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  1. treeslayer

    Waxing drawers

    I've used Slipit, available at most woodworking stores, works great but all of the above work just as well and cheaper.
  2. treeslayer

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    I think he used my high school picture
  3. treeslayer

    Finishing oak

    and if i remember right it's dangerous unless done correctly, fumes are not good for your health so be careful
  4. treeslayer

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    memory is a little clouded but i think i remember
  5. treeslayer

    Mahogany recipe box

    +1 Rick, i think as beautiful as it is it would overpower a large piece, but it sure is pretty
  6. treeslayer

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    "Ride, shoot straight and speak the truth" Elmer Keith father of the 44 magnum. Panama hats, originated in Ecuador and the best ones are still from there.
  7. treeslayer

    Pair Of Bookshelves

    looks great Drew, those big glue-ups always are a cause for concern, i wouldn't worry about the joints that epoxy is pretty tough stuff.
  8. treeslayer

    Mahogany recipe box

    Thanks, Incra miter gauge on the TS, it holds true once you set it but i check it a few times a year. 12 pieces to the top, 8 with 45 degree miters and 4 rectangle pieces, made bigger than it has to be then cut to size, 20 pieces total if you count the splines just on the lid. i've done a few boxes like this and i really like the effect.
  9. treeslayer

    Mahogany recipe box

    i didn't want you guys to think i'm not doing anything, Mahogany with walnut splines, mitered pieces for the lid. i'm not sold on Mahogany, i don't know it just doesn't impress me much, not much grain and if i make another its going to be out of cherry i think. as usual comments or criticism are welcome, we're all friends here, thanks.
  10. treeslayer

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    When you go shopping Coop remember the best Panama hats come from Ecuador but worth every penny.
  11. treeslayer

    it pays to be april wilkerson

    If you would leave the shop once in a while you would know this stuff
  12. treeslayer

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    I’m more of a Panama hat guy myself, I don’t think a 10 gallon hat would fit my big head.
  13. treeslayer

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    I'm no wizard Spanky but i think wood that pretty would go for a lot more at Woodcraft and you would have no trouble selling it for 5 bucks a BF, i would charge more to anyone else but me
  14. treeslayer

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Mucsadines in my belly, spending the weekend in Milwaukee with my son and his family for our 46th wedding anniversary
  15. treeslayer

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    I’m still here you bunch of sissies, had a problem with the forum site, I’m not going anywhere