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  1. Welcome @FallCreek, Spanky is the man to see for sure, tell us about your shop, projects, tools you have or whatever and we are all learning so don’t hesitate to ask questions this is an awesome place to hang out.
  2. yeah, just laying low like everyone else, yard work and shop projects going strong.
  3. These are certainly strange days Tom, I bet she loved the visit, wish her happy birthday!
  4. I just hope it's over soon, two of my kids have been deemed "essential " workers, one is a nurse and one is a distributor of wine for the major stores here in the midwest and handles hundreds sometimes thousands of cases of wine per week, her boss gave her a very nice bump in pay while this is going on. they both practice all of the safety precautions and more but as a father...well you guys know the worrying never stops.
  5. Glad to hear you’re ok Ronn, I’ve used regular super glue, stings like crazy at first but works good, I should get some medical grade stuff just to have around as Paul says
  6. Really interesting build Ross and I’m anxious to see the finished piece, very innovative process and jigs to make it happen.
  7. Nailed it is right Ross, really looking great!
  8. looking mighty fine, just a quick question, are the cavities going to be filled with some kind of foam?
  9. Wishing a very happy 47th anniversary to our friend and one of the most respected and talented people on this forum Ken and his lovely wife Sharon, way to go you two!! And i think a wedding picture or two wouldn't hurt right? remember, pictures or it didn't happen enjoy your day together!
  10. I’m sure all will go well Ronn, but thoughts and prayers for a great outcome and a speedy recovery
  11. Nice looking shop and very nice bench, wish i had room for one, oh and welcome to the party
  12. Nice work Dave, this isn’t your first rodeo I see, share some details like how did you do the dovetails and what’s the finish going to be?
  13. welcome to the forum Dave, i would not apply finish to the slides, wax or a product called Slip-it works really well. lets see some pictures
  14. Thanks for the input everyone, I think there are to many unanswered questions for me to go forward with it, back to paint I guess, seems like it’s too good to be true and you know what that means
  15. I made my own, use it often, not hard to make, could not find one that suited my needs and cheap to make your own