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  1. Way good start @Chestnut, full extension BB drawer slides or something else ?
  2. wow! that's cool @Coop and the fact that they survived is amazing
  3. Completely agree with @Tom Kingi love my Leigh but the settings must be right, watch the videos several times, boards correctly milled for thickness and square, record your settings when you get one right and keep your test piece for reference when you get on to it it’s a great tool IMO, I use mine for all kinds of joinery
  4. Work and play on the same day ! Nice score Ross and I see Cody eyeing up the new bandsaw, put him to work ASAP
  5. Looks like you’re good to go John, always something to do but that’s a good thing IMO
  6. Yeah @Coop a micro adjustment would be nice but I’ve never wished I had one or maybe I don’t know what I’m missing, as for your other problem that’s just a mouse click away, I’ll never be without a lift again.
  7. Sorry @Coop somehow that picture got reversed the hinges are on the left, drawers are front only, good catch though you’re the only one that noticed ! All drawers are full extension Accuride except the top right drawer for 1/4” bits that’s just a wood slide, I was going to put the switch there but it was a poor choice for it so I moved the switch to the end on the right side and made that spot a drawer for 1/4” bits.
  8. That’s a great looking table Dave I’m sure it will serve you well and for a long time, nice job sir !
  9. Yeah I’m in on this one, looks like a good start
  10. good to know Ronn, i have LED lights in my shop as well
  11. yeah that's a huge glue up for sure but well done. i friend has a pellet smoker and is a master at running it, i never turn down in invitation for supper at his house
  12. Cherry kids folding chairs, the dark one was made in 2017, lighter was done today, Watco oil is the finish, all are right it just gets darker with time and better I think
  13. Wow nice score Drew I would pay that all day long, cherry here is $4.10 BF, agree on the 1 common, some waste but the grain around the knots makes it worth it IMO
  14. treeslayer


    Happy Anniversary to our friend @Coop, one great couple for sure, and I think it’s # 49 if I’m not mistaken, well done you two and many, many more.