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  1. And the journey continues, when is the rep coming to set it up Kev?
  2. Nice work and lots of room for more bits!
  3. Fantastic build, this is woodworking at its finest, and I’m holding you responsible for turning my brain to jello
  4. Beautiful work Chet, on the edge of my seat waiting to see the finish
  5. Hard to find people that will pay for that level of quality, most folks would not know what to look for in a well made piece and some don’t care as long as it looks like it’s well made
  6. Overkill and a waste of time and material IMHO
  7. @Lil'Runs I had an issue with mine not running a while back, checked everything, all good. Then I checked the motor brushes, you can get to them thru a small panel in the out feed side of the machine. Turned out for some reason they were stuck in a retracted position away from the rotor, sawdust, bad luck I don’t know, removed, cleaned with air compressor all good, keep us posted. Hope you get it running
  8. Well......thats good news i think we will all be interested it what a saw that's been tested looks like and performs, i would hope that this one is up to the "gold standard " and you can get back to work and put this in the rear view mirror, rough ride Kev i'm keeping my fingers crossed for you
  9. Yep I’ve always loved the outdoors , this farm has been in the same family for almost 150 years, my dad worked there before and after WW2, started taking me there when I was 5, hunted there with my son and now my grandson, life long memories
  10. Both, this time Ruger 77/22 bolt action .22cal, Leupold 2-7 power compact scope , custom trigger. Otherwise 410 side by side
  11. No time outs for me, busy making gifts for Christmas and squirrel hunting with my grandson
  12. Thanks for sharing seriously? why don’t they just say we only post “positive reviews” I hope someone does the right thing like a full refund plus your time and trouble or a brand new correct saw and extended warranty, good luck Kev, I hope it’s resolved very soon.
  13. Oysters are good for one thing and lead will stunt your growth so you’re back where you started right?
  14. I’ve used trans tint mixed it with dewaxed shellac but I have only used it on small table tops and small tables applied with a foam brush and I don’t know if that’s the best way or not but I did have great results