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  1. treeslayer

    Air Compressor

    Very cool, except for the guy who is missing the engine out of his Harley
  2. treeslayer

    Favorite turned legs?

    I’ll guess it’s to get more extension on the drawer when using wood slides
  3. treeslayer

    Gaming Table

    Beautiful work Coop! I love the simple design that compliments the excellent joinery, that table is already an heirloom. have a stogie and take a couple of days off, you deserve it.
  4. treeslayer

    Gaming Table

    Great looking ride Coop, and a happy wife is a good thing!!
  5. treeslayer

    Gaming Table

    is the picture of her and her new car in there also? not letting you off the hook Coop!
  6. treeslayer

    Arts and Crafts Sideboard

    Great choice Chet, I think cherry would look awesome.
  7. treeslayer

    Arts and Crafts Sideboard

    I hope you journal this one Chet as i have the exact same one in a folder on the desk top of things i want to build when i've got nothing else to do and i think your idea of making it longer with four doors is a good choice. are you going to use QSWO for the material?
  8. treeslayer

    Veneer Wall Medallion

    Great work Ronn, anyone would love to have that in their home, well done!
  9. treeslayer

    Gaming Table

    Thats some awesome work there Coop, very well done! so when you say it cupped in the other direction, is it straight now? My advice (it's free) would be to put finish on the whole top and set it out in the shade not in the sun, i think it will darken some, and it's going to get darker and more beautiful over time anyway you can't stop it from doing that. It's a great ride my friend, keep up the great work.
  10. treeslayer

    Guild jewelry box

    Very nicely done sir, thats some great figured walnut you have there. Whats the finish? Oh, and if you didn't tell me i would have never noticed the gap on the doors, never point out your mistakes, no one will notice unless you point it out. PS: one of my least favorite parts of a project is the hardware, it's so hard to get right sometimes.
  11. treeslayer

    Slab Flattening Jig

    I use the shims they use for doors and windows on my planer sled and stick them on with a hot glue gun, maybe you can use them for a slab that’s got some serious twist
  12. treeslayer

    Bowed Drawer and Door Fronts

    They make several kinds of Gorilla glue, some that doesn't expand, personally i would look at West System epoxy, i know a lot of people on here use it with good results, kind of pricey but it has a good long shelf life.
  13. treeslayer

    Shop Build: Outfeed Table Base Build

    I think your best bet is the one from Leigh, its the one i have and it works well. the only thing to remember is that its a reducer and if it's not tight it will slip and ruin the piece you're working on, you know how i know this someone makes an 8mm collect for routers (i use a Porter Cable) and its on my short list of things i want to buy.
  14. yeah @bushwacked, the 80 is for thicker stock, PM me if it gives you any more trouble. i've had mine for about 8 years and i love that thing, but i do have to refer to the manual or the DVD from time to time. if you want i can try to burn the DVD and send it to you.
  15. you're using the #120 or the #101 bit correct?