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  1. this post is meant to be a salute to my wife who has put up with me every day for 42 years. after completing the last big project i thought of what she has to put up with here are some of the conversations heard around our house. (me) honey i need some money for gas in the truck (her) what did you do with the money i gave you? (me) i went to get wood for this project and i ran across some beautiful cherry i couldn't pass us so i need more cash. (her) where are you going this late? (me) out to the shop, if i get another coat of varnish on tonight i can put the last one on in the morning. (her) when are you going to make the (fill in the blank) for me. (me) as soon as this paying job is done, do you want me to make money or spend it? (her) you're not listening to what i said. (me) sorry, thinking about the next thing i have to do on that project in the shop. the varnish cans on the kitchen counter, sawdust tracked in the house, deafening noise from long sessions with the planer, router ect. i know these things are not new to the wives out there but i just wanted to thank her in a public forum for supporting me all these years and not complaining (too much) I'm sure the other woodworkers out there have similar tales and i would to hear them.
  2. nice job josh, my granddaughter would love it, gives me some ideas, like the roof, cedar?
  3. red plate looks like a blade guard to me bushwacked, should be on for safety reasons, moves up and down when you change the depth of cut. don't have a tape on mine, i use a jig or piece of masking tape with pencil marks for repeat cuts, looks like a nice saw, use my jet 12 inch all the time but its a little small for some things i do
  4. thanks for the great comments guys, always means more coming from fellow woodworkers. when my sister in law saw it she said,"YOU" made THAT ?, reminded me of a thread on TWW about comments people make about what you make. highlander, sorry this is the best picture i have of it closed, unfortunately i didn't take many pictures when i was building it. if you want pm me and i will fill you in on what it took to make it.
  5. yep dave it is signed, i have a branding iron with my name on it and i also stamp the date on things i make (I can never remember when i made things) guess that comes with being 63 years old!
  6. thanks vinny, that keepsake box was as much work as the main chest, wasn't supposed to be that way but you know how one thing leads to another when woodworkers think too much.
  7. this is a hope chest i made as a wedding present for my son's wife last year. all cherry with an interior keepsake box (for small things) asymmetrical dovetails on the main case for grain match. the keepsake box has wood hinges and a hidden drawer underneath. the interior box was made with half blind dovetails then i cut the bottom of the box off and glued it back together to make the hidden drawer. the miniature one on top was a gift to my granddaughter and they used it to hold the wedding rings at the wedding ceremony.
  8. Breadboard ends on the table, mortise and tenon on the chairs. a little shallow for true breadboard I guess, only 1/2 inch. drawer fronts would look great, I used dye on the table top, don't know if the piece you have would benefit from it, I haven't used dye that much.
  9. i'm new here brendon, still trying to figure out how to post pictures, here's a couple of pictures of that table and chairs
  10. nice board brendon, that will be a challenge to plane. i made a table and chairs for the grandkids with a maple board i found at my local supplier. a friend has a planer with a spiral head cutter and we planed it with that then sent it thru his 2' drum sander. i think all of us has a few boards at the bottom of the pile that we are saving for that special project.
  11. Use my AR15 out to a thousand yards in competition, if they get closer than 200 yards I put on the bayonet! But wherever that shooter is lock it up, kids and criminals find everything. Went with a handgun safe just for the piece of mind and quick access if I need it.
  12. I'm with rapid roger and ace, have used both lowes and ace, that cloth ace stuff is strong and holds tight but sometimes it leaves a residue if you leave it on too long, my 2 cents worth
  13. Very nice Jerry, really like the Greene and Greene style, I used rosewood instead of ebony on the projects I built last year because a friend gave me some, is ebony hard to work with in this application and have you had ant experience with rosewood?
  14. Have the glue bot also, works ok but hard to clean, also have the bottles similar to the ones from harbor freight, they actually work a little better than the glue bot. For edge glue or M&T joints I dump some titebond into a plastic dish and use a foam brush cut to the size I need. I have heard that a hersheys chocolate bottle works and doesn't clog (heard the same thing about Heinz mustard bottles) but haven't tried either one.
  15. Welcome Rosey, new here myself, lots of good stuff and great people here. I trained with a guy form New Zealand at the Ansul fire school in Wisconsin along with a couple of guys from Brazil. Also trained in confined space rescue, haz mat ect. Retired now, just cutting big boards into smaller ones.
  16. Eastern Iowa bushwacked, little town called asbury, on the Mississippi river, good hunting and fishing, 2 or 3 hardwood suppliers nearby I have to make a run for wood next, will post some pictures
  17. Definitely ash, with hickory accents
  18. this is a scan of the local wood supplier, about 20 minutes from my house, after reading here i guess I'm lucky to have this place so close, they will plane to the thickness you want for 15 cents a foot an offer custom moldings as well, they have more wood species than listed here, you just have to ask to see what else they have. this place is HUGE, i asked the owner what was the value of the wood in the 2 buildings and he said just over 1 million dollars (insurance guy just left his place) will post pictures when i get over there next time. Scan.pdf
  19. Yep, feel just like jack, frozen in place, 11 below zero in Iowa yesterday, put the truck in reverse and it won't go, no back up until the transmission warms up. Visit the auto shop Monday I guess and watch three stooges reruns until I warms up.
  20. I know I debated putting in a miter slot, even bought the track but never put it in. I just use a square scrap of wood if I'm making stub tenons or rabbit, longer stuff goes on the table saw. I may put one in someday when I have the time or the need.
  21. Thanks for the compliments, I threw a little money at that thing but I can't believe how much stuff I can store in it, I know what cold is jersey, I'm in eastern Iowa , 10 below zero tonight, I heat my shop with a 220 volt overhead heater, works great as long as you keep it clean, I blow it out with the air compressor one a month
  22. Thanks for the compliment,Yeah, the shades were the hardest part, a couple of them ended up in the burn pile before I got it right. A friend of mine has been doing stained glass for 30 years and has an awesome selection of glass of all types, I pick one out and he cuts them to the pattern I gave him. The angle on the shade is 40 degrees, half lapp joints for strength then cut 22 1/2 degree on each side to get to square
  23. pic is of a router cabinet i built last year, 25"X50" top with a rocker lift. my shop is small (one car garage) and after coming from my previous house that had a 50'X32' shop i had to find a solution to my space problem. that's were all the drawers come from, i had to use that space for storage. the cabinet is oak plywood with solid oak trim and drawer fronts. if anyone has small shop solutions i would love to hear them. as a side note when we bought this house with the one car garage my wife said" can out woodwork in there"? i told her i"ll woodwork in the back seat of the car if i have too! hope you like the pictures
  24. thanks for the great welcome everyone, the lamps are similar to greene and greene, i have made 6 of them so far, 2 cherry with rosewood inlay, 3 white oak dovetailed on all sides with an inlay of stained glass around the rim of the shade and one white oak with walnut inlay. thanks again for the welcome, i can see it's a great forum to learn many things and share ideas, dave
  25. i think i figured out how to add a picture, maybeoak and stained glass lamp, dovetailed 6 degree base with inlay glass around the rim of the shade