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  1. Now that beats anything on TV IMO, we trade off with friends about twice a week to enjoy a fire, well done @Coop, temps going down to the 30’s this week sitting around a fire with great friends is the best !

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  2. 1 hour ago, Woodworking_Hobby said:

    So kind of related but not really; has anyone ever made a throat plate for their table saw out of wood?  Mine did not come with an insert for dado blades and they are sold out everywhere. I found an old article about making zero clearance inserts for your saw out of would and you use have to be careful when making the first cut similar to store bought ones. Just wondering if anyone has a home made throat plate and if there is anything to watch out for when going that route. 

    I’ve made a lot of them out of wood for my Delta saw, I used the original plate for a pattern, used double stick tape and a pattern bit in the router table, made a whole set for different sizes of dado blades

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  3. Had a tool and die maker make this one for me, carbide cutter, slowest speed and feed possible and the workpiece clamped very tight, works great but there is still that pucker factor 9B6AFA8C-4D94-412A-8666-AC46A338B528.jpeg.fe66a58ca283902f2045005aa92195bb.jpeg

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  4. Glad you’re ok Ross, it’s a lesson for all of us that unusual things happen in the shop that could have been prevented, another reason my wife stays out of the shop when power tools are running 

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  5. Great work as usual Drew, as a new front door for our house is in the near future, QS white oak, using “green” cedar what concerns do you have about wood movement ? ie warping with temp and humidity changes? Oh yeah and see if you can talk them out of painting it, beautiful wood 

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  6. I think some people especially folks new to the hobby believe that more glue makes a stronger joint, it just takes time to figure out how much to use, I’m with @Chet clean up is much easier, and I don’t want to start a debate but I have heard/read that it’s almost impossible to starve a glue joint with regular clamps 

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  7. Cleaned up really nice Tom, and yep Labor Day is for working, checked off a bunch of stuff today, but tonight, camp fire, brats and hamburgers with s’mores for desert with the kids and grandkids, then back to work in the shop tomorrow as usual.

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