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  1. I agree @Tom King, I listen more to people who have laced up the boots and picked up a rifle than other people
  2. Wow @Coop that is powerful! I love history and can never learn enough, thank Rick and thank you for passing it along I’ll be sure to share it with my patriot friends
  3. Looks great Glenn that really cleaned up nice, I always enjoy using my father’s and grandfather’s tools helps me stay connected to them even though they have been gone for a long time
  4. I’ve made 3 or 4 for the TS and saved the good test pieces for setting it up works like a dream also I’ve made them on my Leigh jig and that works even better once it’s set up
  5. Looking great Coop as I would expect from you, really coming together!
  6. Beautiful piece @gee-dub thanks for the ride very well done sir !
  7. Looks awesome my friend and if you get FWW magazine the current issue has an excellent article on making your own pulls
  8. Here’s an example of what he did and learned at the school hope I’m not stepping on @Ronn W‘s toes by posting it but it’s amazing!
  9. Ronn just left my house, stopped by on the way home, great visit and showed me his sample of spiral veneer, it’s awesome an hope he posts some pictures
  10. I suppose hide glue has its place but when I glue something together I want it to stay glued for a long, long time. Nice info to know @Coop
  11. Nice work Coop yep bring on the glue !
  12. I use wood dust mixed with shellac in a separate container and work it into the gaps works good
  13. I’ve used all the main woods with no problem Ross, they start out as 9” by 1/2” square blanks
  14. I try to use as many “scraps “ as I can, I love a good fire but I try to find things to make for gifts from the scrap pile, spurtle’s, coasters, serving forks for those fancy meat and cheese boards, and small wood vase’s to hold fake plants, all make great gifts and I keep plenty around to give out as the need arises
  15. Sounds like you came out ok Coop and happy birthday to your lovely lady
  16. yeah hinge a door or make 2 doors and use glass door hinges and magnetic catches, or 1 piece and hinge it on the top, i did a big one many years ago, it sat on the floor for a guys toy tractor collection, used 1/4" for the front and sides and tempered on the top with a mirrored back that slid it tracks for access, this going on a wall Drew ?
  17. Yikes ! My first thought is how does he do that ? ill be interested in what you learn Ronn as that's some next level stuff there
  18. treeslayer


    They sure can, they must have been coming and going for a long time, there were 3 dead ones and one live one and it gives a new definition to the word stink
  19. treeslayer


    So I see a bird disappear above my license plate on my Colorado, turns out there is a 1” X 3” hole from the factory I assume to let any water out in the bottom of the tailgate, well 3 hours later and 3 shopping bags full of birds nest material and after removing a panel on the inside of the tailgate it’s clean now, I’ll silicone a piece of fiberglass screen in place so hopefully it won’t happen again, just a heads up for any Colorado owners here, a real pain to clean out.
  20. @Chestnut funny thus just came up, I just finished one in walnut, promised a good friends widow I would make one for my friends flag, I used the plans off of Woodworkers Journal for the dimensions, applied a 1 1/8” by 5/16” thick mounding on the front of the case to retain the glass and used silicone to secure it in place, 1/4” MDF back screwed into a rabbit in the back, it’s always an honor to make these as sad as it is
  21. All I can say is WOW !! That’s some find, and the contrast between the sapwood on that huge billet is beautiful
  22. treeslayer


    I’m confident that won’t happen Coop, our kids play a game of who gets what, I just tell them they will have to wait a LONG time to find out
  23. treeslayer


    Glad it worked out for you @Coop