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  1. Yep, just working hard getting stuff done, still trying to catch up on all the things i put aside during the lamp build, and got an order for another one
  2. don't you just love it when a plan comes together Mick glad you can correct it without much trouble and i've never heard of the Bora mobile base, the base under my TS has got a lot of miles on it and should be replaced, thanks for posting
  3. I can’t tell you how many roads around here have “watch for falling rocks “ signs. I would not want to drive that in a log truck, no roads like that in the flat land, but I hear it can be very pretty down in Texas, someday I may find out. Takes a real man to drive a road like that in a big truck!
  4. I always keep a couple of rolls of PSA paper around for just such a task.
  5. I use the microfiber towels from HF, cheap or free with a coupon
  6. Sounds like you need to do some test cuts, router speed, wood type, bit type all factor in. raid the scrap bin and start cutting, start small and work your way up, you’ll know when it’s too much, router sounds like it’s working too hard, burning, poor cuts and probably more I can’t think of.
  7. Naw we’re good Spanky, just been very busy and lost another friend so haven’t been on here much, I can take it, I know you don’t mean any harm
  8. Yep what Tom said, up-cut brings the chips up toward the shank of the bit, down does the opposite, down is supposed to make a cleaner shoulder, up leaves a cleaner cut deep in the mortise but I haven’t noticed much of a difference either. 2 blade mortise cutters work also but I don’t think you get as good of a cut. Both can be sharpened, spiral would be more expensive of course but I’ve never had to have one sharpened
  9. nice score @curlyoak, i like an up-cut spiral bit for mortice work and i think 1/2' shank is the way to go. do you plan on cutting mortice joints deeper than 1 1/2" ? if so why not get both?
  10. Well now i know who NOT to tell about my insecurities about doing a journal! Seriously i was a little hesitant about doing a journal because there are so many great ones on here and i still feel i could have done better, but if we weren't getting better at our chosen craft we would all be bowlers, the next project that i feel is journal worthy i'll try again and it will be better. i'm honored with so many great comments especially among this community of such gifted woodworkers.
  11. Thanks @Chet and @Mick S and all for the great comments and input, these really pushed the limit of my skill and ideas keep popping up I’m my head for improvements and design changes, some small carving, more glass on the apron, I’ll just have to build a couple more in the spring, walnut maybe
  12. Yeah Drew, the last thing you want to do is drop it and then say damn i wish i had gotten some help, that machine will serve you for a long, long time, waiting for some help is a small price to pay, but i am anxious to see it in action!
  13. i'd be happy just to be in the same room with the true masters, but thanks, i try to get better with every project well that's true but it is an auction, and especially for the Iowa City Children's Hospital, if my small contribution helps one child, or helps find a cure or treatment 2 seconds faster because of my work i'll be a very happy man indeed.
  14. Thanks Drew, you’re right on more A&C than G&G for sure, I think a square base with bigger proud box joints and some other small changes would be in order for a true G&G. Our dentist is a great guy and a woodworker to boot and recently retired, it’s always good to keep someone who can cause you a lot of pain very happy
  15. thanks Mark, iv'e never sold one i gave them all away, i made 2 cherry ones for myself, gave 2 to my son, 1 went to my dentist, 1 to a good friend, both woodworkers, and 1 went to a silent auction to benefit the Children's Hospital in Iowa City where my granddaughter was treated for a heart condition that saved her life, that one went for $125.00. i'm keeping the 2 latest oak ones for myself for a walnut bedroom set that i have yet to build.