood for the man from Texas. He’ll know what to do with it
  13. treeslayer

    Wall Clock

    Beautiful work Ronn, as usual, and sure to get better with age. can you detail how you did the curves?
  14. treeslayer

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Spanky, in the second picture, hit the nail bent some teeth and then the blade wandered off ? that really sucks, beautiful wood.
  15. treeslayer

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    You have to get back in the woods more Coop, even I knew what they were