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  1. I’ve done it both ways, I prefer face up, I can clamp a stop on the board and I like that the chips aren’t trapped between the wood and the table IMO
  2. Looking better all the time @gee-dub well thought out, I like it
  3. Great job Ross and thanks for the ride ! The details and finish are right on, lots of work and it shows, well done sir
  4. Ok now I’ve got shop envy, man that shop looks awesome @gee-dub well done
  5. Great ride @Chet and absolutely beautiful work, and an inspiration for those of us who work in a small shop
  6. Always good to see a fellow vet here, nice job and welcome home !
  7. I just use the rip fence to hold it down, just be sure not to raise the blade into the bottom of your fence
  8. I’ve made a lot of them out of wood for my Delta saw, I used the original plate for a pattern, used double stick tape and a pattern bit in the router table, made a whole set for different sizes of dado blades
  9. Another vote for L.A. Awesome from the dollar store thanks to @gee-dubfor that advice that stuff works ! And he has the procedure down pat
  10. Yeah that counts for sure, no table saw in sight
  11. Had a tool and die maker make this one for me, carbide cutter, slowest speed and feed possible and the workpiece clamped very tight, works great but there is still that pucker factor
  12. treeslayer


    Glad you’re ok Ross, it’s a lesson for all of us that unusual things happen in the shop that could have been prevented, another reason my wife stays out of the shop when power tools are running
  13. That’s a great bench ! Man I wish I had room for one, that’s a beauty and a nice shop for it to live in for years to come
  14. +1^ Another great piece, well done @Bmac
  15. treeslayer


    Thanks to everyone, it’s been a great ride for sure, you young folks will be there someday, and from what I read on here are doing it better than I did