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  1. treeslayer

    Hello from Cape Cod

    looks good Steve, and welcome to the party! don't worry about the messy shop, that's the way it goes. just don't let it stay clean too long.
  2. treeslayer

    Where do you get your plans?

    Design it your self, that way you’ve got the only one like it, that’s what I do
  3. treeslayer

    Cherry Wall Cabinet

    30 in 30 method? Please explain Mick
  4. treeslayer

    Cherry Wall Cabinet

    Looks like a good project John, frame and panel overlay doors? magnetic catches? i would make the shelves adjustable just because unless you already know what's going to live in there and not be changed. dovetails are cool, box joints are easier but whatever you choose i would carry that over into the drawer construction as well, and you have to give some thought as to how you're going to attach it to the wall considering the weight of the cabinet, screwed thru the back? french cleat? be sure to post some pictures
  5. treeslayer

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    I'll pick Coop up on the way by his house, should be there in 20 minutes
  6. treeslayer

    Style References

  7. treeslayer

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Nice table Rickey, I love to work with butternut, beautiful wood for sure. He did a great job, you’ll be enjoying it for many many years
  8. treeslayer

    Hi from Australia

    Welcome Al, lots of questions are always welcome here, great bunch on here.
  9. treeslayer

    Fremont Night Stand (File Cabinet)

    Great progress Mick, and very nice work on the videos, well done sir!
  10. treeslayer

    King Size Bed Finished

    Looks great @B. Brinkley, that pine looks very nice for salvaged wood, any thought to covering up the bolts with a cap or metal cover plate?
  11. treeslayer

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Took the day off, never made a dime!
  12. treeslayer

    Fremont Night Stand (File Cabinet)

    Looks like you have a good start on it Mick, that’s going to be beautiful
  13. treeslayer

    Another ROS Thread

    Another vote for the Mirka Ceros, I have used one, smooth vibration free great sander. I’ve always used a 5 inch sander so maybe I don’t know what I’m missing but if I ever pull the trigger on one it will be the 5 inch Mirka for the reasons @AceHoleInOne mentioned.
  14. treeslayer

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    I don’t understand any of that, I was absent the day we had math
  15. treeslayer

    New storage shed

    I assume the installer is paying for a new panel, a delay on your project for sure, looks great otherwise