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  1. Looks great, well worth the effort, going to be a beautiful piece
  2. I’ve done this with a bit that large on a hope chest I built, make your own base, slow speed and feed, light cuts until you reach the desired depth, you can PM me if you like, but it’s not as bad as it sounds
  3. treeslayer


    R.I.P. Dusty Hill of ZZ Top, legendary band, Texas flags should be at half staff for this great musician, he will be missed my many, many fans, Ride easy Dusty
  4. Those are great @JohnG, I have 5 in my small shop/garage and going to add 1 more over the router table
  5. i've thought of that as well but i think it would crack/break over time because the wood is thin and subject to a lot of stress, a stripe of different wood on the handle if you're using two different types of wood for the spurtle itself would be cool, never really paid much attention to the time it takes to make one, i'm guessing 30 minutes, but i've made a lot of them and tend to make them in batches of 10 or more
  6. Getting a little freaked out @Coop, you got me by 1, 14 to 15 is my count, wouldn’t mind having a brother, I’ll split the DNA test with you
  7. And from Spurtleville North, a small hamlet west of Dubuque, great minds think alike @Coop, gave my last 2 to Jan’s sister who was in town, had to make another batch, those look great Coop !
  8. Wow ! What an honor that must have been, and a great looking couple, I’m sure many, many happy years are ahead for them, congratulations to all
  9. I like the idea of adding dust partitions, I’ve put them on all the dressers I’ve built and see no reason not to and a lot of reasons to put them in, well done
  10. had the grandkids on an adventure to the 4th Street cable car, billed as the worlds shortest, steepest, then to Maquoketa Caves State Park for a cave walk, awesome place and down to the Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium to pet the stingrays
  11. i don't know how i missed this one, great work sir!
  12. I got mine from Harry Epstein, I believe, all kinds of good stuff
  13. I have the same ones plus a 4” double for over 2 years now and no problem
  14. treeslayer


    Yeah i do too, the blanks are 18” X 15” to start so I just shift the handle off to one side, double stick tape the pattern on, band saw then router, oil then done, thanks Coop
  15. treeslayer


    Not too exciting @Coop, 30 cutting boards, some round, some rectangular, half laser engraved with a company logo, pays great but boring production work