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  1. treeslayer

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Looks like a win to me
  2. treeslayer

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    I’ll pick North, I think that the growth would be slower, straighter.
  3. treeslayer

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Thanks Spanky, I’m learning stuff
  4. treeslayer

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Ok I’m old and dumb, 12 bucks per lineal foot or BF? A guy gave me a cherry tree several years ago I think I got 2 9 foot logs out of it probably 20 inch diameter, what would those logs be worth? PS: getting those boards out of that log was a lot of work and I was much younger then.
  5. treeslayer

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Next time I see a truckload of walnut go thru town I may follow it and hope one falls off At 5k for one log Spanky do you mind telling us what you paid for it? I know a guy has to make a living and logging is a hard and expensive one and I’m not going to be hurt if you want to keep that info to yourself.
  6. treeslayer

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Is that like Vanilla Fudge, Lead Zepplin, Iron Butterfly? Those I unberstand
  7. treeslayer

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Yeah, my anger management consuler says I need to work on my people skills, to heck with him. If my friends didn’t give me guff I would think they didn’t like me
  8. treeslayer

    My final gift to my wife

    Talking about the strength to carry on and doing it are very hard things to do my friend, very few here have walked in your shoes, but you are strong and that lovely lady is watching and pulling for you as we all are, this is a great bunch, reach out when you need to, I’m with Coop, sawdust therapy can help.
  9. treeslayer

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    I have no problem getting it up here, not many people up here work with it so that leaves more for me
  10. treeslayer

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    I was building some Christmas gifts with white walnut just today, I’ve been using it quite a bit this year goes great with walnut.
  11. treeslayer

    New Planer - Ripples

    Yikes!! I think a call to the company is in order, Thant’s not for a new machine
  12. treeslayer

    New Planer - Ripples

    Dirty feed rollers, table needs to be waxed, incorrect knife setting, don’t know just throwing ideas around
  13. treeslayer

    Woodcraft thumbs up!

    My kids know to get me Woodcraft gift cards, always a great gift. I shop at the one in Madison Wisconsin when I’m in the area, great store, helpful people.
  14. treeslayer

    Woodcraft thumbs up!

    If it’s satin or semi gloss Coop when it sits it will separate and appear to be two different shades, mixing fixes that, I don’t know if that’s what you are experiencing
  15. I'm hooked up with a couple of local trophy shops and do their custom work, stuff they can't get, specific size, shape, wood. pays good but i don't think i could compete with their suppliers on regular plaques, trophy bases but you may touch base with the local shops and see if there is any work to be had, maybe ask what price point you would need to meet to make it worth giving your some work. batching out large amounts of 8X10, 5X7 plaques or whatever they need could keep your costs down. good luck