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    Thanks to everyone, it’s been a great ride for sure, you young folks will be there someday, and from what I read on here are doing it better than I did
  2. Wishing you a quick recovery @gee-dub sounds like all went well, glad you’re ok and back to 100% in short order
  3. treeslayer


    Celebrated 49 years with this pretty girl yesterday, now what to do when the big 50 comes
  4. Really coming together nicely Ross, I really like this build, well done !
  5. Great work as usual Drew, as a new front door for our house is in the near future, QS white oak, using “green” cedar what concerns do you have about wood movement ? ie warping with temp and humidity changes? Oh yeah and see if you can talk them out of painting it, beautiful wood
  6. Wow @Coop you be safe I sure hope it isn’t that bad
  7. I think some people especially folks new to the hobby believe that more glue makes a stronger joint, it just takes time to figure out how much to use, I’m with @Chet clean up is much easier, and I don’t want to start a debate but I have heard/read that it’s almost impossible to starve a glue joint with regular clamps
  8. Cleaned up really nice Tom, and yep Labor Day is for working, checked off a bunch of stuff today, but tonight, camp fire, brats and hamburgers with s’mores for desert with the kids and grandkids, then back to work in the shop tomorrow as usual.
  9. i agree Coop, its worth watching. also got it from @Ronn W, thanks Ronn
  10. My son has been there, great place he says
  11. i did Coop, QS white oak, walnut and some more cherry, next time i'll take more money
  12. went to Milwaukee and went to my son's wood guy, really good person, lots of various wood, spalted maple, birdseye maple, slabs all kinds, flame birch and many more his web site is under and his name is Allen, sorry the link won't post for some reason but here's a couple of pictures, not at his place all the time so give him a shout before you go there
  13. went to Bay View near Milwaukee to visit our son and his family, his father-in-law has a sail boat and took us out on lake Michigan for half a day, man what a great time, and nice to get away from the wood shop for a couple of days!
  14. Congratulations John and Mrs. John, Also hope all are doing well, girl or boy John ?
  15. Nice work John and just in time ! And yeah, cherry because well cherry
  16. I agree you should buy your wood according to your needs, but next time I’m there I’ll take some pictures of 8/4 cherry for @Chestnut and he has some WIDE boards to big for the main pile, 5/4 cherry close to 20” wide along with other species
  17. Well @Coop it’s mostly because I was almost out of wood of any kind, there will be 2 of those folding children’s chairs for gifts, cutting boards and sputles, M&M dispensers for a craft fair my daughter talked me into doing, not excited about doing that but I promised her I would, no interest in slab work at this time, making a trip to Milwaukee next month to visit our son and will meet with his supplier and maybe bring home more
  18. My go-to lumber yard has the cherry(blue end) picture the 3 top boards are 14” wide! They stayed there for now, I needed maple, walnut and a couple boards of 6” cherry. The other shot is of a new place I found, tons of all kinds of slabs if that’s your thing, he did have some cherry 4/4 and I brought home about 60’ of that, he saws, dries all of the wood he has and has a 20” planer on site, I think I’ll have to go back soon
  19. Wow Ken a 2 planer shop, fill in some details please
  20. no advice on dealing with the wife, i've had one for 50 years and she still runs this house, on the drill press, i have an old floor model and it comes in handy on occasion, i would not have a bench top one for the reasons you stated, check the local sales places and maybe you'll have some luck, and clean out that garage ! you know the first rule in the book states "we must do what they say" good luck
  21. Great looking piece Ross, well worth all the effort, that really came together nicely, well done !
  22. Yep a little too much but we all have been there, better too much than too little, what’s it going to be ?
  23. Totally agree with @Chet and @wtnhighlander, having said that I think the reaction by @..Kev was off base, it’s a woodworking forum enjoyed by many, especially me and to threaten locking a thread because of a post such as made by @JohnG doesn’t sit right with me, JMO
  24. beautiful now and only better with time, one of the nice things about cherry and why i like it so much