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  1. Hats off to you Ross, that’s old school stuff right there
  2. Stunning work Joe, I’m in awe, what’s the final resting place for it ? It should be on display somewhere so others can be as amazed as we are
  3. dig 90' down, if there is a stone marker with strange markings call the History Chanel ASAP, if it were me i would have to dig, at least some way down, i love a good treasure hunt
  4. Smart *** Coop, keep it up and I’ll send some sub zero temps your way
  5. I would get off the fence on this one, I like it and I think it’s only going to get better with age, great work so far as usual
  6. You might touch base with @CoopI think he has used them or something like that
  7. Congratulations on the baby news !! Always good to follow your projects Drew
  8. Made a couple out of all cedar, made shingles out of cedar and used pin nailer and TB3 to secure them to the roof, treated with 2 coats of Watco natural oil, holding up quite well after 3 years
  9. I think you’re right on track Ross, thinking felt or veneer for in top of the MDF ?
  10. Looks great @Coop, consider that idea stolen
  11. Titebond 3 because ? Longer open time or other ?
  12. treeslayer


    We get that frost around here, eastern Iowa ,@wtnhighlander, pretty cool stuff, that’s some great pictures
  13. treeslayer


    Well I know way back people used to “ shave” or file the edges of coins and so the ridges let you know the coin hadn’t been shaved, I don’t know about pennies or nickels but you have my attention
  14. Keep rubbing it in Coop and I’ll come down there with my tent, high temp of 9 today with windchill of minus 20 and it’s only going to get worse, I check the temp in Houston every day and can’t wait for spring to come here
  15. Looks great! I wish I could get half that much done in a day, never had shop envy but yours may push me over the edge, well done
  16. Always wanted one of those, how do you like it?
  17. I think long Forestener are available, don’t remember where, will your DP drill 4” deep ?
  18. Those sure look good @Coopespically to us folks up here in the frozen north, shoveled snow at minus 1 here this morning
  19. treeslayer


    Now that is a fine looking young man ! I’m sure many, many happy hours in the shop are ahead for you two.
  20. A lot of us have them, me included, they have their place, and when it is needed or called for I get mine out, strong fast assembly.
  21. Whiteside “ultimate” flush trim bit, 7/8” diameter, 1 1/8” cutting length. I do a lot of pattern routing and I’m hoping this bit lives up to its name.
  22. I think I made a base for my trim router out of scrap and then mounted that to the base on the router crafter so I could use the holes in that base without drilling new holes
  23. I’ve got the manual for mine someplace, if you can’t find it online I can PM it to you
  24. can you just switch out the rails for longer ones and re-do the cables?
  25. I only kept this test piece, spiral on a taper, but it makes flutes, octagon and many other, router mounts to round tubes pulled by steel cables and is able to be indexed