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  1. Thanks I’ll check it out always good to have around
  2. yep that's just what he needs, good on you @drzaius for stepping up. they don't call it the great outdoors for nothing, great picture
  3. one of my friends from high school was on a crew like that for 30 years, i don't know how he did it, brutal is right, and long days too
  4. yes it is but you know i have a thermos full of coffee for at the end of the day, i should mention that all these shots are fired using open sights only, no scopes, so good eyes or a special pair of shooting glasses are a must
  5. Those are on my short list Rick, where did you get them?
  6. Very cool Ronn, my uncle had a massive set up in his basement, many hours of fun for the nieces and nephews, cousins and friends, be sure to let us have a look when you’re done
  7. i used to shoot with some guys from the US Palma team, they thought 600yds was kind of close as their course of fire started at 800yds and went to 1000 then to 1200yds, wind, mirage, heartbeat and trigger control are some parts of the sport along with precision reloading, it was a riot to shoot with those guys
  8. As the years go by friends are more cherished than ever, that’s a great friend you have there Mick
  9. Stay safe @curlyoak sounds like you’re prepared I hope you don’t take a direct hit I know that would be bad
  10. Nice score Coop and I’m sure they will serve you well, you may want to give those sawhorses back to Noah in case he needs to build another Ark let us know how you like that Whiteside bit always wanted one that size
  11. Absolutely beautiful Mick
  12. Now that’s what I call deluxe shop furniture! Well done Mick
  13. Great tip on the card scraper and you’re right, those panels are awesome. Great work as usual Drew
  14. Looks great Mick, shop furniture don’t have to be pretty just functional but yours is both, well done
  15. I’m no expert on federal style but 1/32” seems tight to me, some where on here is info on how much expansion you can expect over a given dimension, I’m assuming the grain will run horizontally so top to bottom will be your biggest concern not side to side, others a lot smarter than me will chime in I’m sure, of course pictures of the build would be nice
  16. i bought one when they first came out and i still have it and still use it on occasion, i just have to read the instructions first like everything else
  17. That’s a lot more work than most people realize Drew but it’s looking great already
  18. got lucky with that one Ross, but that's a sharp plane for sure, be more careful next time
  19. Save some time and maybe a little money and get her a custom branding iron now, I’m absolutely sure she’s going to need it! I can’t think of a more inspiring thread, we’re all proud of her, talent and focused all in one
  20. I always like to see other shops as I get some great ideas for my own shop, I like to think I’m fairly organized until I see someone who has done it better
  21. Sounds like it’s time to sit down with a tape measure and a roll of masking tape and start to figure out work flow John, good luck and be sure to post some pictures so we can see how it’s done properly, rearranged the storage in my shop today, now I won’t be able to find anything for a week
  22. You can tell how proud she is by the look on her face and you should be too Chet, she did a great job ! I wish you lived closer I would hire her to help in my shop she works faster and better than I do, this was a real pleasure to follow, thanks for the ride to you and her
  23. Nice catch Ross, fish for supper?
  24. treeslayer

    Feet Up Rev 2

    i could not have said it better Rick, such great support on here