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  1. I always like to see other shops as I get some great ideas for my own shop, I like to think I’m fairly organized until I see someone who has done it better
  2. Sounds like it’s time to sit down with a tape measure and a roll of masking tape and start to figure out work flow John, good luck and be sure to post some pictures so we can see how it’s done properly, rearranged the storage in my shop today, now I won’t be able to find anything for a week
  3. You can tell how proud she is by the look on her face and you should be too Chet, she did a great job ! I wish you lived closer I would hire her to help in my shop she works faster and better than I do, this was a real pleasure to follow, thanks for the ride to you and her
  4. Nice catch Ross, fish for supper?
  5. treeslayer

    Feet Up Rev 2

    i could not have said it better Rick, such great support on here
  6. treeslayer

    Feet Up Rev 2

    Always keeping you in my thoughts and prayers Mick, hang in there, be strong
  7. that table she's building is going to be beautiful and a treasure to keep forever, just a thought, make her an album of hard copy pictures of her build, she can put it in the hope chest she builds one day.
  8. Welcome Luke. I’m from Iowa also and don’t have much of a problem, I do keep a good coat of wax on all steel surfaces but other than that no problem
  9. Yes I did! she’s 15 in that picture, snapped her up before she realized she could do much, much better than me
  10. Very cool Ross I’m sure he’ll love it and the signature is a great addition. Great work for just “ thrown together “ I don’t know how many times I’ve heard that from people that want me to build stuff
  11. Thanks Dave, celebrating our nations birth like everyone and the day I met this girl in 1969
  12. Thanks @Chip Sawdust, at first I thought it was a little “busy”, too much grain but in the end she is the wild child of the bunch and it fits her perfectly
  13. Great work, I’m a fan of G&G and that’s a very nice piece. Well done sir!
  14. Me too, I see a great future for that little lady, she will put us all shame in a few years, I wonder if Chet has thought of his future bills for tools for her, at least she will be easy to buy Christmas gifts for
  15. Wow Chet I bet she and you are so proud of your work together, she looks like she’s in “the zone”