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  1. Both of us will get the vaccine as soon as it’s available to us, I think it’s just common sense
  2. Relative is right @Coop, the high temp was 9, below 0 at night, 2X4 walls and ceiling well insulated, drywall ceiling and walls, brick on the outside and a garage door that’s very well insulated
  3. You bet Coop, 220V heater, thermostat controlled with a fan mounted to the ceiling, works great. I was in the shop today toasty warm with the outside temp of 9
  4. Those look great I have got to try doing that this winter, as soon as I find some time
  5. treeslayer


    There are other things to do when it snows besides shovel it, granddaughter catching some air while sledding with grandma
  6. All I can say is WOW that’s beautiful
  7. great work you two, @Coop, how is the shelf attached? made some floating shelves a while back and always looking for new ideas, thanks
  8. That’s a beautiful piece of wood I’m sure you’ll do it justice
  9. treeslayer


    Let me know if I need to send you a snow shovel
  10. Put that back on the helicopter where you found it they may need it ! Wow I bet that thing will move a LOT of air
  11. treeslayer


    Familiar with all of the above, life in the north, in one picture you can see where my wife shoveled out the fire hydrant, important to do, you don’t want the FD digging it out to put the fire in your house out
  12. treeslayer


    This is called Rime ice, formed from freezing fog this morning, similar to Hoar frost when fog settles on a surface that’s below freezing, it sure was cool looking
  13. I’m learning so much on this forum, wife wants some new cabinets for one wall in the kitchen and she wants them painted, perfect project to put off till spring
  14. Wow that’s great news Coop, the wife and I are being even more cautious now that the cases are rising again, so glad that you and Sharon are COVID free
  15. sometimes its better to take it out behind the bard and put it out of its misery, sounds like a nice upgrade