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  1. So sad Coop, know that our prayers are with you and your family
  2. Beautiful work and I’m sure she’s smiling, urns are one if the hardest things to make and not from a woodworking standpoint, I’ve made a couple of them, it’s never easy, so sorry for your loss, keeping you and yours in my prayers
  3. yeah i know, he makes the energizer bunny look like a sissy, oh to be young again
  4. Absolutely beautiful Drew and an instant heirloom, from April 27 to now it's been a great ride, take a day or two off, you earned it. well done sir !!
  5. Thats so true Ross, i've known a few sawyers and none of them were woodworkers, i think its because they were too tired at the end of the day
  6. Rick, Rick, Rick, what’s the problem? You and we know you can do it so get started and let us in on the build
  7. well done sir! and now to find the time to make stuff, it can be done, we had 4 kids and when shop time came it was just that much better
  8. Great progress and excellent craftsmanship, I’m really liking this build
  9. You mean like this @Chet? It happens
  10. So sorry Shane, my first question is everyone OK? and the second is what happened? such a terrible loss
  11. Go with a factory insulated door,I did and it made a big difference over my old junk door and I wish I would have went with windows, more light more better
  12. Well done David, now the question is will they actually use it ? some think they are too nice to cut on, it is a beautiful piece
  13. I’ve been looking at that tool for too long, going to the top of my list, thanks for the inspiration Drew
  14. no I didn’t @pkinneb, it was on sale and the boss liked it and I’m lousy at making chairs, the whole thing was a gut job as everyone before me did very poor work so I started from scratch
  15. Well that’s not good at all Drew glad you got it sealed up, super glue works good but it kind of stings when you put it on, got the end of my thumb with a 1/2” chisel last year, 10 stitches not good, lost feeling in the tip, no pictures but just as well it was not pretty but a good lesson on not what to do