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  1. Looking for a sander

    Mine says 1800 for speed, of course like Ace says push it and expect burning, the outside of the disk spins faster than the center, but I’ve found it to be a good machine
  2. Looking for a sander

    + 1 to Chet and RichardA, i have the 6" belt and 9" disk combination from HF and have been running it for about 4 years with no trouble, the stand that comes with it is too low and is pretty cheap so i made a new stand for it. my thought is that its a sander and if the belt and disk go around and stay on its good enough for me.
  3. Finished the footboard

    Very nice Brain, clean lines, great joinery, what’s not to like, well done sir!
  4. Dewalt thickness planer

    every time i see that truck its in the same spot, one more picture and I'm going to send you some money for gas
  5. China Cabinet

    count me in Brad, its always great to see your work
  6. Dovetail Gaps Plus Out of Square

    I don’t know of any video. You can glue on some thin strips and sand or chisel to fit or glue them in after it’s together but that’s harder to do. I have the Leigh D4R pro 24” and I really like it. Watch the DVD and practice on scrap. I find they are really easy to use
  7. Dovetail Gaps Plus Out of Square

    What dovetail machine were you using Jordan? You could use some wedges to improve the look and you could also use contrasting 1/4 or 3/8 pins to lock the dovetails together for additional strength
  8. Dining Table

    I would glue the two short sides first then the long sides, I've done it that way before and it seemed to work well. the ratchet strap idea would take a few extra hands and with the glue drying you don't have a lot of time to adjust ratchet straps. connect some pipe clamps together or use this as an excuse to get more clamps. looking great so far.
  9. Baby Boat

    Great project Isaac, it’s always good to learn new things.
  10. Coffee Table build

    I think this says it all!! thanks for asking, and everyone for their thoughts and prayers
  11. Coffee Table build

    I’m late on this one too, looking forward to this build. Nice work so far.
  12. Door gap creep, soliciting opinions

    I think that’s the best idea yet Brendon.
  13. Thor Woodworking Mallet!

    Planning on doing some timber framing? great looking mallet, i'm sure it will be a pleasure to use.
  14. Router Work Creating Smoke and Cinders

    Jeeezzz Steve how old are you ? I bought a 1981 Buick Skylark new, it had a factory 8 track player, must have been close to the end for them. I'm so old the first car i bought only had AM radio and the TV went off at midnight, just sayin', one old guy to another. sorry for the mini hijack OP.
  15. Dining Table

    its always fun to start a new project, looking good so far. i think you will want breadboard ends IMO.