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  1. Good to hear you’re doing well @B1rdhunter snow and cold here for the next week or so, shots helped but I think a new knee is in my future
  2. Very nice Mick, amazing what can be done by a CNC and of course the right person programming it
  3. Looking great Drew, attention to detail when making multiple pieces is critical and you’re nailing it sir, those are going to be awesome, I may not be so frightened of making chairs after your journal is done, very good work all around
  4. yeah, a little brutal right now, snow, cold, wind temps below 0 at night, where have you been?
  5. does it have to be flush with the top or can you set it back say 1/2"
  6. People appreciate good work, congratulations Collin, more more money for tools and wood!
  7. WD40 and some 0000 steel wool would be my choice. i wipe the column on mine about twice a year with it, no rust yet
  8. Well first welcome to the forum Sean, box joints are strong but if it were me i would be adding a 45 degree brace under the benches and the table, while strong and maybe more so with the addition of the dowels i would not trust that joint alone to prevent racking and possible joint failure under load. some 45 degree braces would not show that much and if you morticed them in would give you a lot more strength IMO
  9. I clean the rollers on mine with mineral spirits and wax the table with a good paste wax
  10. I usually just use clear silicone, but when I run out of the supply I’ve got I’m thinking of switching to Lexel on the recommendation of @wdwerker and others, clearer, stronger and of course more expensive
  11. Thanks Paul, more of a how-to instead of a journal but I had a request from a couple good friends on here to show how I build them and if it saves some scraps from the burn pile and somebody is looking for a quick and easy gift I’ll be happy
  12. I agree, my 735 doesn’t seem to work as hard on the slow feed but I did have an issue where my feed rollers were dirty and it seemed like the machine was working harder and tripped the breaker
  13. we are all learning Andy and you can tell we all love to be in the shop, welcome
  14. How is the feed rate? does it seem slower than normal? I ask because if the rollers are dirty it will cause the wood to feed slower and make the machine work harder. Also are you using the same outlet as in the past? or running dust collection off of the same outlet?
  15. Ok to finish this up, nice bead of silicone, screw the lid on the mason jar, not too tight just snug, press into place firmly and let dry overnight. Unscrew jar and clean up silicone squeeze out, install slide and glue in 1/4” dowel for slide stop and install the jar, ready for candy! these things just beg to be batched out, I’ve made as many as 10 at a time, great gifts, easy to make, combination of woods, and I’m always on the look out for unusual regular mouth mason jars. This one has a blue jar that I found at Menards, but I have found square ones and ones with different markings. Finish is shellac with 2 coats of ARS. Any hard candy will work as well as beer nuts. Thanks for the great comments