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  1. I don’t think you can Coop but I’ll check Monday with Edna, she’s the brains of the outfit
  2. Well done Rick! I’m sure one of those are in my future, as a good friend says “nice job young man”
  3. exactly right!! walk her down the isle and the father daughter dance after that get out of the way and enjoy yourself
  4. I built this 10X12 shed in 1998 and stained it with Sherwin Williams solid color stain, just did it again with the same stuff, after 22 years it was due but still looked good, no peeling, put on new shingles last year, it’s like new again.
  5. We all make those spur of the moment jigs that we say to ourselves that we’ll make a better one someday and never do, I waited 20 years to make a better spline jig and glad I did, you did a great job Rick. A decent jig is a pleasure to use and much safer
  6. Nice work Drew I always enjoy your builds and since my lumber yard is shut down due to the virus I’ll enjoy following along
  7. I’ve done it with a 1/4” flush trim bit in the router, finish the corners with sandpaper and a block of wood to prevent tear out, block plane would work if you’re careful and finish with sandpaper, I’m sure others will chime in who have done this more that I have, good luck and welcome
  8. Very nice! Browning makes a line of fine firearms and that 300 should put just about anything on the ground you care to shoot at, has a friend who shot a bolt action 300WM out to 1000 yards with great accuracy, have a particular animal in mind ?
  9. treeslayer


    Orioles are one of my favorite birds, they make an unusual nest, don’t see Orioles much or my other favorite the Meadow Lark, haven’t seen one of them in years
  10. Well I’m sure glad to see someone is having a great spring, freeze and frost warnings for this weekend up here a high temperature of 45-50, those look delicious Coop
  11. Where I used to work there were 4 huge Chestnut trees that the blight didn’t get, awesome trees, and if you’re right those mortise machines are a great machine, don’t have one but a friend does
  12. Google Mini and stream a variety of music over WiFi, over the ear muffs when machines are running
  13. Yeah not right, spill the beans please
  14. That would look great framed up, beautiful picture
  15. I've got one of those one year i bought her a Swiffer to clean the hardwood floors, she loved it!
  16. yes they are and just as many accessories, maybe more, my wife decorated hers with colorful stickers to match the kitchen decor
  17. Received a similar letter from our insurance company today, most major companies are doing this I heard
  18. Now that's an interesting find Tom, I'm very curious to know that it is, maybe a call to the local historical society, i don't know but its really cool
  19. I hope so, first in 1972, then tenth anniversary then again on our 40th maybe again on our 50th in a couple of years.
  20. I’ve been married three times too, just all to the same woman
  21. Well that’s not good, after two years what do you think made it trigger?
  22. Sorry to hear that Tom that really is an example of stupid people doing stupid things, I hope they made a mistake somewhere and get caught. Some people are just idiots
  23. Just out of curiosity what material are you having it made out of, there's so many choices out there each with plus and minus
  24. Very hard to tell, what one is ARS? Both look great