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  1. got the shade frames in the clamps yesterday and out of the clamps today. tomorrow I’ll rabbit the pieces for the glass and put a 22 1/2 degree angle on the left and right sides of the shades
  2. Yep @pkinneb is right on, I put 5 5000 lumen ones in my small shop, 8’ ceiling, now my futures so bright I gotta wear shades
  3. Thanks Rick, Mike’s in Florida has them too, I’m not including anything but the box, it’s a donation so whoever gets it can buy their own
  4. Looks awesome Chet as usual, i might have missed it, are these for some veterans ?
  5. Thanks Drew, the shades will have stained glass but i have a friend that does it for a serious side job and i'm going to let him do them, he has a huge selection of stained glass to choose from and this old dog is too tired to learn new tricks.
  6. Beautiful, who doesn’t love cherry, especially those doors, well done sir!
  7. That’s the way I was leaning was to fume it but finishing is a ways away yet
  8. Thanks Coop, the kid was cut most of the way thru on the TS and finished with a hand saw, the walnut on the lid and the main box and on the bottom was added later, I didn’t have too but I thought it would be a nice touch
  9. Thanks Chet, I have to decide if I’m going to fume them or maybe dye, something to bring out the figure in the wood. One more shot before I quit for the day. 4 sides ready for glue up tomorrow
  10. Then half lap the joints, I love the Forrest dado set the kids got me for Christmas, the sides of the shade L&R are mirror images of each other so I had to cut one side then the other on different sides of the stack
  11. I’m making a pair of Greene & Greene style lamps for the spare bedroom in the basement, QS white oak, bear with me as the shop is running wide open here lately. First I cut the pieces for the shade 3/4 X 3/4 then cut them to the proper lengths at 40 degrees
  12. @pkinneb, I get what you’re looking at now, that’s a tray that lifts out, groves are for air circulation around the stogies
  13. no groves in the bottom, if you’re talking about the inside of the top that’s the Spanish cedar 3/16” thick 1 1/2 wide lines the inside of the whole box
  14. Thanks Drew and Bmac , happy to show a side shot @Bmac
  15. not real common Drew, but there are those of us who appreciate a fine stogie at the end of a long day, I'm curious to see how it does at the silent auction, not for everyone but if you get a couple of guys that want it who knows what they will pay
  16. Had some short pieces of butternut and needed a piece for the church auction, box joints, butternut and walnut, Spanish Cedar interior with a lift out tray, Vertex 90 degree stop hinges, 3 coats ARS satin, thanks for looking and comments and questions are welcome as usual
  17. I have a Beretta Silver Snipe over/under that was purchased in 1964 in Italy by a friend in the Navy, factory sling swivels, all markings are in Italian, wonderful piece
  18. Hey, free wood is free wood, I think all the non woodworkers are a little off
  19. All good advice, what type of wood are you going to be using? i have that dewalt trim router with the plunge base, great little router, and welcome to the forum Ryan
  20. It looks like it was meant to be there Mick, beautiful room its in as well
  21. Excellent craftsmanship from start to finish Mick, thanks for the ride, journals are a challenge and you pulled this one off from the first cut, well done sir!!
  22. You sir are a man of many talents
  23. If you’re serious spend some money and look at Williams and Hussey moulding machines, I’ve used one and they will run crown, base and trim all day long, power feed, 220 volt, standard knives and also custom profiles are available
  24. that looks great Chip, i see a single stage under the bench, do you have a progressive press as well?
  25. Management always has it easy